You can never forget (no matter how hard you try)

You can never forget (no matter how hard you try)

Believe me.

Getting your face shoved into the ground while you struggle is a memorable experience.

The right cheek and eye socket act as a kickstand while your sweat-soaked hair mops ringworm, impetigo, and MRSA off the wrestling mat.

Your teeth go through something: the side of your tongue, inner cheek, or bottom lip.

When it’s over and the weight releases from the base of your skull, you rise up on hands and knees. Tasting copper, you look down and watch crimson drops rhythmically release from the tip of your nose and splash into a thickening pool of perspiration and blood on the blue rubber mat.

You’re inspired.

You’re inspired to NEVER try that again.

It’s been decided. You’re much better at defense. Yes. That’s the answer. You’ll wait for him to shoot in. 

And then you will be doing the head shoving and using his hair like a wet mopYou will be off to the side resting while he gets his nose packed with cut up tampons.

Immediately, you begin implementing the new plan — waiting and hoping to win by defending.

But, it's not working. Even your best defense is no match for your opponents' calculated offense. And you're still losing — less blood but more matches.

Is that a trade-off you’re willing to accept?

The physical pain of getting stuffed will go away, and will happen less frequently as you get better. The losses will never go away, and will continue to pile up.  

When you rely on reacting you will always be a step behind, straining against momentum. You need to take action!

So, get active, and be the one to set things in motion. 

Don’t get discouraged! Failed attempts are not a signal to quit. They are a signal that you need more practice.

With practice you’ll grow confident. With confidence you’ll take bigger action.

And soon, you’ll be the one shoving other motherfucker’s faces into the bleach stained mat. you won’t have to put anti-fungal cream on your face every night.

Be great,

Danny Lehr