Your Recipe for Good Health (that’s NOT a diet)

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Your Recipe for Good Health (that’s NOT a diet)

“Healthy” looks different for everyone. What makes you feel good mentally and physically? Gives you energy throughout your day? Keeps you happy? Moving well? Feeling young? Strong? We can’t answer those questions for you (nobody can). But, here are twelve easy things you can implement immediately that will quickly improve your daily mood, energy, and general wellbeing.

  1. Get out in the sun: a 10-minute dose of vitamin D per day will work wonders (yes, it still counts if it’s cloudy outside).
  2. Prioritize sleep: this one can be hard for a lot of people, but find a way to improve your sleep quality from where you are. It doesn’t have to be perfect—just better.
  3. Don’t eat advertised foods: they’re usually processed and full of funky ingredients. That store-bought "keto bread?" Probably avoid. Opt instead for whole foods wherever possible. Simpler = better.
  4. Eat more PROTEIN: meat, eggs, it’s all good. And be picky about your protein. This is one area where all that organic, free range, etc. mumbo jumbo actually makes a big difference for you.
  5. Avoid the media: the news is designed to “sell.” It’s often fear mongering, anxiety inducing, and largely unimportant to your daily health and life. We’re not telling you to live under a rock, but minimize your mainstream news consumption especially if it’s stressing you out.
  6. Of course, exercise: get some form of movement in every day. Walk for 10 minutes, blow through a WOD, train however you want to/can. But try to find something you ENJOY doing versus something you feel obligated to do. This is important and worth the effort to identify not only for adherence but for your own happiness.
  7. Drink more water: it is liquid vitality! Just by drinking more water, you’ll feel much more energized. Your organs run on water. It makes sense.
  8. Be playful: find humor and silliness in your daily life. It is revitalizing and a fun way to interact with the world around you. Plus, it is fulfilling to share your personality and will foster community.
  9. Eat a fermented food every day: your gut microbiome will thank you. This is key for healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. And when those things become more efficient, you feel WAY better and more energetic.
  10. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store: this is where the less processed, more whole foods live. The more you focus your intake here, the better.
  11. Minimize sugar and alcohol: these are addictive, wreck your gut health, and will tank your energy and mood. You don’t have to cut it out, but the less you ingest, the better. It can be hard at first but it is worthwhile and your mind and body will thank you.
  12. Avoid fad diets: if you want to lose weight, focus on points 1-11 before you overhaul your whole lifestyle or cut out entire food groups (yikes). These simple adjustments done consistently are most often enough to lose unwanted body fat and inflammation. Plus, you’ll enjoy the process much more if you’re not miserable and feeling deprived the whole time.

There’s your recipe! Give one or two (or more) of these a go and see how you feel. Be mindful. Comment below and let us know which tip you’ll try implementing first! Stay healthy, Team CK.

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