9/9/19 | How To Get Strong, Community Spotlight, and The Ultimate Hawaiian Train Run

9/9/19 | How To Get Strong, Community Spotlight, and The Ultimate Hawaiian Train Run

Good morning,

The most common question I get asked -"What is Caffeine and Kilos?" 

Caffeine and Kilos is a movement.  We don't just make clothes.  We make clothes that you're proud to wear.  Clothes that make you feel cool and show what you're all about.  You're representing the culture of fitness, the culture of putting in the work.  You can represent your lifestyle and still look great in the gym or around town.

We don't just make coffee.  We make coffee that fuels your active lifestyle.  Coffee that you're proud to drink and reminds you of what you're all about.  You don't have to sacrifice quality.  You can drink high caffeine coffee that's delicious while having that connection to fitness.

Thank you for being a part of Caffeine and Kilos.  Thank you for helping to spread the message of a healthy, active lifestyle.  The message of how great it feels to exercise, to push yourself, to fuel your body healthy diet (and great coffee).   

Thank you for being a part of The Lifestyle, The Movement.

-Danny Lehr

CEO Caffeine and Kilos

Podcast: The Pinnacle of Cal Strength with Dave Spitz

With a nickname like “The Godfather,” Dave Spitz is clearly doing something right. The founder and mastermind behind much of California Strength’s growth, he’s a massive figure in American weightlifting. His team (not to mention his direct coaching) has produced some of the top U.S. lifters in the last decade and helped popularize the sport with an early and huge online following. If you’ve ever searched the web for lifting motivation and stumbled across videos of Donny Shankle, Jon North, Spencer Moorman, Wes Kitts, or other Cal Strength athletes, chances are you have Dave to thank.

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The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run - What's The Deal?

I've known about the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run, but wasn't sure exactly what it was all about.  Then, I watched this video from our friends at ROMWOD and it completely floored me.  

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Community Spotlight: East Coast Gold Weightlifting

Below is an interview of the community spotlight gym: East Coast Gold Weightlifting

How long has the gym been open?
East Coast Gold Weightlifting was established by Leo Totten in 1992 in Pennsylvania. In 2017 the headquarters was moved to Virginia Beach and Phil Sabatini was brought on as the president of ECG.

What is the goal of your gym?
East Coast Gold is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to support a small group of athletes at National Events. Our mission is to bring consistency of training and doing the right things for the right reason with the right people. 

What about your gym are you most proud of?
The energy and atmosphere that we bring to our headquarters is present in each one of our satellite facilities. Even though the team is made up of numerous gyms throughout the US, whenever we are together for national meets or training camps, it is always like a family reunion. Old friends coming together under the common ground and love for weightlifting. 

What makes your gym unique?
We have a large contingency of coaches within the team as a result of our satellite program. So you have opportunities to train with East Coast Gold all over the country. Our Gold Affiliate satellites include Wilmington Weightlifting Club (Wilmington, NC), PFP Barbell (Pittsburgh, PA), Kilodelphia Barbell Club (Philadelphia, PA), Big Blue Strength (Lexington, KY), and North Dallas Barbell (Dallas, TX). We also have several Blue Affiliate gyms along the east coast as well. 
Where can people find more about your gym?
More people can learn about our team by checking out our website www.eastcoastgold.store or through social media. Our FaceBook page is East Coast Gold Weightlifting and our Instagram is @eastcoastgoldwl

Anything else you would like to say?
Thank you to Caffeine and Kilos for honoring us for the month of August. Check out www.eastcoastgold.store.events for all the excited meets and training camps coming up this fall!

September Coffee Of The Month is Tribal Blend

This light bodied Papua New Guinea/Ethiopian blend has notes of milk chocolates, tart blueberry and a slight grapefruit like acidity.

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