Gas Station Cappuccino | Episode 1

Gas Station Cappuccino | Episode 1


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Dean: Reindeer Games.

Danny: Isn't that the one where they all dress up like Elvis, and during Christmas time they go in the casino and shit gets wild.

Dean: Is that with uh ...

Danny: Machine guns and shit?

Aaron: Ben Affleck.

Danny: Is Ben Affleck in it? 

Aaron: Yeah.

Danny: Ben Affleck's in it.

Dean: Really?

Aaron: Yeah.

Dean: I haven't seen that. You're not thinking of "The Town"?

Danny: You're honestly, fucking [crosstalk 00:00:17].

Danny: No. Reindeer games.

Aaron: He's in it, I think, yeah.

Danny: It's so good. After you watch Division III football's finalist. Watch Reindeer Games and get cultured.

Dean: Reindeer Games. That sounds like a great movie. I love Vegas. I love heist movies. I can't believe I hadn't see that.

Danny: Welcome to Gas Station cappuccino, by Caffeine and Kilos. I'm Danny. This is Dean.

Dean: This is Dean.

Danny: This is episode one. Some people would say the pilot episode, but I just say episode one. 

Dean: It's a glorified equipment test. 

Danny: We got some quality stuff. Quality stuff going on. So, Caffeine and Kilos, but the podcast called the Gas Station Cappuccino. That's actually Dean's idea. Dean, why Gas Station Cappuccino?

Dean: Well, it's funny, because-

Danny: Hold on. Roll the intro music. All right. Go.

Dean: So, the name Gas Station Cappuccino just came from like, we never really take ourselves too seriously, and let alone there's a lot of serious informative podcasts out there. We'll have a little bit of that, but that's not really what we're necessarily wanting to do here all the time.

Danny: We're not trying to educate anybody.

Dean: Exactly. We're just here to have fun, and just talk. Talk about things we're interested in, or things going on right now in the industry or things going on in the sports that we compete in, or follow, or support a lot. So, it's always kind of like the reference is, you can go get a cappuccino at a gas station. It's going to do the job. It's going to work. It is going to be the best cappuccino you've ever had?

Danny: Mm-mm (negative). 

Dean: Probably not.

Danny: It's like our show.

Dean: Right. Exactly.

Danny: It's not very good.

Dean: Exactly what you're going to get from here.

Danny: But, it's better than nothing. You could always just roll the windows down and just hear ... while driving, right? 

Dean: Or, you could listen to this.

Danny: Put on this load of shit.

Dean: Yeah, exactly. So, that's kind of where the whole name came from. Kind of making fun of ourselves because, you know what, once you start taking yourself too seriously, life's going to be rough.

Danny: Exactly. Someone was asking me the other day about Caffeine and Kilos. I just said, "Look, man, there's a lot going on there. But when it really comes down to it, Dean said it best one time, which is straight up, 'Look man, we're just a couple of bros that like lifting weights, drinking coffee.'"

Dean: Yep. Pretty much it.

Danny: That's pretty much it. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Dean: Yeah. For sure.

Danny: Yep. So, there we go. Gas Station Cappuccino. Is it good? No. But you know what, better than nothing.

Dean: Better than nothing.

Danny: And let me tell you this, you get a gas station cappuccino, go ahead and hit a splash of that High Voltage. Top it off with the High Voltage.

Dean: Yeah. So, you press the button. On the big brown machine, you press the cappuccino one. What are your options? Mocha, cappuccino. 

Danny: Right.

Dean: Glorified piss water.

Danny: Piss water, that's an option. Or, those come in the little shots you add afterwards.

Dean: Yeah, what were those called.

Danny: Remember they got the little flavor- Oh, the Stokes?

Dean: The Stoke shots.

Danny: We still got a thing full of the ... No, I'm talking about sometimes there's the flavored ones. Like, you do the mocha or whatever and then there's a little hazelnut, and like those, like the-

Dean: Mint. 

Danny: Mint, like the little syrup packets. Like, man, fuck, there's only some way I could get some more corn syrup up in my body. Just pop them in.

Dean: Spice it up.

Danny: Spice it up.

Dean: So then, you walk over to the High Voltage machine, which is like, what, 400 mg Robusta? Robusta beans.

Danny: Yeah. 

Dean: Just, basically flavored caffeine liquid.

Danny: You know what I'm going to do, and now I'm inspired. I'm going to go, next time I go to a gas station, I'm going to go to a cappuccino machine, I'm going to make a suicide. 

Dean: Give me all of them. "Sir, you gotta pay for each one of them individually." I'm aware. I'm gonna grab a Big Gulp and I'm gonna mix them all together.

Danny: When someone grabs two candy bars do you explain to them you have to pay for both of those?

Dean: No you do not.

Danny: No. That's right. Just ring it up, Flo.

Dean: Ring it up. Don't ask questions.

Danny: Yeah. Hey can you do me a favor, Suzy and just tell me total?

Dean: Yeah. How about you press "change". Press your change button, let's get this going. Don't judge me.

Danny: And then when she says, "Okay, it's going to be $15.99", "What! It's only one cup!"

Dean: You can't put a price on a good ride.

Danny: That would be a wild ride, to go on a suicide? Let's do it, let's film it.

Dean: Yeah we should do. We'll put it on-

Danny: Go to the gas station, do a little suicide.

Dean: Yeah we'll do it. We'll do one.

Danny: Oh man. So we're just starting and this weekend still, today's the last day of the 2017 weightlifting world championships.

Dean: Yep. IWF Anaheim, 2017.

Danny: Yeah. We don't want to spend a lot of time on it because maybe not everybody's not into weightlifting and maybe people are into weightlifting and don't give a shit about worlds. But we care! So we're gonna talk a little bit. Dean, initial thoughts?

Dean: Initial thoughts is that I thought we did great. Obviously we have two podium, male and female. It was Mary Rogers and Harrison. That's huge for us. I was really, really impressed with [Westkid 00:05:36] performance, obviously. [inaudible 00:05:39] snatch, 210 clean jerk. Looked like Ian had a little bit of a rough showing, but-

Danny: God it's fun to watch him lift.

Dean: Yeah it's always entertaining to watch him lift. He's-

Danny: He just attacks the bar, I kinda feel bad for the weights.

Dean: Yeah. He definitely gets those bars bending off the floor.

Danny: Holy smokes man.

Dean: It was a-

Danny: I never had feelings for an inanimate object like I do for the weights when he pulls on it.

Dean: Yeah, pretty funny.

Danny: They just never saw it coming.

Dean: Yeah I know.

Danny: Just hanging out, know what I mean? Just sitting there being rubber and steel and shit, next thing you know, boom! Wilson's bringing it.

Dean: Yeah, bringing it. But yeah, it looked like it might've been rushed on that second snatch, from what I've seen. It looked like he [crosstalk 00:06:21] kinda the number game, it always gets kinda weird back there.

Danny: That's something people don't understand is ... The reason why lifting and training and [needs 00:06:32] is so different. There are a hundred reasons why it's different.

Dean: This a very-

Danny: It feels different. But one thing people don't know or don't talk about is in the back room there's actually a lot going on, people don't understand that. You're warming up in back, but it's not just like you're running out there. There's a little coaching game, a little mind game out back. I actually thought about that as far as, does that really display ... Okay. One thing that so great about weightlifting is that it's very pure. In theory it's supposed to be very pure meaning, you lift more weight you win, that's the goal. The goal is to find who lifted more. You can get into press outs and all that shit, and really pressing it is actually harder, you could get into that. But 99% of the time, a made lift is a made lift, and a missed lift is a missed lift. The 1% whatever, you should've done a better job, should've been better at your craft, and I've gotten called on press outs, I totally get that.

The thing is that-

Dean: [crosstalk 00:07:27]

Danny: Exactly. With he coaching in back as far as declaring and then changing last minute, or maybe you bump just to put someone on the clock. You can take away someone's two minute clock. Say you're snatching, whatever 140 and I'm also listed at 140, you just missed 140, and I'm called and as soon as they call me, I bump to 141, you are then back on the clock and it's on the one minute turnaround. You don't get a two minute. Then you gotta turn around and go back there, it's unexpected, you know?

Dean: Well yeah you're just off a full maximum effort attempt and you gotta go right back out there.

Danny: Right back out there. So there's stuff like that. A lot of people don't think ... If you've never been in the back room or if you've never been in the back room of a big enough meet, say a national level meet, because local you don't see that, local it's the opposite, everyone's helping each other out.

Dean: For the most part.

Danny: Yeah exactly. There's been times, for us, teammates Scott [Hasaka 00:08:21] actually got the downside of this, but one time I missed two attempts went up for my third. Anyway, they moved Scott's attempt just to give me more break. He actually took a lighter weight than he wanted and then took a bigger jump on his last one but the point was that you might move around to help each other out at a local meet. 

Dean: And also, at a local meet, something like that happens, it might be time to clean the platform, get the broom out.

Danny: I think there's some blood on the bar.

Dean: Yeah it was [inaudible 00:08:49] Let's clean the platform, let's brush it down, let's scrape that chalk off the bar, take your time.

Danny: Yeah, you gotta rush back out there, and so there's that whole thing, and so there's that. One thing, Harrison Maurus, you mentioned, third place. Bronze's man. Mary Rogers is also very good.

Dean: Junior lifter, not youth anymore.

Danny: Youth lifter.

Dean: Is he still a youth?

Danny: 17 years old.

Dean: You're right he is.

Danny: 17 years old competing against grown men. So if you don't know, you're a youth lifter until you're 18, or the year in which you turn 18. Then you're a junior until the year in which you turn 21. Then you're a senior lifter, the goal. So Harrison is 17 so he's a youth lifter, and he has the youth world record clean jerk. Nobody in the history of the world and the history of weightlifting, has ever clean and jerked the same as he has as a youth, under the age of 18.

Dean: And he's from the U.S.

Danny: And he's from the U.S.

Anyway, he broke his own record, clean and jerk, for even more.

Dean: Was that from nationals?

Danny: His world record? It must've been from an international meet.

Dean: Pan-Ams?

Danny: Yeah it must've been Pan-Ams. Here's the thing it could've been youth, junior-

Dean: Yeah, that's true.

Danny: I'm not sure exactly when he set it. I do not recall.

Dean: Yeah, we'll have to check that.

Danny: But it was his own record, broke it, and also set a youth national record snatch, 155-

Dean: Damn. What he do double, 150 leading up in training, I was like man at least shoot for 155.

Danny: And here's the thing it's not just that he's a 17 year old kid, but he's a 77 kilo lifter. The guy weighs 175 pounds.

Dean: No, 169 pounds.

Danny: Nah, nah I can't do that, is really 169 and 177?

Dean: 169. 

Danny: No shit.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: So the kid weighs 170 pounds.

Dean: Yeah. 

Danny: 17 years old.

Dean: Yeah. 

Danny: And got third place in the world against adults.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Danny: Fuck. I am a piece of shit. What have I done in my life?

Dean: It just shows you, some people got it.

Danny: There's nothing I have ever done in my life that is that impressive.

Dean: Well few have, it's a very, very small percentage.

Danny: Well I feel better now.

Dean: You should. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Danny: No one more little thing about that is that Harrison ... So there's also CJ Cummings who is kind of a phenom, that's who he's referred to as. Really good, he also has the youth world record in the clean and jerk. He's a weight class lighter, 69 kilos, which is how many pounds?

Dean: That is, 145, 147?

Danny: No I think it's more, I think it's like 160? 158?

Dean: Is it that?

Danny: We could pull out or Caffeine and Kilo ass and [crosstalk 00:11:41]

Dean: For some reason I thought it was lower than that.

Danny: Yeah. Or we could do it real quick. 69, 6.9 times 2. 

Dean: What is it Aaron? What's 69?

Danny: 69 times 2.2.

Aaron: 151

Danny: 151, you were way off.

Dean: I was like six pounds off.

Danny: Kid weighs 151 pounds and he has the youth world record clean and jerk, north of 180 kilos, 400 pounds, clean and jerk is over 400 pounds. So anyway, he broke the youth, actually broke the senior, junior, and youth American record snatch then went after clean and jerk which is his bread and butter lift, bombed out, missed three jerks in a row at like 183 or something like that, which he's done much more.

Dean: And they were squat jerks. I was surprised to see the squat jerk.

Danny: Me too.

Dean: Maybe I haven't been following him as closely as I thought I was. I'm used to seeing a split jerk from him.

Danny: This is the first time he squat jerked in competition, at least on a national or international stage and I think he's gonna catch a lot of shit or people are gonna talk shit about that. Why would you change that at this big of a meet, right? He had a chance to win, not just medal but win. Incredible. Especially considering Harrison was the first male to medal in 20 years for the U.S. So, he had a chance to win this thing but missed those jerks. 

So people might say, why would you make that change? Well actually have a theory, and this just purely my own theory.

Dean: Full blown theory speculation.

Danny: Make things up.

Dean: This is no facts here.

Danny: So let me get this fact out. He has an injury. I think it's possible that he has maybe a strained hip flexor, I know that I have ... well some people would say, well how is that possible if he broke the snatch record, all [inaudible 00:13:35]. 

Dean: You don't feel it there. 

Danny: You don't feel it there. I've actually pulled a hip flexor in my back leg in a jerk and I could not split jerk, it hurt to split. I could snatch, I could clean, I could power jerk, push jerk, squat jerk even, but could not split jerk. So maybe he's coming off of something and has been doing those in training so it's kinda like, if that's all you've been doing in training, even if maybe it feels a little better, do you want to then go back to the split jerk a week or two before worlds? That might be possible or maybe we're way off base and in training he has been squat jerking more than a split and is just going for it. But it kinda looked like he wasn't as comfortable as I would like, as he'd like.

Dean: No it just looked like it was off, it didn't look like it never really had a solid chance.

Danny: Wasn't stable, yeah it kinda looked like he wasn't comfortable with it. So, who knows exactly what's going on there, but it's definitely[crosstalk 00:14:27]

Dean: Who knows? But he still did great and he went out there and fought for a chance to win.

Danny: Absolutely. And what it does, it gives everybody who said ... It's kind of a, some people said that they think Harrison Maurus is the future of U.S.A. weightlifting. He's got a better chance than anybody. I said it a few times myself, I don't know if I really every believed it. I just said it because you go for the underdog you can't lose. Like you're comparing CJ to Harrison you go, you always pick the guy who's done just a hair less because then it's like if CJ ends up winning first and Harrison gets third you go, "Well yeah CJ did better, it's fucking CJ Cummings, what did you expect?"

Dean: You know, I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you did say it, a long time ago before anything major happened, before any kinds of meets or any kind of records so, I do remember that. I remember about 2015, I think it might've even been the American opens in 2015, around that time when-

Danny: Harrison was just kinda getting on the scene.

Dean: ... he was kinda just getting on the scene. 'Cause I lifted with him, in the 77s. Oh no, I lifted when I was 85 that meet, but he was there, he lifted at the same time. That was the first time I ever saw him and I was like, "Oh, crap. This kid's strong." 

Danny: First time I ever saw CJ Cummings he was 13 years old at the American Open in Palm Springs. 13 years old lifting against grown men. All right, so that's kind of our little take on worlds. Today's the last day. Sarah Robles lifts and so that's exciting. 105-

Dean: What is it A and B?

Danny: For the men?

Dean: Or is there only an A section?

Danny: I think there's only an A, for the women as well. So now the 90+, not 75+ but 90+ because of the new 90 kilo weight class which may be leaving us just as soon as they came.

Dean: Yeah. And we might see the 94s go.

Danny: We might see the 94s go, yeah, wouldn't be that something. You think 94-

Dean: I don't know.

Danny: 94 is competitive, it's hard to say.

Dean: It's just hard to say. Everybody is just in between 94s or, I've heard people say 56 but I don't know if that really would do anything. It's not really gonna ... Not that many people do it.

Danny: That's why he should bang it out.

Dean: That's most of the opinion.

Danny: Yeah. Well, chalk me in that group.

Dean: But there's also like, "Okay, look at the 94 to 105 to 85, it's all pretty close." I feel like if you're going to be in 85 you should probably just be ... if you're not gonna be in 85 you should probably just be in 105. And then now they hire-

Danny: As someone who weighs like 92 kilos, I totally disagree.

Dean: Well, I mean-

Danny: But, that's my personal bias.

Dean: That would suck for me because all those 94 would then move down to 85 if they didn't want to beef up to 105 and I'd be totally screwed.

Danny: You're a grown man, you weigh 205. It's kinda tough cutting down to 185, that's a weird, 'cause of the height thing-

Dean: That's true too. Yeah, that's true.

Danny: You know what I mean? It's not a size, it's a height thing. Now our get rid of 105 and 94, make like a 100, something like that. 

Dean: A 220?

Danny: I don't know, yeah, I don't know, I don't thing that's been a thing before. So, there we go, those of you who don't care about weightlifting but made it through that, congratulations. 

Dean: Or now you can wake up.

Danny: Yeah, let's go ahead and get that car back on the road. 

Dean: Yeah, let's do it.

Danny: Good thing those bumps on the side are keeping them awake. [inaudible 00:17:39]

Dean: Or the center divider ones, you know?

Danny: Yeah, just scraping it?

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Danny: Yeah. So, now what time of year is it?

Dean: It is Christmas time, if you celebrate Christmas.

Danny: I have a four year old, she told me she had a good day, went to breakfast with Santa. She said afterwards, "Man, Christmas time is my favorite week." Yeah, it's like it never ends!

Dean: It's the longest week ever.

Danny: Yeah. One more little thing, no one likes to hear about other people's kids all the time. It was pretty funny, as we were going through picking out her clothes last night, "What about this one?" It kinda has a Christmas theme, whatever, like dress-ish, she goes, "Ah. Can you ask mommy to buy me a dress that has baby Jesus on it?" Because Christmas really isn't all about Santa and presents.

Dean: She said that?

Danny: That's right. She wants a baby Jesus dress.

Dean: I hope she gets it.

Danny: [crosstalk 00:18:36] Like here's a loincloth, merry Christmas. Or no, I think she means a dress that has a picture of baby Jesus on it.

Dean: I think you need to find that one sweater from Target I see every year. It's a picture of Jesus and it's got like candles and stuff and it says "Birthday Boy".

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: That's my favorite sweater of all time.

Danny: Yeah, and she could just wear it as a dress. You know.

Dean: Or yeah, take it to the dry cleaner have them make it into a kid's version.

Danny: My child, she's four. So, as part of that we're coming out with the holiday blend. [crosstalk 00:19:12]

Dean: Our first time doing this also. We've been talking about this for a little while and we actually, you know, let's do it.

Danny: It was kind of funny, we contact our roaster, we say, "Hey man we want to make a holiday blend, we don't even know exactly what that looks like, can you help us out?" So, we went in for a tasting, and coffee testing, let me tell you something, it is an entire experience. If you have never been to a coffee tasting, it's like going wine tasting but less boozy and more caffeine-y.

Dean: Also, instead of lowing it you're high-ing it.

Danny: We were fired up, we got so fired up because we were tasting what, eight, ten different ones.

Dean: Yeah at least.

Danny: We got so pumped on the drive home we stopped and got some Tijuana mamas.

Dean: If you haven't had a Tijuana mama, it is a fermented vinegar sausage in a plastic bag. It's bright Red, in a plastic bag that you can't see.

Danny: If you haven't had a Tijuana Mama, then you can't even begin to understand what internal conflict really is. Digestive nightmare. Ill tell you what, went to the gym, went out afterwards, had a killer workout you and Aaron both sent texts out, "Dude I crushed it at the gym tonight." That's what happens when you put in 1,000 mg of caffeine and a Tijuana mama. 1,000 mg of caffeine and 10,000 mg of sodium, you're ready to rock. 

Also ready for a heart attack but, you know.

Dean: It's a recipe for arteries.

Danny: It's a recipe for [inaudible 00:20:46].

Dean: Irregular heartbeats.

Danny: So during that, he had some different flavor in the coffee so you taste it and you taste for notes in it, just like in wine you're like, "Oh this tastes whatever, kind of"-

Dean: It all comes down to the origin.

Danny: Or fruity. So same thing for the fruit so origin and then they mix them together and sometimes different origin beans have different reactions. Also, the roast, how dark the roast is and sometimes they react. So for the holiday blend, it has some notes of ... what was kind of in there?

Dean: It's got kind of like a cinnamon, some like, well first off, the origin-

Danny: What was the piny?

Dean: Yeah a little piny-ness to it. It's also a Mexican origin. Mexican and what else was it? Mexican 

Danny: [simatra 00:21:30]?

Dean: Simatra Mexican.

Danny: Yeah, Simatra. I remember Mexican because when I first opened the bag, [inaudible 00:21:39].

Dean: You know, pistolas busting off.

Danny: Yeah like the three amigos, like the movie "The Three Amigos". Like that, but just out of a little bag.

Dean: No yeah, so no it's actually very good. It's got a very earthy, almost spiciness to it.

Danny: Like an earth, spicy.

Dean: Like an earthy, spicy, cinnamon, it's-

Danny: Cinnamon? Or almost like a nutmeg kind of or like a cardamom? But definitely cinnamon ... I only remember the cinnamon and a little piny sticking out.

Dean: Yeah, but that sounds like a lot, but when you buy one and you try it you'll understand. It really like, it feels like Christmas morning. 

Danny: Yeah and it tastes like it.

Dean: Every sip feels like Christmas morning, it's the best week ever.

Danny: Best week ever, that's it. Christmas time the best week ever.

Dean: It tastes like the best week ever.

Danny: Speaking of Christmas the best week ever, I've never put up lights on the house. I don't want to do it. [Jess 00:22:32] asked me to-

Dean: We put lights up on the table for our YouTube viewers.

Danny: We did more on this table that I did in 13 years of marriage. So Jess always asked me to put lights up, "We don't have kids, we're not putting lights up." Then, now we have kids but she'll be like, "Hey, now we have a kid." "Yeah she's two! She doesn't fucking know!" You know what I mean? What are we putting lights up for?

Dean: Well I don't know [Maddie 00:22:52]'s a very smart two year old. 

Danny: Well, you don't know her that well.

Dean: Well I get her in micro doses so she seems brilliant.

Danny: Yeah, exactly. She also told me she wants to dress the baby Jesus loincloth. Anyway, and Christmas is her favorite week. So, she asked me, she really wanted lights on, the whole thing, all right. Okay we'll do this. So, I go to the store, well first my neighbor, our house is kinda painted the same colors so they put these lights up they look good so I figure we'll get the same kind of lights. Makes sense, they're right there, theirs are classic White light bulbs.

Dean: No let's just completely copy Bill and Joanns.

Danny: Yeah, Mike and Jenna. Let's copy their whole setup. It was funny, they actually said, "Oh you guys should get the same ones." Oh okay, yeah I'll do it. So I go to the store-

Dean: Ah thanks.

Danny: Yeah, thanks. Hey you want us to get the same ones why don't you fucking buy the lights. Why don't you put them up yourself? How about you shut up Mike.

Dean: How about you shut up Mike.

Danny: Hey Mike why don't you-

Dean: Yeah will do!

Danny: Yeah! On it! So I go to the Target, and I get the lights and they're the big bulbs, White, pretty plain.

Dean: C9s or C6?

Danny: The hell if I know. Anyway, about this big?

Dean: That's C9.

Danny: C9. Are these the C6?

Dean: No, those are, I don't even know what they call those.

Danny: C2s?

Dean: Yeah. C9s are pretty large. Are they the round ones or are they tipped?

Danny: Tipped.

Dean: Are they the clear tipped or they like-

Danny: Clear tipped. Clear tipped.

Dean: Clear tipped.

Danny: Clear tipped. So I get the lights, get them, I actually, one thing I'm proud of, dead on the guess. I was looking at the roof line, this is how I measure it, 12 ... 24 ... 36, kinda walking around the house like that. Ended up getting the exact amount.

Dean: Oh wow.

Danny: Yeah. Pretty good. I had two feet extra so I just kinda little bangarang. You know, it was fine.

Dean: Wow that's impressive.

Danny: Again though, I grab them, I put the up, hell yeah I'm all fired up. Nighttime comes around, light em up and just not kind of impressed as I thought they ... I look over at my neighbor Mike's house, and his are bright, I look at ours, not as bright. Almost like more dim. What the hell is going on, right? So he comes out a little bit later taking the garbage out, "Hey Mike, what's up?" "Hey man, your lights, I though I got the same ones, yours look so much brighter!" "Oh, did you get the LEDs?"

Dean: Oh I see what you got there. You got the halogens.

Danny: "Oh you got the LEDs?" I said, "Yeah, actually I did get the LEDs, I didn't even think about it. I'm new to this, I just bought the lights. They're the same size, they're clear, I thought they were the same, I didn't know there was a difference." He goes, "Uh, yeah, yeah. See they're incandescent or whatever. It lights up more. The LEDs It's kind of a spotlight rather than, lights up the whole bulb." "Yeah, shit, I didn't even notice that."

Dean: Oh so you got the LEDs.

Danny: I got the LEDs. And I was right. It's just like a single beam, whereas an old school light bulb the whole bulb lights up, you know what I mean? 

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: I go, "Oh shit I didn't even notice that." He goes, "Well, you know what though, I bet those things are gonna last forever and plus, energy usage."

Dean: Then he started patronizing you.

Danny: Well he goes, "Well think about, energy dude, you're hardly"-

Dean: This guys a real piece of work.

Danny: You know what I go, "Mike, Mike, Mike. We're putting lights on the outside of our house. Energy efficiency does not come into the equation. That has nothing to do with ... "

Dean: I love the patronizing effort though. At least you're doing better for the environment, you know, energy, energy-saving.

Danny: Saving energy!

Dean: You know what? Save it Mike.

Danny: Yeah, save it. Nobody in the history of the world has said, "You know what, these lights I'm gonna put on the outside of the house, when I'm busy contributing to light pollution, I'm gonna make sure to keep that PG&E bill down."

Dean: Is it called light pollution?

Danny: Light pollution is a real thing. You know how like you're in the woods-

Dean: Did I say pollusion? I meant pollution.

Danny: Pollusion, pollution. Potato, potato. Except totally different. 

Dean: Apples, spaghetti.

Danny: A real word, a fake one. Apple, spaghetti. You go out in the forest or away from town you can see all the stars but in town you can't?

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Danny: That's 'cause light pollution. All the light-

Dean: Okay, okay, yeah.

Danny: So yeah, 100% contribute to light pollution let's keep that PG&E bill down, right? Totally ridiculous thing.

Dean: As long as it doesn't hurt my pockets environment's whole awareness is out the window, unless this physically or financially hurts me.

Danny: Let this be a lesson to everybody else. When you're going to get the Christmas lights, right, fuck the environment. You're putting lights on the outside of your house, what are you doing?

Dean: And nobody's gonna know they're LED, they're just gonna be like, "Oh those ones aren't as bright. Those suck."

Danny: They just look dim, it just looks lame, you know?

Dean: Yeah. Then you just look like that asshole who thinks he's doing something good, but at the end of the day your house just looks like shit compared to everybody else.

Danny: Exactly. But my wife, she's just like, "Oh yeah, it looks good still." She's just happy I did it for once. 

Dean: Did you leave them?

Danny: Oh yeah I left them up. Dude, I do not like ladders. I got a high roof.

Dean: You're not going back up there.

Danny: No I'm not going back up there. Hell no.

Dean: After you just ripped apart the LED and how shitty it looks.

Danny: Yeah I'm leaving them on. Oh you think I'm changing those? I'm not changing those. Well yeah, next year I'll probably get different ones.

Dean: Ah, probably not.

Danny: No probably the same ones again.

Dean: After you spend 45 minutes unraveling them out of the ball.

Danny: Yeah, exactly. That's exactly it. So that's the happy holidays.

Dean: Now I went to go do mine two nights ago, and then I realized that I needed to have the other end ... I actually did like one side and I realized I had the wrong end on that side so I would've had to have ran a super long extension cord, after it was a mess. So I took them off, I was gonna put them up last night but there was a wind storm in Sacramento yesterday so that was just not gonna happen. So now I still haven't done it yet and here it is, Christmas week too and I haven't put them up yet. So I gotta get on that.

Danny: At this point you probably just bang it out. Next year. It's the fifth of December Dean. You put them up now you gotta take them down again in another 20 days.

Dean: No I usually let those ride until February.

Danny: Oh hell yeah-

Dean: Leave them up. So my neighbor next door, this guy, real character. He has this Winnebago on top of his truck-

Danny: What's his name?

Dean: Payton.

Danny: Payton.

Dean: Yeah, Payton. He put his lights around his car's driveway.

Danny: He doesn't plan on moving it.

Dean: No he doesn't, and I feel like every month he accumulates a new yard decoration which is sometimes an automobile, or a boat.

Just envision it, it's awesome.

Danny: It's a nice mug. It's Green in color, let's describe it.

Dean: I'd describe it as a, if you were to see a porridge pot-

Danny: Oh, yeah! Yeah!

Dean: You know a Green porridge pot over a roasted fire.

Danny: Nice Caffeine and Kilos logo on there.

Dean: Yeah, it's Green.

Danny: Show the people. 

Dean: Check it out.

Danny: There it is.

Dean: Get the zoom on that. There it is.

Danny: There it is. He said it. So I think with the holy blend, we're actually selling that and the mugs together, right? Not sold separately?

Dean: Yeah I believe it's gonna be for $28 for the pack.

Danny: Is it?

Dean: I believe. I have to check it again.

Danny: So there you go. So hey, Gas Station Cappuccino, thanks for tuning in. Caffeine and Kilos, Dean, Danny.

Dean: Signing off.

Danny: Signing off.

Dean: See you guys.

Danny: All right.