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Gas Station Cappuccino | Episode 6

Gas Station Cappuccino | Episode 6

Dean Saddoris: Hmm.

Danny Lehr: If you're an intermittent fasting expert.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: Email us

Dean Saddoris: I would like to hear your bullshit theory.

Danny Lehr: No. Let us know. Do people use intermit fasting as bulking and if so, how? Welcome to Gas Station Cappuccino. I am Danny Lehr, alongside Dean Saddoris.

Dean Saddoris: Yo. Here we are.

Danny Lehr: So, Dean I've got a question for you.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, let's hear it.

Danny Lehr: It has been eating away at me.

Dean Saddoris: Okay.

Danny Lehr: I thought this was a good time to bring it up.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, let's do it.

Danny Lehr: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Dean Saddoris: Well, I had a very unique morning. So, I was on my normal schedule. We were gonna go to Roaster Dave's-

Danny Lehr: You were constipated.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, exactly. From last night.

Danny Lehr: You had pizza last night also.

Dean Saddoris: No, I actually had Chipotle, so I had the opposite problem. The floodgates opened up. That's a whole other thing. But normally, I do four eggs, three bacon, english muffin. That's my breakfast.

Danny Lehr: You have an English breakfast.

Dean Saddoris: I have an English breakfast. Pretty much. A little bit of ketchup on the eggs.

Danny Lehr: Boiled meat.

Dean Saddoris: A little bit of salt and pepper-

Danny Lehr: You do ketchup on the eggs still?

Dean Saddoris: Yep.

Danny Lehr: See, I did as a child.

Dean Saddoris: I still love it.

Danny Lehr: Huh.

Dean Saddoris: Actually, I didn't do it as a child. This is actually something I've acquired as an adult.

Danny Lehr: The ketchup eggs?

Dean Saddoris: Yep.

Danny Lehr: If you're an adult and you put ketchup on your eggs, podcast@caffeineandkilos. Let us know.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, let us know.

Danny Lehr: I actually, funny thing, this morning for breakfast I had four scrambled eggs and three pieces of bacon. I didn't go english muffin, but I got a half a grapefruit.

Dean Saddoris: Oh nice. My carb intake, I need when I'm actually doing my-

Danny Lehr: Training?

Dean Saddoris: My proper training, nutrition, as far as for my personal goals, it's pretty high. So, I gotta get it in there ... It's every meal if I can. That's kind of where I'm at.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, gotta get it in.

Dean Saddoris: Shout out to Chris [00:01:59] from Five Star Nutrition

Danny Lehr: Shout out to everyone who's trying to get it in every meal, you know what I'm saying?

Dean Saddoris: I got a lot of carbs to eat. It's a mess.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, man. So, do you find most days you eat the same breakfast?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Well, I mean, to be realistic-

Danny Lehr: Two days a week you go to the Starbucks steak thing that you dip in the guacamole.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, yeah. That was a phase for a while.

Danny Lehr: For a while you also got in a phase where you got Chick-Fil-A for breakfast a couple days a week.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, I got in this phase where I'd go get the-

Danny Lehr: Chicken biscuits.

Dean Saddoris: Chicken biscuits, two chicken biscuits and they're so good.

Danny Lehr: Did you put ketchup on those?

Dean Saddoris: No I did not.

Danny Lehr: Huh.

Dean Saddoris: I just go straight on those, which is kind of a struggle cause they're so ... It's pretty dry.

Danny Lehr: Are they dry?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, well you gotta think about it. The biscuits, super dry. Then you've got breaded chicken on top of that, so it's a little-

Danny Lehr: Put hot sauce on it?

Dean Saddoris: No. Just straight up.

Danny Lehr: Cholula?

Dean Saddoris: It'd probably be better with hot sauce but then-

Danny Lehr: Next question. Cholula or Tapatio?

Dean Saddoris: Well, it depends on when you ask me that because if you asked me that five years ago, I'd probably say Tapatio, but...

Danny Lehr: I'm asking right now, Dean.

Dean Saddoris: So right now, I'd say Cholula.

Danny Lehr: Don't live in the past, live in the present.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, but I've had more years as a Tapatio fan than I have with Cholula.

Danny Lehr: I, myself, used to be a Tapatio man.

Dean Saddoris: I'm on the Cholula wagon now.

Danny Lehr: Now I'm on Cholula.

Dean Saddoris: It's better.

Danny Lehr: Once a week I go to breakfast with Buddy-

Dean Saddoris: It's more sour.

Danny Lehr: And I get the Cholula every time now. I used to be a Tapatino man. I went to my buddy's house and a friend of mine, and he was always Chippys. It was this Mexican guy and he'd always get just chips, like potato chips, Lay's, Lay's ruffles, whatever, and he'd just dunk Tapatio on them.

Dean Saddoris: Like pour on them. That's a thing. That's why them make them like that now.

Danny Lehr: So good. That's why they make them like what?

Dean Saddoris: They make Lay's Tapatio flavor.

Danny Lehr: No shit?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: Since when?

Dean Saddoris: Two years.

Danny Lehr: I'm not buying it.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, it's real.

Danny Lehr: Aaron?

Aaron: It's good.

Danny Lehr: You've seen them?

Aaron: Doritos too.

Danny Lehr: They make Tapatio Doritos?

Aaron: You need to try that. That's fire.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, Doritos and Lay's. Both.

Danny Lehr: Oh. Did you know ... Hot Cheetos.

Aaron: And Ruffles.

Dean Saddoris: And Ruffles.

Danny Lehr: Hot Cheetos. The guy who had the idea for Hot Cheetos is now their VP of international relations or something. Dude was the janitor when he had the idea. This is a true story. The guy, I don't know what his name is but we can look it up, the guy, he was a janitor for Lay's or whatever company makes Cheetos.

Dean Saddoris: Frito-Lay.

Danny Lehr: Frito-Lay. Janitor of Frito-Lay. Then one time, they said something like, "Hey anybody, if you got an idea, like let us know." Right, like that's type of thing, like just don't hesitate. So, homie doesn't understand chain of command, so he just straight up hits up the CEO. He's like, "Hey, I got an idea. Let's meet up," and the guy's like, "Uh, Okay. What's going ... " You know? Just totally out of line. The guy has no business doing this. And tells him, "Yeah, man. I really think you're missing out," and the guy's Hispanic background. Said, "I think you're missing out. The Latin market. A little spice in these Cheetos. I think it'd be great." Probably his friends with been putting Tapatio em' or something, I made that part up. The rest of it's true, the rest of it's totally true.

Dean Saddoris: No I did a lot of work with a lot of laboring-

Danny Lehr: So check it out-

Dean Saddoris: I thought it was a thing.

Danny Lehr: It goes more to it and so he said "yeah," and the guys like "give me an update on them and look into it a little more". The janitor's like, "Alright." So the guy goes home and tells his wife they're all fired up, they're in their kitchen mixing all these hot sauces onto Cheetos like trying to get these flavor profiles and stuff in his kitchen. Come up with something goes to this board meeting, janitor--

Dean Saddoris: With a bag full of salty,

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Like all slimy Cheetos.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, I don't know. And he's nervous as hell, has no idea what he's doing, bout to piss his pants, and presents the board, like yeah dude, this is what's going on. He did all this market research on Latin countries, preparing this whole presentation, no fucking clue what he's doing. Presents it, and they ask him some question, and he has no idea about business terms, like "What's the ROI on something?" He's like, "Aaaaaa...." trying to make up answers, like, what does ROI mean, no clue, right?

Dean Saddoris: One of the spices they used?

Danny Lehr: The Ro-ee? Yeah, like that. Goes the whole thing, anyway, obviously they bring it on, and he's like, this whole thing and it's a big part of it, and he totally, boom! Into the whole thing, worked his way up, now he's like one of the big dogs up there.

Dean Saddoris: Well, I mean, what was the last time you didn't grab Flaming Hot Cheetos over regular Cheetos, if you're buying any? If you have the option for one, which one are you taking?

Danny Lehr: Oh, I don't really buy Cheetos.

Dean Saddoris: Well, say there was a bowl out at a party. Of both, which one are you gonna dip your hands in first?

Danny Lehr: See, that's a loaded question, because once you get the hot ones, you can't go back to the regular ones; they taste like they have no flavor. You know what I mean? Once your palate, like, you can't cleanse your palate, you can't cleanse that flaming hot off.

Dean Saddoris: Well, it depends. If your party has, like, a little bowl of ginger to cleanse your mouth...

Danny Lehr: I was about to say, is there like a little glass of milk next to the ginger?

Dean Saddoris: There's a ginger dish.

Danny Lehr: Like sushi?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: Little ginger, little wasabi, and then there's these Flaming Hot Cheetos, the regular Cheetos, a gallon of milk with dixie cups, two palate cleansers.

Dean Saddoris: A little bit of sparkling water.

Danny Lehr: Maybe some apple cider vinegar? That'll clean you out.

Dean Saddoris: So basically, he's the Hispanic Good Will Hunting.

Danny Lehr: Yes.

Dean Saddoris: Is what I got from that. You know, just a nice guy, under the radar, but is actually brilliant.

Danny Lehr: So yeah, he's like a bigwig of the company. Kind of a cool story.

Dean Saddoris: That is good, awesome story.

Danny Lehr: So back to breakfast. Do you find though that most days you kinda eat the same breakfast, or you ... you'll go on little kicks though.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, but I mean most of the time though I'd say on a year-round average, I'd say four out of seven days I eat the same breakfast. That's a fair number.

Danny Lehr: You know, they used to say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but then now there's this intermittent fasting. So we're just baying the whole breakfast thing out. They would actually argue that breakfast is the least ... it's the most important meal of the day to skip.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, that's for what? If you want to get, like, shredded?

Danny Lehr: Well, you ask the intermittent fasting people, they say it's a cure-all. What, are you trying to get jacked, with the intermittent fasting?

Dean Saddoris: What does that do? Like, does that get your, what's it called ...

Danny Lehr: Rocks off?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, no, your metabolism. Does it get it to a point where when you do eat your food later in the day, that you dissolve it instantly, to get optimal growth? I don't understand.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, I don't understand either.

If you're an intermittent fasting expert, email us.

Dean Saddoris: I would like to hear your bullshit theory.

Danny Lehr: Let us know! Do people use intermittent fasting as bulking, and if so, how? And why?

Dean Saddoris: And what does eating like six times a day, not huge meals, it's gotta complicate everything.

Danny Lehr: You know what I really believe in?

Dean Saddoris: "You can't eat between six and seven AM or you're gonna be a pussy!"

Danny Lehr: No, everybody knows you just turn into a clam if you eat between six and seven.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, what is wrong with you, you eat in the morning? What are you, some kind of fucking idiot?

Danny Lehr: Hey Dean, what'd you have for breakfast this morning? Pussy!

Dean Saddoris: What's wrong with you?

Danny Lehr: What's wrong with you?! Ask me what I had. Nevermind. I was gonna do a "Your mom" joke there.

Dean Saddoris: You know what? Honest to god, at the end of the day, it's all about marketing your style or whatever's trendy at the time so that you can profit off of it, let's be real. All fuckin' diet fads are whatever's trending at the time...

Danny Lehr: I have an idea. I have an idea. Dean, you gotta write a book, cause then it makes it real. Dress up, make it real formal. So you write a book about the Chick-Fil-A breakfast diet.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, I should. Cause here's what it is: protein, carbohydrates...

Danny Lehr: Grease.

Dean Saddoris: What do you need to move around? Protein, carbohydrates.

Danny Lehr: Grease. Grease, to lube it up, slide it through.

Dean Saddoris: There is a little bit of grease in there, but it's like, you know what, you only live once. I'm not going to fucking eat like a parrot for my whole life, miserable and not enjoying food, because so-and-so wrote that I shouldn't. Go fuck yourself.

Danny Lehr: Do parrots get breakfast?

Dean Saddoris: Uh, probably.

Danny Lehr: I don't even know what goes on out in the wild, to be honest. I'm domesticated.

Dean Saddoris: But you know what I'm saying though, man?

Danny Lehr: Oh I know what you're saying. I know exactly what you're saying.

Dean Saddoris: I just kid. There's a difference between eating like a complete asshole and like, enjoying good food every once in a while. Obviously if you eat dog shit every single day, it's going to catch up to you health-wise and you might have some complications later on in life, but c'mon man. C'mon.

Danny Lehr: You know what I believe in? I think that you should eat, you should eat some food, should get some vegetables in there, or...

Dean Saddoris: Take a multivitamin.

Danny Lehr: Just get married, and then your wife makes you eat vegetables, just like your mother. And then maybe a multivitamin, if you like having green pee, bright yellow pee. And then you should probably eat some meat. Let's eat some meat, let's get some vegetables in that diet, and just a general kind of rule of thumb, probably less processed stuff is better. That's just a good kind of way to go.

Dean Saddoris: For sure, for sure.

Danny Lehr: And if you just kind of stick to those things...

Dean Saddoris: You're gonna be okay.

Danny Lehr: You're probably okay. And I'm real big on probiotics, I actually think it's really important, but here's the thing is I don't actually like taking probiotic pills, I just think you should eat some sort of fermented foodstuffs.

Dean Saddoris: Well yeah, probiotic stuff is usually really tasty.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, like, have some sauerkraut, have some kimchi, and you know why? Because it's just food. It's actually just old food, because back in the day, people used to do that. People used to eat old stuff. Anyway, it's good for you, get that bacteria. But it's like, if I didn't have any probiotics foods, but if I only ate meat and vegetables and not a lot of processed stuff, you don't need a bunch of extra probiotics, because your stomach's not all jacked up.

Dean Saddoris: That's true. Yeah, I don't know man.

Danny Lehr: Aaron, do you eat the same breakfast every day?

Aaron: Kinda.

Danny Lehr: Kinda. Noncommittal.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. I used to do a lot of oatmeal in the mornings, but then once I ran out...

Danny Lehr: Steel cut?

Dean Saddoris: No no no, I go Quaker's, the apple cinnamon but I do like, the low sugar one, which is like a third of the sugar.

Danny Lehr: Oh. You do the packets.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, I do the packets, but the low-sugar packets. Actually no, I think it's sugar-free packets. So it uses a little bit of artificial sweetener. I don't know what's in it, but it doesn't have any sugar.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: It's not that bad. I think that the benefits of the oatmeal outweigh the sugar issue. It's not like I'm eating, fucking, a bag full of skittles every night, like, and I'm drinking 50 sodas a day so if I have a little bit of sugar in my oatmeal I'm probably gonna be okay.

Danny Lehr: Yeah and also you're not a big skittles guy to begin with.

Dean Saddoris: I do like skittles but it's not like I'm buying em.

Danny Lehr: You prefer the little sour patch kids.

Dean Saddoris: Sour patch kids are good. I went on a little kick of those too for a while. But then like you just kinda start feeling like, your teeth kinda start hurting.

Danny Lehr: Teeth start hurting.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah its not good. Once your teeth start hurting from sour patch, time to give them up for a little bit.

Danny Lehr: That's how you know.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, that's how you know. Why are my gums bleeding?

Danny Lehr: I always wondered how you know. Like I've never been a big sour patch, I'm not a big candy person anyway. I'm more of like a chocolate candy stuff you know what I mean like that than more like the sweet kind of candy. But I've always wondered like say I were to get into sour patch kids, when do I know?

Dean Saddoris: When to stop?

Danny Lehr: When to stop.

Dean Saddoris: When your teeth start vibrating.

Danny Lehr: Shaking.

Dean Saddoris: You can just kind of feel them pulsating. It's time to put them away for a little bit.

Danny Lehr: Pulsating?

Dean Saddoris: Pulsating, yeah, like throbbing.

Danny Lehr: So the gums are throbbing? Cause the actual teeth those are pretty solid.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. But you can feel it in the nerve endings in your teeth.

Danny Lehr: My 4th grade teacher would tell us that, you don't want to brush your teeth? Don't. Ignore them, they'll go away.

Dean Saddoris: She's right.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, he was right.

Dean Saddoris: Oh, he? I thought you said she.

Danny Lehr: 4th grade teacher Mr. Comden, him and another 4th grade teacher at lunch break, they would go out and sit in a van and smoke cigars.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, cause that's a better alternative.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, yeah it was great. It was one of those things.

Dean Saddoris: That's funny.

Danny Lehr: Yeah man. Hey, so I got a, I just finished reading a book. It was actually a really quick read. I'm gonna do a little book review. I thought we could feature this every now and then. Not necessarily like on a schedule just kinda like oh you just read a book, like what did ya think? You know? Cause I like hearing about other books and what people thought of them.

Dean Saddoris: Okay.

Danny Lehr: So I read a book, someone suggested it to me. It's kind of like a self-improvement/business book type thing. It is The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. And here's the interesting thing, Mark Manson is the author I believe. And so it was good I liked it, what I liked about it is that there is a lot of, what do you say when something just ingrains your own belief? Confirmation bias. I had some confirmation bias so a lot of things he said I kind of believed in, you know? The premise of the book is this. Is that by not caring about the things that don't matter, it allows you to actually care about the things that do matter. Meaning, if you're all pissed off because whatever it's the same song on the radio every hour and you're sitting in your car and you're losing your shit about it...

Dean Saddoris: Well you're also the idiot that keeps listening to it every time every hour.

Danny Lehr: Well yeah exactly. But it's like, you know, little stuff that you know what I mean like if you're getting all pissed off about little things all the time then it's a waste of energy. You're using all this energy all pissed off about these things that aren't that big of a deal so then stuff that really matters it almost like makes it not as important because you're always all worked up about all this stuff. You know, and it's like you're all stressed out about these little things and so then the stuff that actually matters you don't really have the- basically you're all out of fucks to give when it comes to things that really matter.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: Um, so I believe that all makes a lot of sense and I think that there's definitely something to that. It sounds really simple, it really is but the way he explains things and describes things it's actually good, it was a pretty quick read. But here's my only problem with it, and maybe we can have Mark on to talk about it, maybe we should try to get him on. But so first, it's like a two part book. And so the first half of it, like the first 100 pages, like that's what the gist is. It was really good, the meat of it. And it was really good and I was like oh this is pretty good like I believe this I kind of live my life this way a lot of times and this confirmation bias is great. And then the second half of the book was where I have a little bit of problem with it. It's that he says okay what are the things you should care about or whatever. And he says in my opinion there are five kind of important things whatever. So in the second half of the book...

Dean Saddoris: So this guy is now forcing his opinion on which things are important on other people.

Danny Lehr: Well if you're reading someone's book that's all they ever do.

Dean Saddoris: That's true.

Danny Lehr: The entire book's their opinion.

Dean Saddoris: That's true.

Danny Lehr: But so here's the problem though, is I read the second half, and it's loosely tied into the first half. Like here's one thing, and then there's you know, 10, 20 pages on that and then the second part, 10, 20 pages on that. It's another 100 pages covering these five specific topics and then it has nothing to do with the book and then the last sentence it's like, this is why it's important to give a fuck about these things. You know what I mean? Or why it's important not to about other things because this is the type of thing that you should really try to do. They were all positive messages, but I just didn't see the specific tie-in, so basically that's what I think happened and email me if you've read it and if you disagree. Or if you agree, or if you know Mark Manson, maybe you should have him reach out to me. I'd actually really like to talk to him, be interesting. But so, cause I agree with everything he said, it was really just like two books in one. I think he wrote the book and then was like ah shit this thing's only 95 pages, so then...

Dean Saddoris: You can't sell this pamphlet.

Danny Lehr: Can't sell this pamphlet! Be good e-book, anyway. So then he just like expanded on other ideas, so it's like two books in one, which some people might say is bad ass, two books in one, but that was my opinion on Subtle Art of Not Giving a, and then it says F and there's an asterisk and then a ck on the cover. What are your thoughts on any of that?

Dean Saddoris: You know I'd have to read it to have a real opinion cause...

Danny Lehr: No no no, no no no, no no no. Give an opinion based on the second hand that I just told you.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, the second hand two minute review.

Danny Lehr: About two and a half.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, you know I would be interested to see, but I can totally, I understand, I feel like I can get a pretty good, by the way you explained it, where you're basically saying the first half of the book was basically...

Danny Lehr: The entire book.

Dean Saddoris: Was the entire book, and the second half was more just kind of talking about the first half and only just talking about things that he thinks are important that you should worry about.

Danny Lehr: Like his other ideas.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: It was like this, the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, is like 100 pages. Then there's a second book called like The Three Things That You Probably Should Care About If You're a Decent Human Being. And that was like a second book and then he just like put them together.

Dean Saddoris: Well that's that.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Yeah so anyway, the question is would I suggest it? I would say would I recommend it I guess? I would say if you are into this type of self improvement or like to you know, better yourself or want to get some opinions on it, I think it's good. I think it was a quick read but I think that looking back on it, I think there are a lot of other books you could probably read and get more out of.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, I mean, you know what? Like that's your opinion, that's fair.

Danny Lehr: That's not saying it's, it was good, I'm not saying it wasn't good, or that it wasn't beneficial...

Dean Saddoris: What might be more beneficial to somebody else?

Danny Lehr: And I'm glad I read it, it was worth my time. It was worth my time, I'll say that cause I just read it the day I got my vasectomy, I read the entire thing cause I was sitting down.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, I've seen some people post about it. You know what it is too about that book, is that it's very Instagram friendly book, which is genius by this guy.

Danny Lehr: Oh yeah take a picture of this thing.

Dean Saddoris: No, it's and...

Danny Lehr: It's great. It's a great...

Dean Saddoris: That's part, you know it's a... First off he's not writing these books for fun, he's writing it cause he wants to make money and it's a business, and so...

Danny Lehr: Right. Which is okay.

Dean Saddoris: Which is fine, you know and it probably helped some people, but it's also, he did a very good job...

Danny Lehr: I actually, someone recommended it to me cause they read it and they felt like it really made a difference. It was this girl, she's a little younger and she's just like kind of getting starting to read more stuff like this and so the first time she'd heard a lot of these ideas, or kind of seen these things really helped her.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, no, that's cool. That's great, and I think that's, yeah in fact like the whole marketing thing, it's like great Instagram post.

Danny Lehr: Oh yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Oh look what I'm reading, I'm edgy. I'm cool, you know what I mean?

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: I like the really heavy stuff like the guy at Starbucks, I read something about some employee at Starbucks would put the order sticker...

Danny Lehr: Piss in people's coffee.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, he would put the order sticker over the label on the Starbucks cup so girls couldn't take pictures of their frappuccino on Instagram, because the label would be covering up the logo and it wouldn't look as cool. So I'd be the guy at the bookstore, that works at the bookstore putting the label, the price tag on the cover and ruining the Instagram ability of the book.

Danny Lehr: Interesting about that is the theory that Starbucks is sometimes occasionally, they will spell your name wrong like way off, way off, so that you take a picture of it and post it, like ah this jackass, you don't know how to spell Dan? There's not a H in Dan, or whatever you know, and so people post that and it's like does that make you think less of Starbucks? No, you're just like ah, that silly guy, that individual employee who can't spell worth a shit. You know what I mean? And so it's like it's getting people to post pictures.

Dean Saddoris: I could guess it could probably be, maybe like a joke between like employees like hey I'm gonna write this guy's name like completely wrong, and then just watch him freak out.

Danny Lehr: Oh I'm in on that.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, you know what I'm saying? Like the social experiment. Just like see like the reaction from people, like come on you're making how many cups a day? You gotta make that fun somehow.

Danny Lehr: Should we talk about H.W. [Shakeum 00:23:23] autographs?

Dean Saddoris: No, let those ride. H.W. [Shakeum 00:23:29], we need to get him on the podcast.

Danny Lehr: We should get H.W. [Shakeum 00:23:32] on the podcast.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah we should. But yeah no, it's a, that's an interesting take though on the backs of the book, it's an interesting take. Maybe I'll pick it up when I'm using the restroom one night and finish it.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, it was like two day, like a day or two. Like 200 pages. Like I said, you know it's almost like now I should've said I highly recommend it cause I want other people to read it to see if they agree with my take on it.

Dean Saddoris: Interesting.

Danny Lehr: You're actually, you're reading, what book are you reading right now?

Dean Saddoris: Well I mean, [inaudible 00:24:06] my main book right now, I honestly haven't read in like probably a month, as far as like novel books, but I started...

Danny Lehr: Just graphic novels?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah actually it was a lot of comics. I read a lot of comics. I'm reading like ten different storylines from ten different types of comics, which is like, that takes up all my other reading time, you know what I mean? By the time you read three or four comics, they come out every Wednesday, you know you gotta pick up maybe three or five or six comics and then that's basically an hour of reading.

Danny Lehr: You buy five or six comics every Wednesday?

Dean Saddoris: Pretty much.

Danny Lehr: Where do you get them at?

Dean Saddoris: There's a comic store down the road from the warehouse.

Danny Lehr: Brick and Mortar?

Dean Saddoris: Brick and Mortar. I don't go online. I walk in the shops, no strictly...

Danny Lehr: The smell, I can smell the printer paper.

Dean Saddoris: No yeah, it's part of the experience, like you walk in every Wednesday, there's a cheap foldout table in the middle of the store with all the new stuff with a handwritten sign, "New Releases," and you go and you pick the ones that you...

Danny Lehr: Does it ever occur to them to get a new table?

Dean Saddoris: No, it's all part of the nostalgia.

Danny Lehr: You want the shitty fold up table?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, with the handwritten sign that was written in 1993. Like "New Releases" hasn't been changed.

Danny Lehr: Is the guy that run it, does he look like comic book man from the Simpsons?

Dean Saddoris: Oh my, not from the Simpsons, but like if you saw him walking down the street, you be like oh that guy owns a comic book store.

Danny Lehr: You know what? I haven't told you this, Solace, Solace New York. Cross with Solace. Our good buddy Kenny [Sentigi 00:25:28], next door to Cross with Solace is a hotel, but next door to that hotel, and I'm talking like big city hotel, it's not like a full block, it's like store front size. Next door to that is comic book store.

Dean Saddoris: Downtown Manhattan.

Danny Lehr: Downtown Manhattan, two doors down from Solace NYC, comic book store. Aaron and I walked right by it a handful of times, you might find this hard to believe, we resisted entering.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah that's a mistake. They're a lot of fun. There's usually some pretty good characters in there.

Danny Lehr: That's probably...

Dean Saddoris: The thing I think that's actually keeping these comic books afloat, actually no there is a, there actually has been a really big resurgence in comic book sales, but all the card games, you know Magic and you know Pokemon.

Danny Lehr: Magic the gathering?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah thinking like, I don't know the other ones, honestly I don't really know all them, but there's always people in there playing all these and buying all these cards still. The card games are like huge again.

Danny Lehr: Are there adults in there doing this?

Dean Saddoris: Oh yeah.

Danny Lehr: So there's adults in there playing Magic the Gathering cards.

Dean Saddoris: I'm not sure if it's Magic, but I think it's like one of those games.

Danny Lehr: They're not playing Pokemon or some shit.

Dean Saddoris: No yeah, but there's always like some kind of tournament or something going on or there's there buying more, like a couple guys playing. It's always going on. It's like a whole thing.

Danny Lehr: There's no way.

Dean Saddoris: I swear to God. They have a whole, like there's this place called Big Brother Comics downtown and they have literally half the store is dedicated strictly to these tournaments. Like it's like a glass room with all these tables in it .

Danny Lehr: Try and keep the nerd in.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, well they just want to keep it quiet so they can focus. Separated from the rest of the entire store, it's crazy.

Danny Lehr: There's an entire world out there I had no idea existed.

Dean Saddoris: I know you gotta get out in it and kind of explore these little subcultures.

Danny Lehr: I don't know if I want to.

Dean Saddoris: No, it's fun. But no back to the book thing though, I...

Danny Lehr: What if, what if, what if, they like lure me in? What if I go in and check it out and like I get sucked into it? And now I'm a fucking, I'm a card game nerd.

Dean Saddoris: Nah, there's just way to many, to many things with that. That's a whole thing. It's like years of collecting these cards just to even play.

Danny Lehr: But how do people, they start somewhere.

Dean Saddoris: Well yeah, if you want to drop like two g's on like a set.

Danny Lehr: You don't think they star at two g's, they got...

Dean Saddoris: No, they build it over time but like if you wanted to jump in and do it, you'd probably have to spend like, if you wanted to be like competitive, cause different cards have different value, as far as like damage or like whatever, like cards that are stronger than other cards right?

Danny Lehr: I wish you didn't know as much about this as you do?

Dean Saddoris: So people, well I mean this is just kind of general knowledge stuff, but...

Danny Lehr: Is it?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: Alright.

Dean Saddoris: If you're like into comics, if you read comics, you'd probably know a little bit about this stuff.

Danny Lehr: Okay.

Dean Saddoris: But uh, yeah, so you walk in there and there's cards for sale, $500 a card.

Danny Lehr: Shut the fuck up.

Dean Saddoris: Because they're rare, but they're also like worth a lot of like use in the game.

Danny Lehr: It's got a Ken Griffey Jr. Signature on it?

Dean Saddoris: No, it's got like a picture of a wizard like holding a fucking spear with his dick out, you know.

Danny Lehr: Same thing. The whole dick? Or just the tip?

Dean Saddoris: Just the tip.

Danny Lehr: Just the base, he's a full send wizard.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah full send wizard.

Danny Lehr: Full sends only.

Dean Saddoris: No, there's like some weird picture or like who knows what it even does, I just know that there's cards in there that I see in the counter for like $500.

Danny Lehr: That'

Dean Saddoris: It's crazy. No it's a whole... It's so funny how like we live in these little niche worlds.

Danny Lehr: Cause to them it's everything.

Dean Saddoris: Because to them, that's just as important as weight lifting.

Danny Lehr: It's like the whole E sports thing.

Dean Saddoris: They go to practice, game, whatever the hell that game's called practice instead of weight lifting practice, or crossfit training. They go to this place every day at 5 o'clock,

Danny Lehr: The nerd house.

Dean Saddoris: Play two, three hours of this game and then they go home. It's like we go to the gym, it's crazy.

Danny Lehr: Whatever people are into.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah whatever...

Danny Lehr: A seat for every ass.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah that's right. No, but I'm actually trying to finish the Game of Thrones first book, but it's just like, it's exactly like the first season to the T every word, every scene, it's just so exactly the same, it's just really hard to like dive in and like, cause I already know what's going on.

Danny Lehr: Put it down. Stop reading it.

Dean Saddoris: I'm not, I gotta finish it though. It's like 700 pages, like fine print.

Danny Lehr: And you're on page like 37.

Dean Saddoris: No I'm like on...

Danny Lehr: 39.

Dean Saddoris: No I'm about, almost to 400. So I'm like over the halfway point.

Danny Lehr: You're over the hump.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah so I gotta...

Danny Lehr: Bring it home.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. It's long.

Danny Lehr: So are you gonna go on to the second book?

Dean Saddoris: Probably not.

Danny Lehr: Shut it down.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. I'm not, I though I was, my whole plan was originally to watch, you know I've watched all the way up to the most current season, which will be season 7? I could be wrong, but I'm all caught up on the show, I've watched it from the beginning and I'm like you know what? Before the final season, I'm gonna read all the books. That was my goal.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Cause it's gonna be like 2019, cause they're gonna have to film it and get it done...

Danny Lehr: Not gonna make it.

Dean Saddoris: Well I mean, if I really wanted to I probably could. I think there's like five or six books? I probably could. I don't know if they're all as long as the first one, I think they're probably pretty close though. But, I just don't. That's just a commitment, I'm not gonna like, I want to switch it up too, I want to read something else. I've got some other books I just have sitting around that I haven't touched yet because this one's so damn long. You know so I dunno.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Hmm. There it is.

Dean Saddoris: The comic issue, you know, and then you've got the comic issue.

Danny Lehr: Yeah the comic issue. Okay well there it is. I've read, I think in 2017, I think I read like 32 books, and I'm going to place The Subtle Art of Not Giving a, I don't even know how to pronounce it. Like I want to say fuck but it does say F and there's an asterisk and a ck so I'm not really sure exactly how to, but...

Dean Saddoris: Fasterisk.

Danny Lehr: Yeah fasterisk. Out of the 32, I'll probably list it 30.

Dean Saddoris: That's pretty high.

Danny Lehr: No, no, from the bottom.

Dean Saddoris: Oh okay.

Danny Lehr: Like number 1 being the best.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. For some reason I was thinking yeah, yeah.

Danny Lehr: And that's off the top of my head, that's not even taking into account that I can't think of what the two would be that were worse. I'm just thinking like it can't be the worst book I've read all year. Cause like you know what I mean?

Dean Saddoris: Interesting.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, maybe you loved it. If you loved it or if you hated it, let us know. Podcast@caffeineandkilos. There we go, we got book reviews, we got breakfast advice, we taught everybody how to intermittent fast.

Dean Saddoris: Did we?

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Don't eat between 6 and 7 am. You know? Pretty simple.

Dean Saddoris: Exactly. It was that exact time and that's it. That's the whole thing.

Danny Lehr: You heard it here first. Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Don't pay any nutrition coach. That's all you need to know.

Danny Lehr: Yeah that's it. It reminds me of my wife said "I think after New Years," this was a couple weeks ago, she said "I think after New Years, I think I'm gonna go lazy keto." I said lazy keto, I don't think that's a thing. She's like "Oh no, that's a thing."

Dean Saddoris: Jess said this?

Danny Lehr: Yeah, I said Jessica, lazy keto, that's not a thing because ketosis is a yes or no. Like check a box. Is your body producing ketones? Yes or no? Like lazy keto I think that's just called low carb.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. That's funny.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, cause like she's smart, and she's like...

Dean Saddoris: She's confused... like the whole point, the whole, maybe I'm not saying this is the case, but maybe there's a slight chance she didn't realize that keto was short for ketosis?

Danny Lehr: No, she knows.

Dean Saddoris: Oh okay.

Danny Lehr: She knows. Anyway, that's fun. She's really like...

Dean Saddoris: Because yeah, that's the whole point of the diet is to get out of ketosis.

Danny Lehr: To get into ketosis.

Dean Saddoris: Get into it. Excuse me.

Danny Lehr: Correct. So I said I think lazy, I think that's just called low carbs.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, which is not a bad idea.

Danny Lehr: Which is fine!

Dean Saddoris: If you're trying to like...

Danny Lehr: Well that's the whole...

Dean Saddoris: Depends on what you're doing, what your goals are.

Danny Lehr: That's the whole underlying of this whole thing is honestly like I really don't care like, is that what you want to do? Then hell yeah do it! Sounds good, full support. You know what I mean? Like doesn't bother me, it was just kind of funny. I thought that was like a...

Dean Saddoris: Lazy keto.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: You know I'm gonna quit smoking entirely but once a day.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. One cigarette in the morning you know, just take the edge off.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah I quit smoking 6 years ago. I only have one a day.

Danny Lehr: Exactly. Yeah. I said yeah, it's funny we actually were joking earlier, we should make a t-shirt company that says ketoish.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, you know I'm gonna be soberish.

Danny Lehr: Soberish. Oh you quit drinking.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Well absolutely. Well now I only drink mouthwash. You know, a bottle a day.

Dean Saddoris: A bottle a day.

Danny Lehr: Just enough to take the edge off and give myself a stomach ache, and then I roll it off.

Dean Saddoris: I had a friend whose uncle was a recovering...

Danny Lehr: Was Kevin Gates.

Dean Saddoris: Was a recovering alcoholic, which this is really not that funny of a story cause its kind of you know, it's kind of sad but you know there was a time where there was like 3 bottles of mouthwash that just turned up missing, gone, and it's cause he drank them. It's crazy. I've actually experienced that situation.

Danny Lehr: People do that.

Dean Saddoris: I was like there only like what? Why would he do that? Oh.

Danny Lehr: Well this is why it's another example of why I just never have mouthwash in the house.

Dean Saddoris: Well that and it burns.

Danny Lehr: Cause I might, I might drink it.

Dean Saddoris: It just burns. It's so uncomfortable. You can get the stuff now that's like kind of mild, but then it feels like it's not doing anything. It's a kind of fine line between like you know when it gets in your cheeks though, you know what I'm talking about? When the mouthwash gets in your cheeks? And it's the most excruciating fucking feeling?

Danny Lehr: I know a guy...

Dean Saddoris: I'd rather get kicked in the nuts I think, then get that going.

Danny Lehr: Bars quit selling alcohol at 2 am, we were in Utah and bars were done selling alcohol so one guy was able to buy O'douls and kept buying O'douls near bear and just chugging them trying to keep his buzz. So he would buy 4 at a time and chug them all immediately. I was like what are you doing? You know there's not any alcohol in that. He goes "well shit! Theses are point 4% trying to keep my buzz!"

Dean Saddoris: We'll just give you a placebo buzz.

Danny Lehr: I don't, give you a placebo bloat.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah that's a lot of al... that's a lot of water.

Danny Lehr: Yeah it was incredible. Yep alright!

Dean Saddoris: Alright.

Danny Lehr: Now you're educated. Now you know what's up. Alright. Let's go everybody hey, I want everyone today lets go get a bottle of Listerine, start chugging.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah don't eat between 6 and 7.

Danny Lehr: Oh, we've gotta do the chalk! Next episode.

Dean Saddoris: [crosstalk 00:35:46] episode. Oh that is the 7th.

Danny Lehr: This is episode 6.

Dean Saddoris: No no no, that wasn't the winner.

Danny Lehr: What was the winner?

Dean Saddoris: The winner was for our Twitter pole challenge, which we will be posting up for the next episode soon, but it was, we both have to do a spoon full of coffee grounds.

Danny Lehr: Oh hell yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: I can't wait. Like the cinnamon challenge.

Dean Saddoris: But with coffee grounds.

Danny Lehr: But with more coffee like.

Dean Saddoris: The pure blend, we'll have to, yeah.

Danny Lehr: Episode 7, coming at you, episode 7, can't forget. A-Aron can't for get, coffee grounds.

Dean Saddoris: There it is .

Danny Lehr: There it is. This has been episode 6 of the gas station cappuccino, thank you for tuning in. Take a second and rate us on iTunes or whatever podcast app you have it does really help out. Those ratings really do help, we appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Dean Saddoris: See ya.

Danny Lehr: Shit.


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