Gas Station Cappuccino | Episode 2

Gas Station Cappuccino | Episode 2

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Danny: I like to ask Alexa questions that I know the answer to, and then I beat her answering it, and I feel hella smart.

Dean: Yeah, that's ... Well -

Danny: "Alexa, two plus two? Four! Owned! Why are you so slow, bitch? You're so stupid. So stupid." And I feel bad. I go, "Man, I really don't refer to ..." I don't call women bitches, but it's not a woman. It's a machine. And then, I get in this whole internal conflict.

Dean: That is a dilemma.

Danny: You know what I mean? Is it ... Here's a question. Should you be polite to Alexa on social media or say anything [crosstalk 00:00:32] fucking backlash.

Dean: It's not recording -

Danny: No, it's not recording yet.

Speaker 3: Oh, this is.

Danny: Oh, is it? Are we up?

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Danny: Alright, alright.

Dean: [inaudible 00:00:44] We are, we're back.

Danny: Alright, welcome to the Gas Station Cappuccino episode numero dos. Episode two. So, last episode we talked a little bit about world championships for weight lifting. However, Sarah Robles had not yet lifted. So then, Tuesday night I went home and she competed that night. And she won a gold medal.

Dean: Round of applause.

Danny: So, we were talking about these other guys ... You know? Harrison Maurus and Mattie Rogers getting bronze and being the first medalists for the US world championships and then Sarah said, "Well, medalist, that's cute." You know?

Dean: Let's just take it down.

Danny: I'm gonna win this bitch.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You know?

Dean: Good for her, good for her. She's had a heck of a run lately. She's been doing really well.

Danny: Absolutely, and then ... Very interesting. And then, a day or two later, I get an email from our friends at [inaudible 00:01:42], and what it mentioned ... It talks about the totals [inaudible 00:01:48] Phil the Thrill. Phil's just letting loose.

Dean: We tried to give him a chance.

Danny: We tried to give him a chance.

Dean: We failed.

Danny: We gotta get Phil outta here. Phil is the warehouse dog. What kind of a dog is Phil, Dean?

Dean: He is a chihuahua mixed with something.

Danny: He's a chihuahua mix. What other kind of a dog would you possibly want at the warehouse?

Dean: A chihuahua corti. Corgi? Corgi mix.

Danny: Corgi.

Dean: Nah, it's Corti, Corti brothers.

Danny: Corti brothers? I don't think that's right. So anyway, [inaudible 00:02:15] sent out an email where they compiled in an article the comparison in the winning totals, 2017 worlds and compared those to 2015 and 2013. And they had a little reason why they chose '15 and '13 as the years, but I don't really care. I figure '13, '15, '17 makes sense to me. You don't have to explain why you chose those years.

Dean: Well, yeah. You go two years apart.

Danny: Yeah, yeah. And '13 is the year after the Olympics, and then '15 is the year before the next ... I don't really know exactly. But anyway, so this is what we got going on. So, interesting is that a couple countries were not allowed to compete at world's due to -

Dean: Was it [crosstalk 00:02:56]? Was it three or four?

Danny: Countries? Yeah, it was a handful of countries.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: And we're gonna get emails. People are gonna be all pissed, cause they're like, "You guys should know this."

Dean: You need to know every one.

Danny: Well, and the sad ... This podcast's called Gas Station Cappuccino, not Factoid Nation. You know what I mean?

Dean: You can Google it.

Danny: Just ask Alexa.

Dean: Yeah, ask Alexa.

Danny: Yeah, and so -

Dean: Yeah, we'll get back to that later.

Danny: Yeah. So, anyway, interesting thing here is, when you look at these totals compared, there are only two weight classes out of 15 total .... Well, now 16 total, cause there's an eighth women, right?

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Danny: But there's only two weight classes out of the 15 that were existing where the total at this year world is higher than '15 or 2013, which tells me that as a world, we are getting weaker.

Dean: Yeah, is that it?

Danny: As a species, that's right. People are actually worse at the sport of weight lifting, technique has obviously declined greatly ... I mean, when you look at these compared to 2015, you're talking 56-kilo lifters. They're down 23 kilos off the total from 2015. 62, 33 kilos.

Dean: That's huge.

Danny: That's a lot.

Dean: That's a lot.

Danny: That's like, fucking 70 pounds.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You know what I mean? I know that it's two-point-two. We don't need emails about that either. Again, not Factoid Nation. We're gonna start another podcast called Factoid Nation, where we're only going to state facts.

Dean: There's not even any dialogue. It's just one fact after the next.

Danny: That's right. Utterly -

Dean: Endless.

Danny: Endless. And here we go. Here are the ... The biggest ones on the entire chart is the 90-kilo plus, which was 75 plus, but still. The women's heavyweight, super heavyweight ... Sarah Robles won with 284. Fantastic, and this does not mean to take away from her, because she beat the other people. She is the best in the world, world champion, but there is a 49-kilogram difference between what the winning total was.

Dean: 50 kilos?

Danny: 50 kilos. 49, don't have to stretch it.

Dean: Oh, yeah. Well, let's just say, "That's a lot of weight."

Danny: That's a lot of weight. And so, anyway, very interesting. Again, two weight classes were higher. Actually, that is the men's 94, and the men's super-heavy. Now, for the mid- super-heavy, guys set all-time world record -

Dean: Yeah. [crosstalk 00:05:16] It's very outlier year.

Danny: Definitely outlier year there, but that's it. Other than that, 13 out of 15 existing weight classes were far below previous years. So, Dean, my question to you is ... Obviously there's the elephant in the room, although I don't even know if you'd say that cause I think it's completely obvious to everybody, so [crosstalk 00:05:39] a bunch of countries don't show up -

Dean: That's not the case. People are living in denial.

Danny: So, -

Dean: They wanna believe.

Danny: You don't think so? I would say this makes a pretty obvious case for the fact that weight lifting, on an international level, definitely had some substance use going on. And that, actually, [inaudible 00:05:59] has done a good job of cleaning that up.

Dean: Yeah. I mean, I think the sport is at a place now where if it's not careful, it's eventually ... It can get removed from what's in the Olympics.

Danny: And that's what was on the table, right?

Dean: Exactly, the dirtier sports get, the more likely they are to get banned from the Olympics. We've seen it happen before with other sports. I think that it's what's best, especially for the US, because we are the most highly-regulated.

Danny: Right.

Dean: Which ... I think it's great for us -

Danny: Right.

Dean: Because it gets us on an even playing field.

Danny: Right.

Dean: And yeah. I mean, I'm all for it, obviously. But yeah, they're obviously doing a really good job.

Danny: Yeah. So, interesting there. I think that's something that I haven't really heard many people talk about, and that's why, when I saw this I was like, "Man, that is actually really interesting." People will say some other countries weren't there, and that ... Again, I'm not saying this. I'm gonna be very clear. This is not taking anything away from Harrison, Mattie, Sarah Robles, or any of them. I actually have met all of them and have talked to them and such. And so, anyway, the point is, that was nothing against them, cause you can only compete against who's there.

Dean: Exactly.

Danny: You know what I mean? And so, that is ... It's fantastic, and it's a huge accomplishment. I'm not saying it's not an accomplishment. I'm just looking at all of the weight classes, you know what I mean? Like, everywhere it's like that. So anyway, really kind of interesting stuff.

Dean: This is how it should always be.

Danny: This is how it should always be.

Dean: It just shows us that we are competitive internationally, and we can get on the podium when everything is as fair and square as possible. Obviously, we're gonna see some -

Danny: People are always ... Yeah.

Dean: We're gonna see some discrepancies, I think from this world's from other countries, I'm sure.

Danny: You think there's gonna be some positive -

Dean: There's gonna be some positive tests coming out.

Danny: God, I hope that that super ... That guy, what's his name? Do you remember what his name is? The super heavyweight? Man, I just -

Dean: Oh, oh. The ... Yeah, and I don't remember.

Danny: I hope, man, that he does not get popped.

Dean: Yeah, he's a beast.

Danny: Cause that'd make me part of the problem.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You know? That's all [inaudible 00:07:55], and hopefully he's clean, and then it's all good. By the way, if you want to give us some input it on it, your opinion, you can email us at That's all spelled out there, all letters. Caffeine and kilos, so So, yeah. [inaudible 00:08:18] that's world's. Let us know your opinion.

And also, while we're on it, if you have any questions, next episode we're gonna do some frequently-asked questions, which we should just call questions, cause they're not really frequently-asked if we only answer them once.

Dean: Ask for them once, yeah.

Danny: Ask them once. So, we'll just ... We're gonna go over some asked questions.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: And they may or may not be frequent. So, there you go.

Dean: Anything, too. No subject is off-limits.

Danny: It can be about the obvious. It can be about crossfit, it can be about -

Dean: Power lifting.

Danny: Power lifting.

Dean: Weight lifting.

Danny: Weight lifting. It can -

Dean: Body building.

Danny: Body building. It can be about -

Dean: Badminton.

Danny: Badminton, pickle ball.

Dean: Curling.

Danny: Pickle ball.

Dean: Okay, well Austin, the warehouse manager, is very knowledgeable on pickle ball. I think he just did a project on it for school.

Danny: Oh, really?

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Oh, he also played some lacrosse. Maybe you have questions about lacrosse, ping pong -

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Or things that have nothing to do with sports. You could ask about hair cuts.

Dean: We just also wanted to say thanks to the National Ping Pong Association for making Caffeine and Kilos an official world training team -

Danny: Facility.

Dean: Facility.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: We got the banner up in the lobby.

Danny: Yeah, the NPPA.

Dean: Yeah, yeah.

Danny: It's ... I was at a conference last week -

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: And there was a mixer afterwards, and so everyone's at the mixer. And then, when it closes down, we walked down the street to another establishment, and it was a ping pong bar.

Dean: Ah.

Danny: So like, pool tables, but it was ping pong tables.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Danny: So, it was full bar, full all-night bar environment, but then, there were probably 15, 16 ping pong tables.

Dean: That's pretty cool. I stayed at a hotel like that in downtown Los Angeles called The Standard. They have an entire ping pong room.

Danny: Really?

Dean: It's a very cool ... It's got a rooftop pool, the whole downtown LA vibes, but then there's an entire room dedicated to play ping pong.

Danny: I believe this bar was called Spin.

Dean: Ah.

Danny: The name.

Dean: Yeah, you gotta get that spin on the ball.

Danny: Gotta do it.

Dean: Yeah, you gotta curve that shit. You know what I mean?

Danny: Oh, come on! You know you gotta curve that shit! Oh, you a straight-hitter? Psh.

Dean: Come on, straight-ball around here.

Danny: Come on! Don't bring that straight-ball around here.

Dean: You're gonna get spiked.

Danny: Not up in here.

Dean: You're gonna get smashed.

Danny: Ah, dude, bringing it. And so, anyway, that was interesting.

Dean: No, it's cool -

Danny: I'll tell you what? I was glad we have a table here cause ... Speaking of bringing it, I brought it.

Dean: You got the hitch.

Danny: Well, it's one of the ... Ping pong's one of those things -

Dean: They had a in-house pro teaching tips.

Danny: Yeah, and I waxed his ass.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: That's what ... I just grabbed the paddle, I walked to one side, I said, "Alright, any time you're ready to get that ass waxed, come on over. Taking all comers."

You gonna work on your grip right now? Is that for ping pong?

Dean: Yeah, this is for the ping pong.

Danny: Yeah, well that's great for radio.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: I guess I talk [crosstalk 00:11:10] ... Oh, yeah. That's true.You can watch it on YouTube. Dean just got a grip ... What's that called?

Dean: It's an Ironman ... Iron Mind, excuse me. It's called a grip. They call it a ... What is it? A crush.

Danny: Oh, shit. That's intense.

Dean: Captains of crush.

Danny: Oh, that was my favorite cereal when I was a kid.

Dean: Captains of crush. There's actually an entire competitive crushing league, where you become ... Basically, there's a trainer. There's a one, one and a half, all the way up to ... I believe four is the highest level.

Danny: And you put something between your butt cheeks?

Dean: Yep, and then you squeeze with your butt.

Danny: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dean: Yeah, and kind of ... So, long story short -

Danny: It's kind of kegels.

Dean: If you can crush a four, you get certified, you get a plaque, you get all kinds of recognition for being the strongest grip you can possibly have.

Danny: What level is that one?

Dean: This is a trainer.

Danny: That's just a trainer?

Dean: This is a base-level.

Danny: Well, hand it over.

Dean: And the trick is, is you have to touch the ends for it to count as a rep.

Danny: You gotta touch the ends?

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: I thought you weren't supposed ... Yeah! Yeah, nailed it.

Dean: Yeah. It actually gets really -

Danny: Dude, I'd smoke this trainer with the right. I don't know about the left. My left's kind of weak right now. Yeah! Got it.

Dean: It's actually the ... Once you get to the one and the one and a half, it actually gets really -

Danny: They go in half increments?

Dean: Yeah, they go in half increments. The number ... The highest level is the four though. That's where it taps out. I can't remember exactly the pounded pressure it is, but it's ridiculous. There's probably like five people on the planet that can crush it.

Danny: I was wondering why we had that Iron Mind catalog in here. There are a lot of great posters and stuff, but I was looking through it, and it was like seven pages of grip-strength shit. And I was like, "This is over ..." They had one where you put your fingers into it, and then you spread them out to hold it.

Dean: Yep.

Danny: Like an extensor. I've never seen grip-extensor exercise before. Aaron, do you ever see a grip-extensor exercise?

Speaker 3: Never.

Danny: No?

Dean: There's actually a really cool -

Danny: A-a-ron says, "Not a thing."

Dean: There's actually another way to get certified for another thing. I think you have to crush a three, and then pick up a 45-pound metal plate by the center with your fingers like this, like over the top. You can't see me, but -

Danny: Oh, like over? Or inside of it? Like, it says -

Dean: Over, over and outside of the inner ring of the steel, 45-pound plate. I did it with a 35.

Danny: Ah.

Dean: But I could only slide the 45.

Danny: Gah.

Dean: I couldn't get it up.

Danny: Yeah. You know? That's probably -

Dean: It was tough.

Danny: Usually that happens to people when they get older.

Dean: Yeah, not yet. Well, I am getting older.

Danny: [inaudible 00:13:38]. You know what? We all are.

Dean: That's true. I'm safe.

Danny: Yeah. It's one of those, "Ah, that's kind of sad. That guy is ... He's dying." I was like, "Fuck, man. Me too."

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: I'm like it's gotten really serious.

Dean: Now I know how he feels.

Danny: Yeah, I know how he feels. Been there. Shit, I'm there now. We're all there.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You know what else? Good grip thing to mess around with, the flippers. Do you ever flip the plates?

Dean: Yeah, the plate-flip trick? Yeah.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: I do that with the 25-kilo plates.

Danny: Do you?

Dean: Yeah, but it has to be DHS, where you got that nice little lip to grab.

Danny: So, if it's like -

Dean: Only DHS brand.

Danny: Or it's a [inaudible 00:14:17] plate, no-go?

Dean: No-go.

Danny: No-go. What about [inaudible 00:14:19]?

Dean: Nope, cause those are rounded and it's too ... I think only the GHS trainer plates have that little lip you can just kind of grab.

Danny: That edge.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You need ... Everyone needs some edge in their life.

Dean: Yeah. Yeah, a little edging.

Danny: A little edging?

Dean: A little edging to take the edge off.

Danny: Take ... I always figured that edging would put the edge on. You know what I mean?

Dean: Yeah, kinda.

Danny: It's hard to say. So, what else -

Dean: It's unclear.

Danny: It's unclear. So, Dean, what else is going on? You've got a ... Your birthday is coming up.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Birthday boy!

Dean: Thursday!

Danny: Thursday?

Dean: Yeah, I turn 26.

Danny: 26?

Dean: 26 forever.

Danny: Well, that's it. It's over. Mail it in.

Dean: I turn 26 forever. No, I'm turning 29.

Danny: Hmm.

Dean: Almost 30. I'm getting old.

Danny: Ah, you're turning 29?

Dean: Yeah. No, I always say ... Every year, I say I'm turning 26.

Danny: I go the other way. I actually say that I'm older than I am, cause then you just get showered with compliments.

Dean: Oh, wow! You look really good for age.

Danny: [inaudible 00:15:13] ten years.

Dean: Wow, you look great for 74!

Danny: Yeah, I go ten. They go, "How old are you?"

"You know? 43."

They go, "Oh, no shit? You look fantastic!"

Dean: "Well, thank -

Danny: "Yeah. You know? I try and stay in shape."

Dean: "I just try and eat good three or four days a week."

Danny: "Eat healthy, you know? Work out a couple days a week."

Dean: "I don't wanna take it too serious. I gotta live a little."

Danny: Yeah, mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah. Okay, so look. I do dread the day it backfires. "Ah, you're 43. Huh, man. I'm ... I thought ... You look closer to 50."

Dean: "I thought you were going over the hill."

Danny: Yeah. 29, you got an early birthday present.

Dean: I did, and -

Danny: Your sister doesn't know your birthday.

Dean: No, she knows. She just wanted to make sure I got it in time.

Danny: I don't think she knows.

Dean: I actually just didn't wait to open it either.

Danny: Ah.

Dean: I also just ... It came in the mail, and I'm like, "Do I just literally just put this on my counter and stare at it for a week?"

Danny: Well, how did you -

Dean: "Or do I just open it now?"

Danny: Did you know it was for your birthday?

Dean: Yeah, for sure.

Danny: Was it wrapped?

Dean: No.

Danny: How the fuck did you know?

Dean: Cause she wouldn't send just a random package.

Danny: I send people shit randomly.

Dean: Well, -

Danny: I send packages randomly to people's houses.

Dean: It could've been. And anyway, actually, the package inside ... Not all of it was just for me either.

Danny: How'd you know it was from her?

Dean: Because it had her name on it.

Danny: So, you opened her mail. That's fucking illegal, Dean.

Dean: No, the return address had her name on it.

Danny: Oh!

Dean: It was to me.

Danny: I thought ... Wait, she ... Okay, she bought something, had it shipped to her house, and then shipped it to you.

Dean: Well, there was other steps in it though that she might've ... Looked like that she bought at a store also.

Danny: No one buys anything from the store.

Dean: It was candy -

Danny: So, there's no chance. No.

Dean: Do you Amazon your candy?

Danny: Yeah. I bet you can.

Dean: Alexa, get me candy corn.

Danny: Have you bought anything through ... So, it was Alexa? You just -

Dean: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, I did ... Actually, I got Danny one of these for ... What was it? Christmas -

Danny: Christmas last year.

Dean: Last year.

Danny: Christmas last year.

Dean: And I never got one for myself. It wasn't that I didn't want one, I just never did.

Danny: It's kind of one of those things.

Dean: It's one of those things where you let someone else get it for you.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: And then, once you have it -

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: You try and comprehend how you lived without it.

Danny: Yeah, yeah.

Dean: Like, honestly, I use it three to four times a day minimum, since I've had it. And that's not even including the first day, where you just start asking it anything you possibly can think of.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: But no, it's great. And she also got one of the chargers to plug into the wall.

Danny: I like to ask Alexa questions that I know the answer to, and then I beat her answering it, and I feel hella smart.

Dean: Yeah, that's ... Well, -

Danny: "Alexa, two plus two? Four! Owned! Why are you so slow, bitch? You're so stupid. You're so stupid." And then, I feel bad. I go, "Man, I really don't refer to ... I don't call women bitches," but it's not a woman. It's a machine. And then, I get in this whole internal conflict.

Dean: Oh, that is a dilemma.

Danny: You know what I mean? Is it ... Here's a question. Should you be polite to Alexa?

Dean: Well, I think if it's had built-in responses to polite ... What's the word?

Danny: Like, questions?

Dean: Yeah, polite questions. Then, you're supposed to be.

Danny: It does too. If you say, "Thank you. Alexa, thank you."

Dean: Maybe she won't give you wrong answers the more you're nice to her.

Danny: Get better advice?

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Have you purchased anything?

Dean: It's like, "Okay, this guy said please to me, and thank you about 35 times in the last two weeks. I'll give him the actual right answer on this one."

Danny: Oh, it's like an over-under. Like, under 34 -

Dean: Maybe I won't listen in on his conversation tomorrow afternoon when his family's over. You know?

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: You know? Let's take it easy on the surveillance on him this weekend.

Danny: Yeah. We won't record the heavy breathing.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: So, that's the question. Have you ... Okay, so ... The whole thing is, I found out that you can order through it.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: I was like, "Well, that makes total sense."

Dean: And you can hook up your XM radio to it.

Danny: Well, cause why else though? Why else would Amazon want to get these things out? They just wanna sell you shit, right?

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Now, it's like, "Oh, well if you can order through that, it makes it easier." They're trying to reduce any friction from buying.

Dean: And the affordability of the device is also ridiculous.

Danny: Right.

Dean: It's like ... What? 30 dollars for the regular, [crosstalk 00:19:13] standard size. Yeah, it's like -

Danny: I don't know. Mine was a gift. So was yours. We have no idea how much these things cost.

Dean: They're not ... They're affordable.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: So, they want everybody to have one.

Danny: So, I didn't do it for a long time. I was like, "I'm never gonna buy anything through there." Like, how's ... Buy with one click in the app is pretty easy, right? And now they even have ... You open the app. If it's stuff you regularly purchase, it's the quick button or whatever. You just hit the button. You don't even have to search for the item. Like, "I'm never gonna use it." And then, I was sitting on my couch one day, and I'm sitting there. I'm like, "Man!" Oh, that's right. I was gonna buy some almonds to make my almond butter with. And I go, "Man!" My phone was plugged in somewhere. I'm like, "Ah, let's just give it a go. Hey, Alexa, order me some more almonds."

"Oh, based on your order history, you're looking for the wild soil three-pound for $22.95. Would you like to place this order?"

It's like, "Yes! Done deal."

Dean: Done.

Danny: That's it. And I was like, "Holy shit! I am actually probably gonna use it for ordering more often now."

Dean: Did you have to hook up your account, or was it already pre- hooked-up?

Danny: It's hooked up.

Dean: Cause I haven't bought anything yet, but I'm pretty sure it's already hooked up.

Danny: Yeah, it's ... If you download the Alexa app, and then you ... Anyway, yeah. It's already hooked up through it I'm sure.

Dean: And now that we both have one, I can send you a voice message, and she'll read it off to you at your house, because you have one.

Danny: That's really weird.

Dean: Yeah, that's weird.

Danny: Has anybody done that? Email if you use Alexa for messaging one another.

Dean: Yeah, you can use it to message, I saw on the ad. And also, it'll also ... I can also write you a message from the app, and then you can play that on your device, or you can just read it on the app itself. So, the app also works as a wifi or cellular ... Basically, just messaging device.

Danny: Ah.

Dean: Kind of like ... What's the other ones out there? Like, you know what I'm talking about?

Danny: Like, WhatsApp or whatever?

Dean: Yeah, exactly. So, you can use it as one of those too.

Danny: There's so many ways to message each other now. Messenger ... Like, Facebook Messenger. You can do phone calls through it.

Dean: Yeah, I know. I've seen that.

Danny: And then, same -

Dean: I've actually had some FaceTime calls through there too.

Danny: Same thing, Snapchat. You can message people through Snap, or you can call them. You can call or FaceTime through Facebook Messenger, through Snapchat ... And then, Instagram is actually coming out with a separate messaging app. DMs are gonna be removed from Instagram. They're gonna have a separate app.

Dean: Oh, just like Facebook. So, now we have to have four apps -

Danny: Yep.

Dean: For two apps.

Danny: That's right. That's right. Bull shit, huh?

Dean: Huh. That is irritating.

Danny: Alright, well now, I guess I'm gonna have to return your birthday gift since your sister stole my idea.

Dean: Oh, really?

Danny: No.

Dean: Oh.

No, actually ... What's really cool too is, I noticed I can't always catch a basketball game.

Danny: "What's the score?"

Dean: Yeah, that was really ... I was like, "Eh, we'll see what it says. Hey what was the score ..." I didn't even have to specify what sport. Cause there's LA Kings, there's Sacramento Kings ... I'm like, "What was the score in the Kings game last night?"

Danny: Mm, probably -

Dean: "Well, [crosstalk 00:22:07] the Kings beat ..."

Danny: Who played last night?

Dean: Yeah, it could've. Yeah. I don't even know if I even said "last night" though. I was like, "What was the score of the Kings game?"

Danny: Mm.

Dean: And she didn't say. They can probably just check that the Kings didn't play hockey last night, or whatever.

Danny: Yeah, who knows? I use mine for ... I got outlets and I plugged 'em into the Christmas lights.

Dean: I have one. I haven't hooked it up yet.

Danny: Yeah, so I got the outside lights on it and the inside, so I can set different outlets in groups. So inside, I say, "Alexa, turn on the Christmas spirit." And the tree, and the lights that go over our mantle and everything all turn on.

Dean: Yeah. See? I'm gonna hook that up tonight.

Danny: Outdoors, holiday cheer.

Dean: Holiday cheer and Christmas spirit.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: Classic.

Danny: Isn't that great?

Dean: That's great.

Danny: Yeah. And my four-year-old gets fired up, "Alexa! Turn on ... What's it called, daddy?"

She goes, "I don't recognize that term." [Maddie 00:22:53] gets all pissed.

Dean: You gotta be kinda quick sometimes. Sometimes she's impatient.

Danny: She can be impatient. Did you tell her that?

Dean: No.

Danny: Yeah, yeah. Well, maybe you should.

Dean: I asked her -

Danny: Cause how does she know? Like, -

Dean: I asked her to make a sound a dog makes, and she started barking through the speaker, and my dog went ballistic.

Danny: Went ape shit.

Dean: Thought somebody was on top of the counter barking. His hair was sticking up, he was freaking out.

Danny: You have it on top of the counter? On the oven?

Dean: I have it out on our kitchen table.

Danny: Hmm.

Dean: Cause there's like an outlet right there, kinda just sits right there.

Danny: I put ours actually behind the TV.

Dean: Oh, nice.

Danny: So, it's kind of hidden, but it still works. You know?

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Like, it works great.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: There it is. Alright, well, I guess that might be it that we have for today.

Dean: Also, I wanna say real quick, bars are back in stock.

Danny: Oh, yeah. Bars.

Dean: Yeah, we just got a fresh batch of bars in. Both pepper ... Or, excuse me. Both the mint chocolate and the coffee chocolate.

Danny: That's good. My wife will be happy.

Dean: Perfect Christmas stocking-stuffer.

Danny: She would take 'em to work, cause she's a nurse. She works nights. So, she would take 'em there, and she'd eat 'em on her breaks and stuff.

Dean: Yeah, that's brilliant. It's a perfect two o'clock snack.

Danny: Oh, really?

Dean: My opinion.

Danny: Ah.

Dean: You don't think so?

Danny: No, I think a great two o'clock snack.

Dean: Like, you know that two o'clock lag in the day. You're starting to get a little tired, you just had lunch ... That kind of -

Danny: I sleep for half an hour, a cup of coffee, maybe a snack.

Dean: An eight-ball.

Danny: Maybe a snack, an eight-ball, [inaudible 00:24:19] ... You know what I mean? Or you go bar?

Dean: Or you just go with CK bar.

Danny: Yeah, you know what I do though is, I actually eat a CK bar, and I wash it down with maca, little high-low it.

Dean: Ah, maca. Maca? Or matcha?

Danny: I don't know.

Dean: Are you talking about the other stuff? The -

Danny: Yeah, the stuff you have to chug.

Dean: Ah, koala?

Danny: I think it's maca. Matcha?

Dean: No, matcha is the ... Basically, green tea powder. No, matcha's a green tea powder. It's got really good anti -

Danny: Oh, yeah! Kava!

Dean: Kava!

Danny: Kava! So, I go Kava, C and K bar. I high-low it.

Dean: Actually, speaking of matcha -

Danny: That's the ... I was matcha man [inaudible 00:24:54].

Dean: Matcha man ... Not as healthy.

Danny: No, not as healthy. He's into Slim Jims

Dean: Yeah, yeah. You gotta love to pick the Slim Jims

Danny: I love a good Slim Jim.

Dean: So, what would you rather have, Tijuana Mama, or a Slim Jim?

Danny: I don't think that's fair, cause Slim Jims are so much better. I think you have to say, "What would you rather eat? A Tijuana Mama, or five Slim Jims?" And you have to put 'em in a circle, so it looked almost like a canister for a Tommy gun.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You know what I'm saying? Like, you stack 'em all up like that, and you gotta bite into all five at once. And I think that might be fair.

Dean: So, if you haven't ... I think we talked about Tijuana Mama's last podcast.

Danny: Did we talk about how we ate Tijuana Mama's ... We went coffee-tasting, so we got about a thousand milligrams of caffeine in us in an hour, then had a Tijuana Mama, and then all of us hit PR's in our lifting sessions, and then promptly shit our brains out.

Dean: Yeah, it was a good energy source for a condensed work-out, like later in the day just to get it all out. Get all ... And your whole body shuts down.

Danny: We should make a supplement that has a thousand milligrams of caffeine -

Dean: And just grind it up.

Danny: And like 4,000 milligrams of sodium.

Dean: No, just take a ... We'll just start grinding up -

Danny: Tijuana Mama's?

Dean: In a bullet, when you take caffeine powder, water ... No, caffeine powder, PR blend, and -

Danny: Tijuana Mama.

Dean: Tijuana Mama, and you just blend it up, and then you serve it in like a Five-Hour Energy style container, and you slam it.

Danny: A couple trips to the toilet.

Dean: It's a little vinegar-y, spice.

Danny: Ugh.

Dean: It'd probably taste like one of those tequila-infused shots. Or no, habanero tequila-infused shots.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: You ever had one of those?

Danny: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Dean: Fuck. I had one of those not knowing what it was a few years back, and I just literally ... It was so uncomfortable. It was so hot. It was a joke. It was the biggest mistake. Like, your esophagus is just burning, couldn't even breathe. It was terrible. Especially when you're not expecting it, someone just hands it to you.

Danny: And you're out of their people?

Dean: No, yeah. And you're trying to like act like you're tough.

Danny: Like, "Oh, no big deal."

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: And you're sweating, sweating.

Dean: "No, I'm fine."

Danny: "No, I'm fine."

Dean: "Eh."

Danny: "I'm fine."

Dean: Face is shaking.

Danny: I get red, too.

Dean: Yeah?

Danny: Like, I get super red!

Dean: "Hey, Danny, you're turning purple."

"No, I'm fine."

Danny: That's right. That's right.

Dean: "That shot wasn't shit."

Danny: "That's what happens when I get fired up."

Dean: "You call that a shot?"

Danny: "That's what happens when I get ... Drink this weak-ass stuff here." Yeah.

Dean: Exactly. So, yeah, that was no joke. Yeah, but there we go.

Danny: There we go. Alright, now ... So, send us an email., all spelled out, and there we go. We'll see you guys next week.

Dean: Yep, see you guys. Later.

Danny: Oh, what's our jingle?

Dean: I don't know.

Danny: We need to write a jingle still.

Dean: Yeah. We'll come up with it for the next one.

Danny: If you wanna write us a jingle, go for it.

Dean: Yeah, write us a jingle, and best jingle gets a six-month supply of PR blend.

Danny: Oh! Contest alert! Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo -

Dean: We should actually post that -

Danny: Contest alert! Here we go!

Dean: We should post that on Instagram!

Danny: There you go. To write the jingle. Right? So, they just gotta do the words, cause obviously, we won't hear them sing it.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Or they can. If you choose to -

Dean: That's gonna be really hard with the title of the show. That's gonna be a really hard jingle to make.

Danny: We'll come up with one right now.

Dean: No, I wanna make it a contest, and have people -

Danny: Well, I'm just saying -

Dean: Write hilarious shit.

Danny: It's not that hard, you make it up.

Anyway, write up the jingle for the Gas Station Cappuccino, and we will send you six months' supply of PR blend coffee.

Dean: Yep.

Danny: Out.

Dean: Stay tuned for the [inaudible 00:28:29]. Alright, see you guys!

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