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Gas Station Cappuccino - Episode 4

Gas Station Cappuccino - Episode 4



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Dean: Probably I would have to guess maybe no more than 10 a day.

Danny: You think more? Now is that-

Dean: No more than 10 a day.

Danny: -10 wiping sessions or 10 passes?

Dean: Well, like, you know, 10 wipes until you flush that piece. You know what I mean? Let's say like maybe you might get one or two wipes per bundle.

Danny: Per go? Per bundle?

Dean: Depending on how nasty it is, obviously.

Danny: Right.

Dean: The first nasty one, you're throwing down.

Danny: Right.

Welcome to Gas Station Cappuccino by Caffeine and Kilos. I'm Danny Lehr, joined by Dean Saddoris.

Dean: Yo.

Danny: Dean.

Dean: Yes, Danny?

Danny: Let's get right into it.

Dean: On what?

Danny: Well, what do we got going on?

Dean: Well, we just had cake.

Danny: Just had cake. Birthday cake.

Dean: Birthday cake. Office party birthday cake, chocolate. Really rich.

Danny: Every single time we get a cake, Dean takes one bite, and he goes, "Oh, it's good." He takes a second bite and goes, "Ah, this is fantastic but too rich. I can't have anymore" and throws the rest of the piece away.

Dean: I ate the whole piece this time. My birthday, I'll eat the whole piece.

Danny: Yeah?

Dean: You know what's the best part about it too is I hate chocolate cake, but that's what we always get here. I'm a vanilla cake guy. I don't hate chocolate cake. I just prefer vanilla cake.

Danny: Good thing Kristen's not here.

Dean: Vanilla frosting, vanilla cake, or some funfetti or something. But chocolate cake is rich.

Danny: She'd probably be crying. She got you the cake. It was fudge-filled. It was like chocolate cake, fudge filling.

Dean: No, it was like triple chocolate. Quadruple chocolate.

Danny: It might have been quad chocolate because there was chocolate cake, fudge filling, and then there's two frostings.

Dean: It was like an outer frosting and an internal frosting.

Danny: Internal frosting. It was quad choc.

Dean: It was as much chocolate as you can get in one cake.

Danny: That is what you want to get for somebody.

Dean: Only thing missing was chocolate chips itself.

Danny: Yeah, that's true. Or like fudge pieces.

Dean: Yeah, yeah, same thing.

Danny: Yeah. The worst cake you could get for somebody who doesn't actually like chocolate cake.

Dean: "Don't like it" is the wrong word. I meant more like, I way rather have vanilla any day of the week.

Danny: It's not that I don't like it. It's just that I don't want it.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You don't like it?

Dean: I'm not gonna go buy it.

Danny: Yeah, well.

Dean: You know what I will buy though is I will buy Oreo ice cream chocolate cake. I'll do that.

Danny: Well, that's good.

Dean: Where it's like chocolate cake on top and then the Oreo ice cream underneath.

Danny: Oh, dual layers.

Dean: Like cookie and cream or whatever.

Danny: Yeah. Do you ever get those ice cream cakes?

Dean: Oh, all the time. We just had one late last week for Kelsey's dad's birthday.

Danny: Oh. What kind of cake was it?

Dean: I think it might have been from like Raley's or Belair's, but it was a cookies and cream, like I just said, the cookies and cream with the chocolate on top.

Danny: Did they get that for him because he doesn't like cookies and cream?

Dean: You would think. That's how cakes usually operate around here.

Danny: Yeah. "Hey, what's your favorite kind of cake so I know what not to get you for your birthday?"

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Fantastic. Now, while we're kind of talking about eating anyway, last episode we talked about training, what you like to eat before training, after training, that type of thing. It kind of leads me to competition, so there might be a difference between, if you're talking like a Crossfit competition compared to a weightlifting meet or a power-lifting meet or maybe whatever, a baseball game, if it's a big game, or something like that. Do you have kind of like a go-to meal? Or is there something the day before, the morning of? Do you have some sort of routine around what you eat before competing?

Dean: Actually, yes, more so now obviously. When I was a 77, I'm a taller person. I shouldn't actually be lifting in that weight class, never really should have. But I'm actually a pretty skinny, lean, kind of guy. At one point, I was competing in 77s, and I would kind of have to watch what I was eating going into a meet because I might need to lose a kilo or two at the time.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: I would try and eat, obviously like eating well a week before, a week out, so I wouldn't have to have some sudden drop-off, which is basically just keeping the carbs down and keeping the protein high and just basically not eating crap. Then I'd usually be just fine.

Danny: Day before, nothing special?

Dean: Day before, probably nothing's really special. Maybe lay off the water the day before and maybe just a chicken breast of some sort.

Danny: Try and get a little dehydrated heading into the comp.

Dean: Yeah. Then just hit it hard right after weigh-ins.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: Try and get a big sandwich or some Panda Express or something like high-fat, high-carb, high-protein kind of meal, just get some energy in, which sometimes can backfire on you, hitting you all at once, and you get kind of tired.

Danny: You know what I really like to do, the night before, pre-comp meal? Weightlifting or whatever. Pre-comp meal, night before, full rack of ribs.

Dean: Oh, so same thing every time?

Danny: Same thing every time. That's the theory. I'm not a nutritionist, but the theory is to a) get a ton of protein, ton of fat. And in the sauce ...

Dean: Sugar.

Danny: There's a bunch of simple carbs, sodium, some sugar. That's what I'm saying. Full rack of ribs, locked and loaded.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Ready to go the night before. That's a full-course meal right there. That's all of it.

Dean: Well, nowadays, now that I'm 85, when I'm competing, I pretty much can eat whatever I want because I'm usually a little under in that weight class.

Danny: Yeah, yeah.

Dean: I mean, we're talking like pasta dinner the night before, making sure I can get as much mass on me as I can, going into it, staying heavily hydrated, just so I just feel solid. I feel bigger.

Danny: You mentioned like get some mass on you. It kinda reminds me, the full rack of ribs and the mass on you, reminds me of my weight gaining plan.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Whenever you're trying to gain weight. People think-

Dean: Okay, yeah, go ahead.

Danny: They'll say, "I can't gain weight," whatever, and it's funny because the same guy who will make fun of people who are trying to lose weight. They're like, "Oh, well, you're hungry, just don't eat because you're trying to lose weight." But then they're trying to gain weight, and they're like, "But I'm so full." And I say, "Well, but just eat anyway." I don't care how you feel.

Dean: Even when you're full, you have to eat.

Danny: That's right. The weight gaining plan, right here, ready?

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Danny: Whatever you want to do for breakfast, that's your own thing. Just eat something for breakfast. Ideally, take about eight eggs, about eight eggs in a scramble, okay?

Dean: That's a lot of eggs.

Danny: Well, trying to gain some weight, dog.

Dean: What about like four eggs and four or five bacon?

Danny: I mean, that's what you could do if you're a puss.

Dean: So you're saying bacon's for pussies?

Danny: No, I'm saying why don't you do that in addition to the eight eggs?

Dean: So eight eggs and then four or five, six, 10 pieces of bacon?

Danny: That's right. Maybe a pound.

Dean: Just go full into cardiac arrest right there on the breakfast table.

Danny: Probably not right there. It'll be a couple years.

Dean: Maybe when you're like 45.

Danny: Yeah, all right, let me give you the partial [sand 00:06:45] weight gain plan.

Dean: All right, let's hear it.

Danny: Okay. So you go six scrambled eggs.

Dean: Okay.

Danny: Six scrambled eggs, four pieces of bacon. All right? Or eight, if you're not a puss. Then what you do, lunch comes around, and you walk your happy ass to Raley's. We don't actually walk there. That's gonna get weight off you. You drive there.

Dean: You gotta drive, yeah.

Danny: You park as close as possible.

Dean: And then you grab one of the carts.

Danny: You park in the handicapped spot. You deal with the ticket if it comes.

Dean: Which it won't.

Danny: Yeah, probably not, highly unlikely. And if it does, you steal one of the plates off the cars that are handicapped, pop it on the back of yours.

Dean: You shatter someone's window.

Danny: Bust the window and take the little hanger, yeah. Look, look, this weight isn't gonna get on by itself.

Dean: No, I gotta gain weight here.

Danny: I gotta gain weight, and besides-

Dean: Leave a note on their car: "Sorry, I'm gaining weight."

Danny: "Sorry, gains, bro." You know what I mean? Look, if they're really handicapped, they'll get another hanger. How am I gonna get one?

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You know what I mean?

Dean: It's a lot easier for them to get another one.

Danny: And they probably have insurance.

Dean: Yeah. It's good, guys.

Danny: It's not harm. It's a victimless crime.

Dean: Yeah, sure.

Danny: Yeah. So you steal the handicapped thing. Anyway, you park there, as close as you can. You get the electric scooter cart. Jam it on in there, and you go to where they have the rotisserie chickens.

Dean: Oh, yeah.

Danny: You buy a rotisserie chicken. You sit down, and you eat the entire thing for lunch. Okay?

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Then for dinner, you have whatever your wife cooks because, again ... or if you're not married, just whatever happens to be available. Whatever's for dinner is for dinner is what I'm saying.

Dean: Yeah, Pringles.

Danny: You don't worry about it. A couple tubes of Pringles.

Dean: A couple of leftover Girl Scout cookies from earlier in the year.

Danny: Yeah, some GSCs.

Dean: You know which ones are always leftover, I feel like, are the thin mint ones.

Danny: Everyone talks about thin mints.

Dean: You always have those leftover ones.

Danny: You know what I mean?

Dean: I still have a box that's like half gone.

Danny: Yeah, why only half gone?

Dean: Because the thin mint ones kinda suck.

Danny: Fucking thin mints, man.

Dean: They kinda suck.

Danny: Give me some snickerdoodles.

Dean: There's no samoas left around my house.

Danny: No, samoas are gone.

Dean: Those don't even make it out of the car.

Danny: The samoas, those are like the almond roca of when you go to family functions, like it's Thanksgiving and it's all set up. Those are the first candies to go. Everyone's like ... Oh, you're talking about that toffee tube. Those things are gone right away. You know what I mean?

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: The old rocky road candy that Aunt Flo made, that thing's sitting out for a while.

Dean: Did you know they changed the name to like caramel delight or some shit?

Danny: That's probably a knock-off.

Dean: No, I think they had to change the name because I think somebody was legit offended by the name.

Danny: By what name?

Dean: Samoan.

Danny: Oh, really?

Dean: Yeah, I'm serious. I think it really happened.

Danny: Who would ... I know some Samoan people, and none of them get offended easily, so that can't be right because the two or three people I know obviously speak for the entire culture.

Dean: That's true.

Danny: Back to weight gain plan, all right? Whatever, your six-to-eight egg omelet, four piece of bacon for breakfast.

Dean: Now it's an omelet, not even just eggs.

Danny: Well, I mean, you put the bacon in the omelet.

Dean: There's about four pounds of ground beef in the omelet.

Danny: Yeah, some cheese. You get six to eight eggs.

Dean: This meal's progressing. This breakfast is progressing.

Danny: Six to eight eggs and some bacon for breakfast. You want to go scrambled or omelet, whatever you want to do with it. You go omelet, you can have some cheese, get a few more kcals there. Anyway, lunch, rotisserie chicken, eat the whole thing. Then a sensible dinner. Here's the thing, say you get tired-

Dean: Sensible dinner, as in ...

Danny: Couple tubes of Pringles. Nah, just whatever, whatever for dinner. You don't stress out for dinner.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You front-loaded. You've already got about 5,000 calories in you, 4,000 calories in you by that time, so really anything on top of that is good.

Dean: I would probably vomit eating a whole entire rotisserie chicken.

Danny: You could do it.

Dean: I mean, I could do it, but I would feel like shit.

Danny: No, nothing about this feels good.

Dean: It's just like the texture, just like the slimy gristle and skin that's been sitting in the bottom of the rotisserie basket all day.

Danny: Well, you gotta eat that skin. Hey, Dean, you gonna eat that skin? "I just ate the whole chicken." Well, then obviously not.

Dean: It's like the old 96er on "The Great Outdoors."

Danny: You don't have to eat the bones, but let me tell you, that cartilage right there better go down.

Dean: Oh, God.

Danny: Good for the joints.

Dean: No, it is good for the joints. That's a whole other conversation about wings.

Danny: I love wings.

Dean: Another day.

Danny: Then there's one other little side to this is you ever hear the GOMAD? Gallon of milk a day?

Dean: I have heard that. Wasn't Buddy Hitchcock doing that for a while?

Danny: Oh, Hitchcock, yeah, dude, he's been on that and off that. He's a lactose. You drink like a gallon of milk and then just shit his brains out.

Dean: Sounds totally like a waste of time.

Danny: I was like, "Dude, you're at net zero at the end of the day."

Dean: Yeah, you're just going through all that shit for no reason-

Danny: Yeah, literally.

Dean: -because you're shitting it all out.

Danny: Exactly.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You're uncomfortably filling yourself with whole milk and then uncomfortably expelling it violently every day.

Dean: That sounds about right.

Danny: And then he'd be like, "Aw, man, that was rough." I'm like, "Why was it rough? Because of the bathroom?" He's like, "A little bloody." And he acts like it's normal. I'm like, "No, dude, because-

Dean: So he was hemorrhoiding?

Danny: Yes, because he's on the gallon of milk. Anyway, if you're not-

Dean: A butt's only supposed to take so many wipes a day before it's gonna start breaking down.

Danny: Yeah. I wonder what the over/under is on number of wipes.

Dean: Per day?

Danny: The tissues is like ... not the tissue paper, but the anal tissue.

Dean: Probably I would have to guess maybe no more than 10 a day.

Danny: You think more? Now is that-

Dean: No more than 10 a day.

Danny: -10 wiping sessions or 10 passes?

Dean: Well, like, you know, 10 wipes until you flush that piece. You know what I mean? Let's say like maybe you might get one or two wipes per bundle.

Danny: Per go? Per bundle?

Dean: Depending on how nasty it is, obviously.

Danny: Right.

Dean: The first nasty one, you're throwing down.

Danny: Right.

Dean: But you know, there's one that has a little something on there, you might run it back.

Danny: Do you fold or gather?

Dean: It depends on if the roll is off of the thing, I'll do like a wrap job.

Danny: Around the hand?

Dean: Yeah, spin wrap around the hand on the four fingers.

Danny: Real quick, pause. Oh hey, spin around the four fingers, that's classic.

Dean: Almost like a-

Danny: Aaron, you do the spin job around the four fingers if it's off? Dante? Everyone in here.

Dean: It's almost like an oven mitt.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: It's the most comfortable, and you can kind of maneuver your hand like in position, which you get really good at.

Danny: Oh, you leave it on there when you wipe?

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Oh, I go around, and then I take it off.

Dean: No, no, you leave it on.

Danny: Oh.

Dean: Then you can really get some force behind it.

Danny: Maybe you can hit the angle.

Dean: Yeah, it works well.

Danny: Totally off the rails. One little side note on toilet paper though, while we're on it, is-

Dean: I always keep stocked with wipes also, wet wipes.

Danny: Well, that's the thing, wet wipes, yeah. You get the flushable wipes.

Dean: No.

Danny: You just flush the unflushables?

Dean: Yes, because the flushable ones-

Danny: No shame!

Dean: The flushable ones suck. They're so thin, and they're useless, so you just flush the solid ones down, like everybody else does on the planet.

Danny: Flush the unflushables.

Dean: Nobody's throwing that shit in the trash can. If you are, you're a disgusting person.

Danny: What you do when you change diapers, because you just put it inside in the diaper and then you throw it away with the diaper.

Dean: You just gotta ... yeah. That makes more sense. But what are you gonna do? Have a basket next to your toilet where you just throw nasty shit-ridden wet wipes in?

Danny: Well, it's like foreign countries, actually, yeah. You go to Mexico, they're like, this plumbing is fucked, right? All toilet paper gets thrown in the waste basket. So I just flush it also.

Dean: That's disgusting.

Danny: But you're careful to ... Yeah, so little side note here I've been trying to get to, in the Caffeine and Kilos warehouse, in the bathroom, there is a role of joke toilet paper.

Dean: Still.

Danny: Still. You can't tear it. There's no way to tear it.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: But it looks like really toilet paper.

Dean: Yeah, and I think we've all fallen for it multiple times.

Danny: Yeah, so it's just sitting off to the side now, and about once every two, three months, I just pop it on because, give enough time for everyone to forget about it, or if someone is in the warehouse who's never been here before, I put it on every time.

Dean: Let's tell a funny story about John North and that toilet paper.

Danny: One time, I go in there. There's two toilet paper holders, and on one is the real one, and then one is the fake stuff, right? Or I make sure like an empty roll is on, but then there's a real one underneath it or something. Anyway, go in there, and then the fake roll is just like frazzled, like it had been rerolled on there, and it's a rough edge all of a sudden.

Dean: He wrecked it.

Danny: This thing is like fabric.

Dean: It's hard to rip. It's like fucking Kevlar.

Danny: We go in, like, "Hey, John, have some issues in the bathroom in there?" He's like, "Oh my God, man, that thing."

Dean: "I thought I was losing my mind." That's what he said. And he somehow found a way to rip it. I think he might have used that little tiny piece he did rip off because it was nowhere to be found.

Danny: No. Anyway, instead of a full gallon of milk a day, because that's aggressive on the weight gain plan, is I just go like a half a day. I figure if I get a gallon of whole milk and it'll last two days, I'm in good shape. Instead of GOMAD, I do like HGOMAD, half gallon of milk a day.

Dean: Yeah. The Louie method.

Danny: Louie method. You start it, then you back it off a little.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Call that partial send.

Dean: Partial send.

Danny: Partial send, right?

Dean: Technically, you're not actually doing the diet.

Danny: You're not really doing it. You know what it is? It's the type ... but if you say like, "Aw, dude, I just go through a gallon every couple days," that's one thing. Then you're still full send. But if you go, "I'm on GOMAD," and you walk in there, and there's more than half a drop in the bottom, they're a partial sending son of a bitch. That's what's going on there. That's what's going on there. Round these parts, full send only.

Dean: Yeah, full send sanctioned area.

Danny: Full send sanctioned area. NFPS. No fucking partial sends.

Dean: Nope.

Danny: All right. Yes, you go your own omelet, your full chicken, and then your half gallon a day, approximately, give or take. Then a sensible dinner. Now here's the thing: you might, say day three or four, you say, "But, Danny, I'm kind of tired of eating this whole damn chicken every day for lunch." Well, I've got good news for you. No worries. Next time you're in Raley's, there's the whole chicken. The next heater down is the tri-tips. Just hammer down one of those bad boys.

Dean: And the ribs.

Danny: And the ribs, so you can-

Dean: Well, the tri-tips are like a cool $20.

Danny: Yeah, but I'm saying-

Dean: That's an expensive lunch.

Danny: Well, you better be tired of that chicken.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You know what I mean? So if you're tired of the chicken, you can sub the whole chicken for a whole tri-tip, or a whole rack of ribs.

Dean: Well, you're also gonna get more protein per ounce out of the steak also though. So you can actually probably get away with ... and that's gonna add more fat too though.

Danny: Sure, but the whole chicken you get there is the thighs and the legs and the wings are pretty fatty. They're just the breast also.

Dean: I tried to do the tri-tip before.

Danny: The whole thing?

Dean: It's rough. It's hard.

Danny: No, this is an uncomfortable endeavor.

Dean: Yeah, no, for sure.

Danny: Make no mistake about that.

Dean: No.

Danny: But if you're trying to pack on the lbs, this is the way to do that.

Dean: And it's not as gross as just eating pizza every day.

Danny: No, that's the thing is the whole thing ... There's other stories, like this body [litter 00:17:38] stuff, they talk about taking a ... they get an extra large combination pizza, and then they get a small bottle of olive oil and dump it on top, roll it up like a burrito, and pound down.

Dean: Jesus. That sounds like a fucking nightmare.

Danny: Yeah. Here's the thing. Whole chicken, you're going, "Aw, man, uncomfortable." I say a large combination pizza with half a bottle of olive oil burrito-style, that's just fucking disgusting.

Dean: That's dark.

Danny: That's dark. That is dark. It is dark. That's like the depths.

Dean: That's like you're crying with every bite, sobbing. I remember I've seen a video-

Danny: You better get the wet wipes with that, I'll tell you. That's the whole thing. You eat a whole chicken, whole rack of ribs, whole tri-top. You know what? That's rough, and it's a lot of food, but at least your body can process that.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Because it's food, it's meat.

Dean: And you better be training your ass off, or else you're gonna be in for a rough-

Danny: You gotta get in at least one or two sets of squats per day.

Dean: Yeah, for sure. Yeah. I remember seeing a YouTube video a while back of, I believe it was Ronnie Coleman. He was eating a bunch of ...

Danny: Froot Loops?

Dean: No, it was chicken, but like chicken strips-

Danny: Oh yeah.

Dean: -on a huge bed, basically it was like a pizza tray covered in French fries. On top of the French fries was like chicken strips. He was just covering it in ketchup, and he was just hammering it down. He said he ate it every day.

Danny: That's the American poutine.

Dean: Yeah. He said when he was gaining weight, he was eating that every day.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: It was his bigger meal of the day. Obviously his breakfast was like 10 eggs soft-boiled, 10 eggs with a bunch of garlic powder and other shit. But then the lunch was like chicken strips and hella French fries. It was crazy.

Danny: Have you ever done like shots of olive oil?

Dean: I have not. I've done shots of vinegar.

Danny: Sometimes, like trying to weight gain or if you're following a strict macros diet, like you have some fat you gotta get into the day, but all you have left is fat.

Dean: Go eat some ice cream or some shit.

Danny: Proteins and carbs in that. What if you need just fat? You're like, "Well, eat a piece of cheese." Not any protein in that, right? So how do you get the just fat? Shots of olive oil.

Dean: Wow, just straight fat.

Danny: Or eat spoonfuls. I didn't really like the olive oil, but I eat a spoonful of coconut oil.

Dean: That almost seems worse.

Danny: It's a toss-up. You know what I mean? It depends on how many you need.

Dean: Does your coconut oil liquefy in the summer, in the cupboard?

Danny: Oh yeah. I don't know what the temperature is, but it's very-

Dean: It's not very hot.

Danny: No.

Dean: It melts at a pretty low temperature.

Danny: Well, you figure this. In your house, if you have central air and central heating, the coldest my house ever is is 68 degrees, and the hottest it ever is is like 78, right? But in the summer, it's liquid. In the winter, it's solid. So somewhere in that 10-degree swing is where it all happens.

Dean: Interesting. Yeah. I'm not drinking it though.

Danny: No, I'm not drinking it. One little spoonful.

Dean: Hmm.

Danny: No?

Dean: Nah, I'm good.

Danny: Come on.

Dean: I would just add the protein in and just do it anyways.

Danny: I think we gotta get a whole rotisserie chicken in here for you to hammer down.

Dean: I remember you told me that a while back, and I think I gave it a run. I did the steak too. I remember I was eating that for a while after you told me about it one time. It was probably two or three years ago. I probably lasted like two or three days.

Danny: It works. But you wouldn't eat them?

Dean: No, it was too much.

Danny: Yeah, there you go. All right, well, anything else about pre-workout routine?

Dean: Well, I mean, yeah.

Danny: Or pre-comp?

Dean: Like I was saying earlier, it kind of just depends on where you're at as far as your weight class and your body weight. Obviously, you want to eat as much as you can if you're allowed to.

Danny: Right.

Dean: Just kind of get that full stomach. You're gonna feel strong and feel good. But yeah, obviously, if you need to watch where your weight's at, it's a whole different ballgame.

Danny: Yeah, absolutely. And then I talked last time, I like to take a little nap, little pre-comp nap.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: I'll at least close my eyes for a little bit. It just, if nothing else, kinda clears your mind.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Or you almost get in that in-between state of like being awake and kind of sleeping where you're just dozing off.

Danny: You're there.

Dean: That's where you get the most recovery is that in-between state.

Danny: Really?

Dean: Yeah. That in-between stage, between asleep and awake, that in-between spot, that's where you get the most mental recovery.

Danny: I thought it was in REM. Not REM?

Dean: That makes more for like physical, like muscular and stuff like that.

Danny: Oh.

Dean: But I think, as far as stress relief and mental, that's where your brain's working the most.

Danny: If you're a-

Dean: Like when it's just going on its own.

Danny: If you are a sleep expert or not an expert, just know more than us, which that's not really tough to do that, anyway, if you're in that category, please send us an email at and let us know when do you recover the most in sleep, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Dean: Spiritually. Most importantly, spiritually.

Danny: Yeah, absolutely. All right, well, there you go. This has been another episode of Gas Station Cappuccino. We will be seeing you guys soon.

Dean: All right. See you, guys.

Danny: Later.

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