7/8/19 | New Coffee of the Month, One Ton Challenge, and Throwing Shade

7/8/19 | New Coffee of the Month, One Ton Challenge, and Throwing Shade

July's Coffee of the Month: Charleston Brew 

Do you love good coffee, and like to try different blends? This is exactly what you need.  Each month you will receive a new blend of delicious coffee. Each month will feature C & K signature organic coffee that has been hand selected and refined for the perfect roast and blend.  

Staying true to the Caffeine and Kilos coffee you love, each blend will feature a higher than normal caffeine content.  This is attained through careful bean selection and blending.  Nothing is added, it's just coffee...delicious coffee.

July's Coffee of the Month is the Charleston Brew. You may or may not pick up on the Charleston Chew reference but that's because this blend flavor notes include roasted nut with a rich chocolate finish. Subscribe to our Coffee of the Month Club to enjoy a brand new coffee experience every month!

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The One Ton Challenge 

If you're headed out to the CrossFit Games this year, you need to know about the One Ton Challenge. FitAid is flying out the worlds strongest people to complete the One Ton Challenge in less the two hours. For more details please click the link below.

Throwing shade(s)…into a river

So the Fourth of July is over but that just means summer is just starting to kick in to overdrive. If you're like us over here in California you're probably outside for most of your workouts during summer. It's easy to forget about how important it is to protect your eyes from the sun, but luckily our good friend, Jeff Lund, wrote up a blog that breaks down the difference between Polarized and UV Protection and whether or not expensive is always better. 

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