Danny's Upcoming Piano Recital | GSC. Episode 23

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On this episode of Gas Station Cappuccino, Dean and Danny talk about the privacy of Facebook.

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Danny's Upcoming Piano Recital | GSC. Episode 23

Welcome to Gas Station Cappuccino podcast, by Caffeine and Kilos. Your provider of coffee, workout apparel, good coffee too.

Yeah. Awesome blogs.

Good blog posts. What are the blogs about? I saw one is about the caffeine content in various beverages, so coffee compared to tea. I think there's another one about how much caffeine does it take to actually overdose, like can you overdose on caffeine? That was actually really interesting.

Just general caffeine knowledge.

A lot of them written by Alaska lund, my buddy Jeff. They're about coffee or whatever, but they're really about Alaska, and fishing. And then along the fishing trip, he's drinking coffee and thought he was going to go down, cardiac arrest. Went home and looked up how much it takes.

Ah, heart's not working normal.

Yeah. Palpations?


No, it's populations.


Palpate. Palpate means like to feel.


No. It's like, say someone goes down. If you went down, you were like, holy shit, passed out. So you'd go and you'd take your pulse, so palpate would be to feel. Feel for a pulse. Or if someone, are they clammy? Palpate their skin to see if they're clammy or cold or hot, or whatever.

Or say if you have an injury, that's just really useful information. So if someone hurts their wrist, you don't know if it's broken. Like you know how to check if a finger's broken. Obviously you can feel the finer.

You can't move it.

Yeah, they can't move it or feel it, you'll be able to feel if it's a compound fracture. Or even if it's not protruding from the skin, but if the bone is broken, you'll feel if it's off.

But what you do, is you actually palpate the good side first. For example, if it's your index finger, I would actually feel your index finger on your good hand first, so you know what it's supposed to feel like, and then you feel the injured side. Because if you feel the injured side first, a lot of times there's swelling around it, and something might feel weird, but you don't know if it's weird or not. And then you go to feel a good one, and then you gotta go back to the bad one.

So you're touching on this broken finger a couple times, so yeah.

Probably gonna hurt.

So if someone's like, "Ah man, my ankle's totally fucked, right here," go to their good side, feel the good side and then go feel the bad side to see if something's structurally different.


Yeah. There you go.

Now you know. What you got there underneath your phone?

Oh. Oh this old guy. This is actually email, or well, it's a YouTube comment.


I guess we can say the name, because he put it on here. So it's an email comment from Francisco Diaz. And this was on episode #21, titled Types of Vegans.


Here's what Francisco had to say.

Oh so is this somebody that's upset?

Well, let's just see what he has to say.

Okay. I like where this is going. This is a funny podcast.

I'm really excited.

I'm shocked there's only one person that had anything to say.

Primarily it's because [inaudible 00:03:19].

Well but here's the thing, is we went the entire time saying we were really not that sure about the whole thing, we just think that the term flexible vegan, or whatever, it's silly.

Anyway, Francisco Diaz says, "Probably would've made more sense to have a vegan representative to discuss these items. Also, a vegan eating cheese, dairy or eggs, are called vegetarians. Lol I'm vegetarian by the way. Sorry, you guys lost me. I unsub."

That's it?

That's it. But here's the thing, is one, first of all, thank you for the comment. Everybody please send emails to podcast@caffeineandkilos.com or leave comments on the YouTube channel, that's all great. Much appreciated, Francisco.

Here's the thing though, I believe - now, I haven't listened to it, to tell you the truth. But I believe from my memory, when he says "vegans eating cheese, dairy or eggs are called vegetarians" I think we covered that.

Yeah. I don't know what their confusion there. That's fine, we were already talking about that.

I think we were just discussing that. Like is this the case, is that not the case?

We weren't claiming anything was another way, we were just saying, we were reading off different types.

Oh that's right. That's what it was. Someone said they're a lacto-vegan.

I didn't make that up, that's what it's called.

And your entire problem or issue, you said a lactovegan is not just called a vegetarian? That's exactly what you said.


Anyway. Francisco said that eating dairy, they're just called vegetarians.

Or lacto-vegans according to this vegan.com website.

Well, yeah if it's only dairy.

Maybe they got that wrong.

I don't know. Anyway, thank you Francisco. Appreciate it. Anybody else, leave comments anytime. Even if they end in things like, "You lost me, I unsubscribed."

That's okay. Still want to know what you think. You know what I mean?



I stayed up there.

You did.

What did I catch it on?

The shelf.

Of course I got it on the shelf.

So Dean, before you came in here, I was actually telling Aaron about my latest piano situation. You know I'm taking piano lessons?

I did see on your story.

Have I talked about taking piano lessons yet? I think so, yeah, because it's mostly the kids and me. And a few grandparents, whatever.

So I should've seen this coming, but there's a recital.

Oh, so you gotta perform.

For kids.

So you don't have to do it.

Well, here's the thing. My piano teacher asked, she's like, "Oh hey, Maddie," my daughter, "She gonna do the recital?"

Oh yeah. She said, "What about you, are you gonna do it?"

I was like, oh shit. Do you think I should? Because that's my attitude toward, if someone's teaching me how to do something, I'm gonna do whatever they tell me to. If I have a coach, whatever. I'm like, "You think I should?"

She goes, "Yeah! I think you should."

So I'm like, alright, I'll do it. So here's the thing. If it's gonna be like, all these 10 year olds, and my 5-year-old daughter and a bunch of other children, and then me.

Yeah. That's gonna be interesting. Where's it at?

It's in Turlock. So there's actually one in Ricken, where I live, but we had a wedding that day. I was like, "Oh, we have a wedding, we can't make it."

So it was like a [inaudible 00:06:47] meet, little recitals every weekend, you choose the one you want to go to?

Check it out, she's like, "Oh no worries, my sister-in-law also teaches piano lessons, and her recital is two weeks later and it's down in Turlock," so it's half an hour away.

And I thought, half an hour away? That might be better. How far away from my house can I get this thing?

Less chance of anybody showing up that I know.

So you're performing with these kids.

So Aaron asked if I'm going last. I said, "I fucking hope so, headliner."

Yeah, close the show.

Close it down.

Well, you gotta a pretty good lineup in front of you.

That's the thing, I've been taking lessons two, three months. These kids have been taking lessons for years.

Well it's like a comedian. You let the other people go out, warm up the crowd.

Warm em up.

Then you come in in the anchor position and close it down.

Bring the heat.


Well, I'm gonna bring the heat.

Or you could totally bomb because somebody in front of you did so well, they're gonna outshine you, and you're gonna come in and they'll be like, "Oh, we waited for this guy?"

I gotta have Maddie go in front of me because she's moderately good.

They're gonna start throwing snacks at you, it's gonna be a whole thing.


Kids are gonna start crying, like, "Oh my god, listen to this terrible guy."

My daughter's not very good. Maybe she can go right before me.

Yeah. You should probably set that up.

I'm gonna see if we can do that.

So how's it going? Are you progressing?

Oh yeah, definitely. Guess what song is my recital piece?

Oh man, there's no way I could ever guess.

Theme from Batman.

Oh. I like that. What Batman? The da-na-na-na?

Like which one?

Yeah. That part, but not that part.

Like vintage Batman. Oh okay. Yeah, yeah. So vintage Batman.

Yeah, from like the 80s.

It's not like some new Dark Knight score that I don't know.

Not Dark Knight Batman, we're talking leotard Batman.

Yeah, unisuit.

Unisuit Batman, that's what it's called.

Spandex suit. Alright.

Yeah. So that's kinda funny.

No, that'll be cool. That's fun. It's gonna be fun, that sounds fun. You gotta do things different, you gotta do new things.

That's exactly -

It's what it's all about.

When she asked me, like oh man, that sounds embarrassing and a little bit frightening. But I thought, that's kinda the rule in life, anytime something like this comes up, if it scares you and sounds like it's a little embarrassing, you should probably do it.

Yeah. For sure.

Gives me a reason to practice a little more.

Yeah. It's also like, why am I doing this then, if I'm never going to do anything at all with it? I can play the piano when I walk into someone's house, like some asshole, like "Oh, what's this?"

Oh, let me see how this works.

Let me whale on this Yamaha real quick.

Whale! That's my big plan though, once I get a little bit better, once I learn a little more. I'm gonna get one song that's in my range that I can sing a little.

You gotta just master a Christmas song.

Oh. That'd be good.

You gotta showboat every year at Christmas. Everybody knows Danny's getting on the piano, it's gonna be - everybody's gonna get around it.

I was thinking the other way, I was thinking maybe like, Hungry Like the Wolf. Something like that. You go some 80s jam.

I think you go holiday on that. I think you master a Christmas song. Yeah. Just shut it down on Christmas, give everybody a real nice little treat.

And you know what's good about that? You can play any Christmas song year round, because everybody knows them.

Yeah. Exactly. I think the Christmas song is the way to go, if you want my opinion.

Which one?

Oh man, I don't even know. A good one.


The hardest one to learn.

A-a-ron, what Christmas song should I start working on?

Deck the Halls.

Yeah. And put my own little flair on it. Just run the backside of my hand across the keys.

Just a straight solo, and everybody's staring at you when you're done, and you're just like, sweating. Stand up.

Bracing myself on the piano, one hand.

What's wrong with you?

Yeah. Just rip it. No, that's what I'm doing.

Yeah. I think it's Christmas.

Dude I actually need some help from you.


I know you don't have kids. You have a dog. I need some parenting advice.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

So my daughter is like all kids, picking up random shit, like picking flowers and bringing them home, or sticks or leaves, or whatever. All kinds of shit.


So she realized one of her dresses she wore to school has pockets. So she came home with a bottle cap and a flower, and some discarded Nerds wrapper.

Used Band-aid.

Used Band-aid, yep. Discarded rubber. All kinds of stuff.

Discarded rubber. Rubber from a tire on the side of the street.


That kind.

So anyway, but seriously, three or four things. A bottle cap, whatever. And I was like, "Oh, where'd you get those, Maddie?" Because that could've been anywhere, she found them wherever.

Yeah. She found them in a backyard.

"My dress has pockets, so I got it from school."

I was like, oh okay. Just put them in a baggie, whatever. We're not just gonna have that shit everywhere. Okay. And a little piece of sequins.

So that night, we go to pick out her clothes for the next day, and she only wants to wear a dress that has pockets. "Oh it has pockets," so she can grab more shit in school.

And I'm like, alright whatever. But the next day she's unloading her bounty, like there's four or five little trinkets, pieces of garbage essentially.

How many things can I grab today?

And she's like, "Alright, I got this in my pockets, I gotta wear a dress with pockets, because we're not supposed to be digging in the dirt, so I just real quick when she's not looking, grab and dig it out real quick, and shove it in my pockets so she can't see me."

Is she finding these things in the dirt?

On the playground.

Were these things buried from other kids, past kids?

I don't know.

Some kind of time capsule.

I don't know. No, because it's like, garbage. It'll be a flower, and then whatever, like a plastic coin or a candy wrapper, shit like that. A bottle cap. Shit like that.

But anyway, here's the point of this. Here's what I need advice on. One, it's hilarious that she's telling me, "We're not supposed to grab, but that's why I wore a dress with pockets, because real quick when she's not looking, I can just grab the shit and shove it in there."

And I'm thinking, wow. Inside my head, I'm cracking up because that's hilarious. It's her being bad type thing. But then on the other hand, do i encourage that or do I say, "If you're not supposed to do that, you probably shouldn't do it," do I encourage her to follow the rules? Or do I just encourage her, "Hell yeah."

What I really want to say is, "Good thinking. Smart."

Just to see what's gonna come the next day.

Well no, I was saying because that's what my initial reaction is. When she's like, "I wore this dress, that way I can get it before she saw," my first thought is, "Smart."




But then I'm like, oh, I don't think I should encourage her to break the rules.

Eh. I don't know.

But it's the most harmless thing in the world.

It might become a problem if she only wants to wear one dress because it's got bigger pockets, so she can get more stuff. Then what are you doing with all the stuff?

That's a whole thing.

Are you gonna throw it all out?

When she's not looking, that's what I do.

I was gonna say, you save it all? No, we're just gonna keep all of these together, and then one day we'll give them all to you, and then she'll have already forgotten about it.

Right. Right now she puts them all in a little plastic baggie. So she has a little plastic baggie that's her collection of trash.

So it's got all the days, bunch of days, different days, combined.

Four or five days. And it's barely anything. And the size of bottle caps or smaller. Sticks, sometimes little pieces of sticks.

Just stuff that's not the bark. Or the rubber.

No, it's grass. In the grass.

Oh okay. Because what happened with that, that's a whole other thing. Playgrounds have just gone downhill. As time goes on, playgrounds just get more and more - less fun.

I remember mine had a sand playground. And then it turned into bark. Actually, no first it was rocks. Little tiny rocks. And that was the best. That was awesome. We'd throw them at each other, can't be doing that.

Then it went to sand.


Then it went to bark, which is some mess, because you're getting all these splinters. And then now they've got these rubber mats. This isn't fun.

The thing about rubber mats, they're hella hot.

Oh they get hot in the summer, you get burned. And now you're saying grass, that's okay I guess.

I think there's a playground area that might have bark. But normally they just go where the grass is. Yeah.

I feel like the sand playgrounds no longer exist, not even a thing anymore.


Now all these playgrounds are just metal and rubber. There's no sand, there's no building sand castles, there's no building tunnels in the sand. There's none of that.

Yeah. I just want to build a sandcastle and come across a couple cat turds.

Yeah. Couple cat turds, cool bottle caps.

Yeah. Used rubbers.

Couple discarded rubbers from the high school kids. You know.

So what do I do? What's your answer? Do I keep doing what I've been doing? Cause this is what I've been doing, basically been like, "Oh yeah, look at that." Neither encouraging -

I would probably keep riding that out.

Neither encouraging nor discouraging.


"Oh that's cool, put it in the bag." Like I try not to smile about it in front of her and tell her how great I think it is. But I'm also not gonna tell her not to pick up the bottle caps.

Yeah. She thinks it's fun. Whatever. I wouldn't discourage it either or discard it. I would just be like, "Oh, put it in the bag." And that's it.

It's kinda a thing though.

Oh I get it, because you're not supposed to be doing that, but she's not getting in trouble from her teacher.


Because the teacher doesn't know.


Well maybe if she gets caught again, maybe it's time to tell her.

Yeah. So you got rid of your plug-in, you said.

Glade plug-ins.

What's the deal with the Glade plug-in?

So my buddy Ryan Schultz, our buddy. I took some random picture of my house and there was a Glade plug-in in the picture. And he was like, "Oh dude, sweet poison pod."

And I was like, what is that? "Oh, you're talking about a Glade plug-in." And he was like, "Yeah, those things are like straight poison."

I was like, "Oh, that's good."

Did you explain to him that you're not eating them?

Well he's like, "You're just pumping all these chemicals into your house, it's just not good." I'm like, "Eh, I guess I do feel a little woozy." Not woozy, but sometimes you wake up in the morning like, "Man, why have I had this stuffy nose."

Yeah. Like why am I peeing blood?

Yeah. Why are my teeth falling out?

Yeah, weird. Honestly it's just the natural aging process.

You know. So I got like six of those things in my house. Pretty much every room has one.

Glade plug-ins.

Yeah. Because they're not very strong. The house isn't like, you don't walk in like, what the fuck are these people doing in here? What is this, Bed Bath and Beyond? You don't really smell it at all.

Oh dude, what's that place. Not Bed Bath and Beyond, they're always in the mall and they have all the body scents.

Oh, I know what you're talking about though.

Walk by and you're just lambasted.

Yeah. Can't remember.

Anyway. Bath and Body Works.

Bath and Body Works. Yep.

So yeah. I took them all out.

Did you do any research, whatever? Or you just said, "Eh, seems reasonable"?

I think I just kinda went with it, went with his opinion.

No, it makes sense to me.

It makes total sense. And I feel like I would trust Ryan with an opinion like that.


I didn't question it. So I took them all out that same night. Last night. I took them all out. Unplugged them, put them on the table, put them all out.

I guess it's goodbye.

I'm not throwing out the plug-ins themselves, the actual adapters. Because maybe one day I'll have a change of heart.

Plus, how you gonna clutter up that garage if you get rid of the stuff you're not using?

It's one of those things where it's hard to throw out. Even though they're a dime a dozen.

Not using these, probably not gonna do it again, but let's box them up and put them in the garage.

Yep. Let's just stash them here, find a spot for them. Move some shit over. You know.

It's just, everyone does that too. That's the thing. "I no longer have a use for this, but I just can't see myself getting rid of it, I guess I'll just put it out here."

I might need it 25 years from now.

It was like that grate from when we did the camping thing, when we did the This is How We Brew It cowboy coffee, and got that grate from Walmart, it was like $20 or something?

And I was like, "I don't know what am I gonna do with this thing?" And like, "I need to put that in the garage." I'm never gonna use it again. You're like, "Good point."

Same thing. I don't want to throw it away, it's perfectly good.

Then again, looking back, I could've just left it there.

I think we did, didn't we?

We left some mugs there, coffee mugs, for the next camper.

Paid it forward.

Charged to the game. Yeah, it'll be a pleasant surprise. Oh, a couple mugs. Set of mugs. Yeah.

We got some burner umbrellas.

I saw that.

In New Orleans.

I saw that.

Flash flood started pouring on us, so -

They probably make a killing on burner umbrellas for flash floods.

Dude, we just popped in the nearest convenience store, right there on the street, and we're like, "Hey do you have"-

Right by the door, there's this big tub of $8 umbrellas.

They don't even answer you, they just look.


You just walk in, and they're like, "Over there."

Hey. Hey tourist, over there. So they're like, $8, not that I want to throw $8, but $8 to have an umbrella when it's pouring, what else am I gonna do, sit in the hotel? Just sit in there?


So we got the umbrellas, and then they worked great for the day, then we just charged them the game, left in the room. My wife was like, "What are we gonna do with these?"

I was like, "I want to charge them."

She's like, "Charge them? Put them on a credit card? They're like $8," I'm like no, no. We're charging the game. So we left them in the hotel. We did. We just left them in there. What do you do?

That's great. That's funny. I told you that, though. That's exactly what you do.

What do you do, take my luggage home with that $8? It'd probably break on the flight.

You know who's actually gonna take those, it's gonna be the cleaning people, they're the real ones who take them home. Or they put them back in the lost and found, and eventually they get taken home.

Just count it as the tip.

That's true. It's not like there's cameras in the rooms, but -

I hope not.

Oh yeah. I kinda hope so.

What do I care?

Here's the thing about that, honestly.

That's why you act like a complete crazy person, just in case they're watching.

Well just in case, what I do every time, I walk in, close the door, I drop trou, hit the helicopter.

Yeah. Start urinating.

Just right off the bat, let them know. Show them what you're working with.

Start going #2 in closets.

Yeah. I wish I could tell that story here. It wasn't me.

It wasn't I.

Actually I just go helicopter right away.

Spin it around. Meat spin.

Meat spin.

Dante said he keeps that as his homepage on his computer, meatspin.com.

That's what he did for his background. There's a new feature on Macbooks. For your wallpaper, you don't have to use still image, you can use a gif. So he made a gif of himself hitting a meat spin, and that's right on there.


So not only - every time he opens it up there it is.

Alright. Let's get the day going, get to work now.

I'm actually gonna do a similar idea, but I'm gonna have it be a clock. So I'm gonna pause the meat spin at different points, so I can slide those in. So it's gonna be like a clock.

Meat spin clock.

A digital analog meat spin clock. So just whatever time it is.

Can you come look at this email? What's that, is that a meat spin clock in the background? That's right. Whose dick is that? Is that?

That looks like you.

Based on the skin tone.

Your hand's gotta be in the picture.

Oh no. Both hands behind your head. Thunder down under.

Hula hoop style.

Hula hoop style. How do you meat spin? You gotta go hands behind the head when you hit the helicopter.


For reals.

So the plug-ins, it reminds me too. Well, same dog we have now, he's like 13 years old. When we first got him, he was a puppy, he was tearing up this apartment. And my wife thought he had separation anxiety. I guess he did. It's just funny to talk about a dog having - it's a real thing.

So we'd come home and he was like, tearing up the carpet by the door, trying to dig out, this whole thing. So we're trying to figure out what to do about this, and he'd go outside, we had a dog door to go out to the patio and stuff. So what he found, is she actually got these Glade plug-ins. But instead of being like a smell, like floral, like vanilla bean, it was supposed to give off the hormones or pheromones of a mother dog.

That's right. What does that smell like when you walk in your house?

You can't smell it at all.

It's only - so it's a complete scam.

Well I think it's like a dog whistle. I think dogs have a better sense of smell, right?

You can hear a dog whistle. It's a very, very low pitched sound, but you can hear it.

That's true. Well, dogs have a better sense of smell.

I'm also part teen wolf.

Oh yeah. Teen wolf's great. They made a new one, right?

I think they made a second one. Then there was a TV show on MTV called Teen Wolf.

That's what I'm thinking of.

But that was actually pretty popular.

The actual Teen Wolf movie, is so good. Eric, You ever seen Teen Wolf?


Ah, dude.

Ah really?

I'm sure he hasn't.

I know what it is -

He kills it on the court.

Especially when he was the wolf.

Oh yeah. That's the only time he killed it.

Oh yeah. When he's Michael, that's his real name - what's his name in the movie? Is it Michael still?


I don't know.


Whatever it is, he's dog shit as a basketball player. Not very good.

He's not a good athlete at all. He's a scrawny guy.

He's a scrawny little guy and he gets picked on, but then it's in his genes, his father had it too. I don't think he knew that at first. But at full moons, he turns into the wolf, grows the hair out, the whole nine.

Remember the father son talk when he first turned? His dad walked in? He's freaking out because his teeth were changing, and his dad walked in as a wolf, and he's like, "Hey son. I know what's going on. I've been waiting for this day to come."

so when he's the wolf he's all out, dude ran the team.

Yeah, he's out there looking like MJ.

And then it somehow became socially acceptable for you to become a wolf and then play on your basketball team.

Yeah. He went from being a loser, to being the most popular guy in school. At first they didn't accept him as the wolf.


And then eventually everybody thought he was cool, once the coolest person thought he was cool. And then he started getting new money kind of mindset, and started acting a little cocky, a little out of control. Ends up biting him in the butt, and then I think he ends up basically putting the wolf away.

Yeah. Or using it for good. Because he got to the point where he could turn into the wolf anytime.

Yeah. And then he could also turn it off. That's why he could turn into it whenever he wanted. So he could be able to turn it off.

Right. I remember the surfing on top of the van.

Yeah. That was the best part.

Yeah. That's the main part.

Surfin USA. Most popular scene in the movie for sure.

Oh yeah. Maybe that's what I'll learn on piano.

Surfin, surfin' USA. Beach Boys.

Beach Boys?

Beach Boys.

So anyways, those hormone plug-ins? Based on my study, [inaudible 00:28:09], absolutely nothing.

That's not a shocking analysis at all.

I was a little disappointed in my wife. I was like, "Jessica, you're intelligent. You've got some sense."

She was like, "Hey look, I'm just trying something."

That's funny that someone is actually selling that.

Hormone plug ins.

Pheromone plug-ins.

This is what I wonder. Is it a artificial scent, or is it the real scent, just bottled?

What does it smell like? Yeah I think it probably smelt like dog placenta.

I hope not.

I don't know.

Birthing shepherd.

Yeah. I guess so.

Yeah, weird. Didn't know that was a thing. How long ago was that?

Oh 13 years ago. 12 years ago.

That sounds like it would be something you would find now, not 13 years ago.

Obviously they're on the cutting edge of dog placenta.

There's a reason why you don't see them anymore.

Yeah, exactly.

Dude. Interesting.

Amniotic fluid, that's what it's called inside the old sac there.

That's disgusting.

Let me tell you, the whole - well, we'll get into that another day. The entire childbearing process is just fucking gross. Everybody always talks about it, like, "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," all this shit.

Let me tell you, it is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. And I was in there like "Alright, this is my kid, we're doing it." Nurse was like, "You want to?" Oh yeah, come help out. And then it's just, it's just fucking gross.

What is it with the -

It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

What is it with my culture that you feel like you have to be involved with that?

I don't understand what it is with the culture.

I understand being in the room maybe just in there for support. But what is this with our culture like, you have to be involved with it? You gotta be involved, you gotta hold a leg, you gotta cut the thing, it's like, let the doctors do that.

Yeah. Well honestly, the days of being in a bar across the street, "It's a boy," and you head on over after everything's all cleaned up.

It was, but I'll see you later.

Yeah. Now you got that out, I guess I'll be seeing ya.

Actually, no, good luck with that. Because I couldn't care less. I'll see you later. Good luck with that. Or not.

I hope that turns out alright. Well, maybe.

Either way.

Doesn't really affect my life, other than the 30 seconds you just wasted, it doesn't really affect my life.

I really regret asking you that. But I'll see you later.

Tomorrow we go with hi. Good morning. Tomorrow we say good morning.

Is it a good morning? Because -

Hey, good morning. Ah! Not for me! Must be nice to feel that way, let me tell you what I've got going on.

Good morning, it's fucking 45 degrees and dumping rain. How is this a good morning?

Is that Chapelle Show? Was that in a movie? When they were saying good morning is a racist thing to say?

I don't know.

Oh. Undercover Brother.

Undercover Brother. I don't remember that at all.

You seen the movie Undercover Brother?

I don't think so.

Oh. Aaron, have you seen Undercover Brother?


Who was in Undercover - I don't remember what his name is.

Martin Lawrence?



You talking about the guy who plays him?


Eddie Griffin.

You haven't seen Undercover Brother?

I don't think so.

It's good. It's actually really good.

Maybe I've seen it on Comedy Central and just don't remember.

So it's like, "Good morning. "Good morning." And they're like, he went off on how that's a racist thing to say. Like morning, derived from term blah-blah-blah, so when you say good morning, what you're saying is you want to kill me first thing in the morning. It was like a racist thing. It was really funny, it's great.

I gotta see it.

The whole movie is actually really good.

I feel like I've seen it, but I'll have to look at it. I'll have to look at some scenes, see if I remember any of it.

Dude drives this old Cadillac, and he's always drinking orange soda, but no cap on.

Oh. No, I've seen that. Is he like, the mayonnaise sandwich? Yeah. I've seen that. Doesn't he have a house where's he's got all these women at, all the time?

I don't remember that, but yeah. Down in the lab is where the science guy always eats - oh no, he doesn't like mayonnaise and then he goes on this date with this girl and they're making a mayonnaise sandwich for him. He's disgusted by it but he has to eat it, so they don't know. That's the whole thing.

Yeah. So funny. Yeah, I've seen that. Like I said, on Comedy Central one time. It's one of those Comedy Central movies they play in the middle of the day.

Yeah. Yeah. It's so good. I feel like there was one other thing I wanted to talk - do we want to get into it, do we want to save it for another time? The whole Instagram deal?

What Instagram deal?

You know, about for example with girls.

Oh let's save that one.

We can gon on a whole thing with that.

Okay, well I guess that's that. Oh you finished the book, the War of Art.

War of Art. That's what it was yeah. That didn't sound right. Art of War.

Art of War is the -

It was a play on words.

Right. So what'd you think?

I liked it. Like I told you before, it's probably one of those books where you'd probably get more out of it if you read it like you said, one or two pages a day, because they're real quick paragraphs.

And there's a bunch of them, they're all different. So it's hard to hold in any of the information in it. But while you're reading it, it's enlightening and fun, and easy to read. And it goes by fast, because it's so quick.

So the gist of it, how do you defeat the resistance? And the resistance is your self procrastinating.


Basically, procrastination is the resistance. So it just talks about how to overcome resistance and actually get work done.

Yeah. And all types of distractions in life, and excuses, and this and that.

Yeah. How all those distractions and excuses are just reasons to procrastinate. It's like, you can find reasons to not do something.

Easily. It's easier to do that than it is to actually do it.

Yeah. So how do you overcome it? And so for artists, it's even more extreme, because if you're doing a painting, or even you're writing a book or whatever, by finishing it - it's never going to be perfect. So if you finish something, you're like, you never feel like it's finished because you never feel like it's perfect. So it's easier just not to finish it.

Yeah. Don't do it at all.

So if you're intimidated to finish something, you're intimidated to start. And that is the resistance.

Yeah. Exactly. And also it talks about just self-doubt in general, it just comes down to what you just said too, it's all connected.

Thanks for tuning in.

Yeah. Til next time.