5 Reasons to Sip the Sauce

5 Reasons to Sip the Sauce

Is the sun getting hotter? Are the days getting longer? Is it normal to sweat this much? The answer is yes, which means it’s increasingly important to maintain proper hydration through consistent H2O intake this season. 

Here’s why water needs to be your top priority during the scorching summer months: 

  1. It forms saliva. You know that feeling when you work out too hard and you’re hot and you can’t swallow your spit? It’s a bad time! So stay hydrated to produce more saliva and avoid that near-death feeling. (Saliva also helps us digest food and protect our mouth, nose and eyes.)
  2. It delivers oxygen, and we need that. Blood is made up of more than 90% water and responsible for delivering oxygen to your whole bod. This is essential in every physiological human function. So, if you want to last through any workout on a hot day, make sure you’ve been sippin the sauce (water) plenty in advance. 
  3. It regulates body temperature. So instead of panting like a dog, although we do that sometimes too, we sweat to cool our bodies down when we’re too hot. Think thermoregulation and homeostasis. But if we don’t drink enough water, we don’t store enough water to sweat and we can’t cool down. And that’s a bad time! Plus, what feels better than guzzling ice water from a sweaty canteen on a hot day? Nada much. 
  4. It enables airflow. When we’re dehydrated, our airways become restricted in an effort to minimize water loss. This can make asthma and allergies worse and ruin your workout before you’ve even started. Drink water, don't wheeze.
  5. It makes minerals and nutrients accessible. Don’t bother spending extra money on electrolyte powders if you’re not hydrated from the jump. Water is the vehicle for vitamins and minerals, so practice habitual heavy pours of high-quality h2o to help your body use them.

And that’s it! Except there are a million more reasons to stay hydrated as the weather gets warmer. Just ask Google.

So get smart, drink up, and holler at us if you need a nudge. We want everyone to make it through this summer well-watered.