You Never Saw This Coming...

You Never Saw This Coming...

You knew it was a party, but let’s be honest. You never saw this coming. Not from a gym party.

You expected some of it:

The lights.

The full bar.

The chafing dishes taking every measure to ensure the catered buffet gets burnt to the bottom of each stainless tray.

Then there are the parts you didn’t expect:

The lasers.

The adult piñata.

The college flashbacks while enraptured in a high stakes drinking game of flip cup.

And that’s where we are. Side by side on the edge of the ping pong table with beer dripping on our toes. Lined up with four teammates, it’s the 8:30 crew vs the old 9:30 class — Mom:30 (or as they call themselves, MILF:30).

GO! Followed by chugging, careful cup placement, and a flick of the finger. Shit was getting intense. And now it’s time.

All tied up, we rotate down for the final round when it happens.

Our weakest flipper is the anchor leg.

She didn’t even want to play, but we needed even teams so we talked her into it. And now with the game on the line, she’s trying to quit!

Her eyes dart around the room desperately searching for someone to take her spot and save her from being the deciding factor in the whole game.

Hell. No.

We rally around her, “We’re in this together! You got this.”

As red plastic cups are inverted and remnant beer creates rings on the table, she steadies herself. Waiting. Watching. Shaking.

And she’s up! With a ½ a chug lead, she throws her head back and tilts the cup. Carbonated beverage slips past the sides and rolls down both cheeks. Slamming the cup on the edge of the table she steadies her hand under the exposed portion of the base and pulls the trigger.

After a few rim spins the cup settles!

Hands fly up and high fives run rampant. One guy grabs the edge of the table and throws his head back for the same hip thrusting celebration recently displayed by the Australian Olympic swimming coach.

Winning is always great. But the way we won made it even sweeter. The person who sealed the deal didn’t want to be on the hook.

But that’s the only way to have a chance at greatness!

To be able to hit the game winning home run, you have to be willing to 
strike out in the same batter's box.
-Derek Jeter

If you never risk failure, you’ll never experience true success.

Your homework this week: What are you holding back on? Where is there an opportunity for greatness, but you’re too scared to get in the batter’s box?

When you’re nervous, or flat out scared about an opportunity, that is where you have the biggest opportunity.

Step up and take a swing. Just make sure to have an excuse ready if you do fail. I recommend presenting it as follows: explain that you’re not making excuses, BUT...and then enter your excuse here. 

Be sure to really double-down and shift all blame to others in the process. It won’t make you feel any better, but nobody will put you on the spot next time the game is on the line.

Be great,

Danny Lehr

P.S.  What are you holding back because you’re scared to fail?