Gas Station Cappuccino | Episode 7

Gas Station Cappuccino | Episode 7

Danny: I'm just curious. That's all I want to know.

Dean: Go on your phone now and Google Image "baker's dozen."

Danny: Why would I Google Image information? All right ...

Dean: Because you're scared of what you're going to see.

Danny: No, I know what I'm going to see. I'm going to see eggs. That doesn't solve anything. Here's my question ... No, listen. You go to the guy to buy bread. You say, "I'd like a baker's dozen." What does he give you? He gives you bread. You bought bread. You are so flustered.

Dean: No, I'm not anymore. I'm like ... I've never been so over a conversation before.

Danny: No, no, we're ...

There it is. Welcome to the Gas Station Cappuccino by Caffeine and [Kilos 00:00:36], episode number seven.

Dean: [Siete 00:00:40]

Danny: [Siete 00:00:40], for those of us who may be from Latin countries or European countries that speak Spanish, such as Spain.

Dean: Yes.

Danny: For example. Actually, you know, it's kind of funny. A good segue there. One of the things we're going to do today, we'll just do right now, is: I have the list of countries ... I took a photo one week, and then I took a photo the next week, and there is a change in the order-

Dean: The leaderboard.

Danny: The leaderboard of the countries that listen to us. So, there were ... Hold on here. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. 10 countries. Listeners from ten countries after week two.

Dean: Wow. Ten.

Danny: Now, after week three ... Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. 14 countries now after week three. We've added four countries.

Dean: Wow.

Danny: So, I am going to tell you number one and number two. All right? And this was from after week two. And then Dean will guess ...

Dean: Well, number one is United States.

Danny: [ding ding ding ding ding 00:01:45]

Dean: Okay.

Danny: That is correct. Maybe we get like a little crowd noise to play in there. Now, what is country number two?

Dean: There aren't a- No, I think you already told me. Germany?

Danny: No. This should be relatively obvious. Think of our sales.

Dean: Canada.

Danny: Canada. Great white north. And I will also say that one and two, between both of these lists, stayed the same.

Dean: Okay.

Danny: Now, week two. What is country number three?

Dean: Germany.

Danny: Germany. That is correct. However, ...

Dean: The Germans love their Caffeine and Kilos.

Danny: Yes. Now, here's the thing, though: week three, a country surpassed Germany. We had a change. Leaderboard mix-up for the three spot.

Dean: Lead change.

Danny: Lead change, and I will tell you this: I won't say which country it is, but they went from ... They actually increased by ... Oh man, they increased like over 200% what they were the week previously, I think. They actually tripled their old listening numbers. What country tripled their listening numbers to rise to number three on the leaderboard of Gas Station Cappuccino-listening countries?

Dean: Europe?

Danny: That's not a country.

Dean: Continent.

Danny: That's a whole ... There's a whole thing there.

Dean: Right. United Kingdom?

Danny: That ... [ding ding ding ding ding 00:03:11] That is correct; United Kingdom was previously in seventh place. Went from seventh up to third. Big jump there. I mean you triple your base. What do you expect? Just a base.

Dean: Yes, it's just a base. [crosstalk 00:03:27] And it's ...

Danny: It's ... Okay. That's a big jump.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Danny: Now, we know that Germany is then sunk to number four.

Dean: Okay.

Danny: Okay. And now, so, here we go. Currently, who is ... what country is just behind Germany?

Dean: So, this would be number five?

Danny: This'd be number five.

Dean: Five. Iceland.

Danny: No, wrong. The answer is "Other". "Other" has taken the five spot.

Dean: So what is ... I guess that's a mixture of like a mixed bag.

Danny: Yes, I think that's like if they just don't know what country they're from. Like if maybe the IP address ...

Dean: The software.

Danny: Yes, the tracking software.

Dean: Okay.

Danny: Okay, but yes. Got you there.

Dean: Man, that was a good question.

Danny: Well, I just kind of tell you what goes on here. After "Other", we then have Australia, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Italy ... Maybe your uncle?

Dean: Yes, probably.

Danny: Mexico. Maybe Jasmine is listening to us down there. So it's not actually a native Mexican; it's just one of our employees whose down visiting her family.

Dean: Yes.

Danny: There's no way. There's no way she'd listen to this show. She-

Dean: She gets it enough.

Danny: It's like my wife, it's like your fiancee; they hear this shit every day. Why would they listen?

And then, after Mexico is France.

Dean: [Francais 00:04:53]

Danny: And then Guam.

Dean: Guam. Isn't that a US territory?

Danny: Yes, I think so.

Dean: So, that wouldn't go in the US category?

Danny: I don't know. It's like-

Dean: It's weird because shipping, it's technically ... you have to use US as the country where to ship to Guam.

Danny: It's like Puerto Rico; they use USD, but then there's ... They're like a sovereign nation. I'm not sure exactly how Guam works, but I think it's like a similar type thing. I think they're like a territory or whatever. So, in Guam, do they use USD? Aaron, do you know?

Dean: I'm not sure.

Aaron: Mm-mm (negative).

Dean: All right, I don't know. I do know, though, that when we ship stuff out to Guam, they have the option to select Guam as the country, but then it doesn't work, and it says, "You need to change this to US." So it's like, "Okay, so why is the option there?"

Danny: Yes. Well hey, so we'd like some more information on Guam, and so instead of using the Google machine, maybe someone could tell us. So, you can-

Dean: Preferably one of our Guam listeners.

Danny: Yes, exactly. The only one. It was one. Number 14 spot, there was a one. One listener.

Dean: That's awesome.

Danny: Yes, a [Guamese 00:05:55] guy or girl. Send an E-mail to, or comment. You can comment on YouTube. We get those comments when this video goes up there. And now, speaking of YouTube comments, we have a new feature today.

Dean: [Ding ding 00:06:13]

Danny: YouTube comments.

Dean: YouTube comments, on fancy paper.

Danny: Yes. We came up with a real creative name for it. "YouTube Comments".

Dean: "YouTube Comments".

Danny: All right, want to guess what we're going to do during the YouTube Comments section, Dean?

Dean: Read a couple of them?

Danny: Read a couple of YouTube comments.

Dean: We don't want to read too many and sit here and just read comments all day.

Danny: Yes. Plus, there's only been two.

Dean: Exactly.

Danny: So, there's that. It's at, you know, three weeks. All right ... And they're from the same guy, but on different videos.

Dean: Yes.

Danny: So, this individual's name is "Fitnessyoucanlivewith". One word. I don't know if that's his first or last name. Not sure if that's his given name, if it's a Christian name, or if that's a street name.

Dean: It's probably a street name.

Danny: You don't think that's his Christian ... You don't think that's ...

Dean: I think that's the name that the streets gave him.

Danny: Oh, yes, yes. Do you think he's got the key?

Dean: Yes.

Danny: Key to the streets?

Dean: Key to the streets. Key to the city.

Danny: Key to the city. Prince of the city.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative). [inaudible 00:07:06] "Prince of the city." He says that?

Danny: No, there's those old mix tapes.

Dean: I don't remember those.

Danny: Those old-school Wiz Khalifa "Prince of the City."

Dean: Like pre-"Kush and OJ"?

Danny: Yes, like pre-"Kush and OJ".

Dean: Wow.

Danny: That's his ...

Dean: His is like starting out.

Danny: His sound's even a little different, voice a little deeper. It's like old listening. Great. They're actually really good.

All right, so. Fitnessyoucanlivewith. Mr. Fitnessyoucanlivewith, perhaps, if it's his last name, first says, on episode one, said, "I was laughing so hard at the pre-workout of pickled Red Hot and Caffeine." Now, I think he's referring to the Tijuana Mama that he hammered down.

Dean: I think Red Hot's another brand. [crosstalk 00:07:47] It's the same difference, right.

Danny: Gas Station closest to my house has them, by the way. I saw them ...

Dean: The Tijuana's?

Danny: The Tijuana Mamas.

Dean: Did you nostalgically buy one?

Danny: I should have brought the whole thing.

Dean: Well, no, you should have brought one for the kids.

Danny: Should have brought ...

Dean: Nora and Mattie.

Danny: Nora and Mattie. Nora could have had her first Tijuana Mama at nine months old.

Dean: I think it's a grand idea. Clean that up.

Danny: Clean that up. Exactly. Then he says, "When I was a kid, my sister and I were so into those pickled Red Hots. Sketchiest meat ever." Three r's in ever. Really means it.

Dean: [Buy fuel's PR's 00:08:22] RPRs. Good training. It was good training.

Danny: "This will be a fun podcast to listen to." And then an exclamation point, so he's excited. Now, on episode three, he left another comment saying, Mr. Fitnessyoucanlivewith, or Fitnessyoucanlivewith Smith, whatever his last name ...

Dean: We've only uploaded three YouTube ...

Danny: Only uploaded three. Just the episodes-

Dean: We're way ahead of the game here.

Danny: We're ahead of the game, yes. So, he said also, "man-ish hands," because remember: we're talking about on Food Network, there was the lady that has man-hands, and I couldn't watch her. It was like a Italian girl. Anyway, I couldn't like ... I can't watch it because she has these huge, disgusting man-hands. It was incredible. She'd like palm a basketball.

Dean: Yes.

Danny: She could probably palm a Swiss Ball.

Dean: I don't remember; did you say that they were thick and long, or just kind of ...

Danny: Mostly long. Long and slender.

Dean: Okay. Slender. I remember that, because Slenderman.

Danny: Yes, Thinman.

Dean: Yes. Slenderman's real.

Danny: Slenderman's real?

And so, "man-ish hands equals," her name is? Giada De Laurentiis

Dean: Giada De Laurentiis That's right.

Danny: [inaudible 00:09:28] So, Giada. That's right. I remember "Giada".

Dean: GDL.

Danny: GDL. That's probably what they call her. That's her street name. The name the streets gave her.

Dean: "Hey, nice to meet you. I'm GDL."

Danny: "Hey, what's up, GDL?"

Dean: "I'm going to crush your hands now."

Danny: Just engulf them. I bet if I ... because I kind of have smaller hands, too. I bet if I shook her hand, my hand would entirely disappear. [crosstalk 00:09:48] I bet she could ...

Dean: I'm going to have to just Google her hands. I'm sure there's like Google Images of people talking about her hands.

Danny: Yes, probably a lot of images of people doing this. That's not a very good for radio. I put my ...

Dean: Picture first palming three NBA basketballs in one hand.

Danny: A Swiss Ball is what it is. Like those exercise balls. The Swiss Balls. She's palming those things.

I tried to dunk one at the gym.

Dean: Just like palming an Atlas stone.

Danny: Yes, because she can get all the way around. It actually looks like she's holding marble when she's holding the Atlas stones.

Dean: No. I believe it.

Danny: Great grip strength. She probably uses Captains of Crush.

Dean: She probably does. Speaking of Captains of Crush.

Danny: Right. You've been working it?

Dean: Yes. Well, here's a thing: What's funny is that our coach bought a whole set, and that's part of our ... Actually out of our training program right now. Because part of the accessory is crushing the Captain's of Crush.

Danny: Really?

Dean: Yes. After the workout.

Danny: Why don't you do plate flips?

Dean: We do that, too. Actually, we do plate holds, plate pitch holds and then some grip work. So, we actually are implementing some light grip work once a week.

Danny: Really?

Dean: Yes.

Danny: Huh.

Dean: Yes, why not?

Danny: Why not? I can't think of a reason.

Dean: Actually, Ben ... my coach, Ben [Clara 00:11:02], he's actually a pretty firm believer in grip strength training. Every other cycle, we'll do some kind of plate pinch or something like that.

Danny: When you ... See, that can be helpful for lots of reasons. For example, when you're carrying the groceries.

Dean: Yes.

Danny: Okay. You go in one trip, right?You a one-tripper?

Dean: Yes, I'm a one-trip pony.

Danny: I'm a one-trip pony.

Dean: Yes.

Danny: Yes, me too. Now, when they used to not make us pay for bags, then it was like just load up the plastic bags, and it was no question: one trip, hands down, every time. Because I have yet to find ... I don't know. I did some research actually, and I could not ... I never found it. I was trying to find what is the maximum number of bags I could handle. Never found it. There was never too many.

Dean: Yes, if you want to go most bag as you possibly can, you got to go plastic.

Danny: That's what I'm saying: if you've got those plastic ones, because you could just ...

Dean: Because papers, the handles rip 90% of the time. If there's any significant weight in those bags ...

Danny: They shouldn't even put handles on them, to be honest. Yes, so the plastic ones are like ... there is no maximum number. You can just hold ... unlimited is the number. Because I tried. I just kept putting more and more, and I eventually realized that it was a useless game.

Dean: No, I mean there'd be ...

Danny: I never got to the end.

Dean: I would guess it would probably take 20 plus.

Danny: Per hand.

Dean: No.

Danny: I bet I could get ...

Dean: [crosstalk 00:12:21] You got one thing in each bag. It's going to take up ... It's going to come out and eventually ... It's going to ...

Danny: I bet I can do a baker's dozen in one hand.

Dean: 18? No, 13?

Danny: Oh yeah.

Dean: 13's a baker's dozen, right?

Danny: Oh yeah.

Dean: Aaron? 13's a baker's dozen?

Aaron: Wait.

Danny: He doesn't fucking bake. Look at him.

Dean: No, it's 13.

Aaron: I think.

Dean: For sure. It's one egg. It's one more.

Aaron: I'm not sure.

Danny: Yeah, that's what they say. [inaudible 00:12:45] when you go to get donuts here's your twelve and heres on for free. They give you the thirteenth one, I think that's why it's the bakers dozen.

Aaron: Oh yeah. I think the bakers dozen originated with eggs.

Danny: It's not called the chickens dozen. Or the farmers dozen.

Aaron: But you bake a lot with eggs. I think a bakers dozen came from eggs.

Danny: I don't think that's true.

Aaron: Like an egg carton. Yeah, for sure.

Danny: I think it's from the donut store.

Aaron: I'm pretty sure actually that they have a bakers dozen carton of eggs at the grocery store, and it's called Bakers Dozen.

Danny: Aaron, real quick. Will you grab us a bag of ground PR blend and a coupe spoons? It's prep.

Aaron: Maybe a bucket. I'm not swallowing it.

Danny: No you're not going to swallow it, they have no idea what were talking about at this point. So, what's going on, were going to tell them a little bit actually. We'll just let it hang out there. You really think it's from eggs?

Aaron: Yeah.

Danny: You know who might know? Kristen.

Aaron: Yeah.

Danny: Let's get her in here. Kristen!

Kristen: Yeah?

Danny: Hey, come on here real quick. We'll ask Kristen, she'll know. She's a wealth of knowledge. Hey Kristen.

Dean: Kristen, is a bakers dozen thirteen?

Kristen: Yes.

Danny: You've heard the expression Bakers Dozen, is thirteen right? Do you know where that came from?

Dean: Eggs, right?

Danny: Or is it because when you go to get donuts, or you go to the bakery, they give you a dozen and then they're like, and here's another one for free. Lie they give you the thirteenth one free.

Dean: Doesn't it pertain to eggs?

Kristen: Why eggs?

Dean: Because you bake with eggs, most of the time.

Danny: I know it's not a farmers dozen. I tried to tell him.

Dean: But when you go to the baker, what are you buying twelve of, besides donuts? Are you buying twelve loaves of bread?

Danny: Maybe a big family.

Kristen: I think when you buy a dozen they'll throw in sometimes the extra so it's a bakers dozen.

Dean: Well what are you buying a dozen of at the bakery?

Kristen: Donuts.

Dean: Besides donuts. Why wouldn't it just be called donuts dozen? When was the last time you went to the bakery and bought twelve of anything that wasn't donuts. Someone tell me.

Danny: Pastries.

Dean: When have you bought twelve pastries?

Danny: Every time I buy a pastry. Like bear claws. Are bear claws donuts?

Kristen: Cookies come in dozen.

Dean: You always buy twelve bear claws?

Danny: I buy twelve bear claws, they give you the thirteenth free, bakers dozen.

Dean: That's a donut still.

Danny: It's not a donut, it's a bear claw.

Aaron: Oh it is eggs.

Danny: Tell us, what does the Google machine say?

Aaron: It says-

Kristen: Where's Alexa when you need her?

Danny: Yeah if we had Alexa in here she would have cleared this shit up in no time.

Dean: Oh I already cleared it up 'cause I already told you guys it was eggs and that's what it is.

Danny: Yeah but it's not true. What's it say Aaron?

Aaron: Well it said King Henry III was so irked by that problem that he implemented a new law.

Danny: King Henry III.

Aaron: Standardized the weight of loaves. So in plain, loaves could result in jail time. Since bakers wanted to stay on the right side of the law, the common trade was to give thirteen loaves to any customer buying a dozen.

Danny: Oh, so it's not eggs, it's giving thirteen loaves.

Aaron: Yeah, but it's like eggs, like considering eggs. They make egg cartons thirteen.

Kristen: So King Henry-

Danny: No, egg cartons are twelve.

Aaron: It's thirteen ...

Danny: So maybe it's everything?

Kristen: Want to know the story?

Danny: Yeah so, King Henry III was, eggs or bread?

Kristen: Bread.

Danny: So King Henry III was pissed because-

Aaron: It's eggs.

Dean: It's eggs.

Danny: People were-

Aaron: It's eggs.

Kristen: No, the weight of a loaf.

Danny: The weight of a loaf.

Kristen: Selling puny loaves-

Dean: The weight of a single loaf.

Kristen: Can result in beatings or jail time.

Danny: So it's the-

Kristen: The bakers wanted to stay-

Danny: Okay.

Kristen: They didn't want to go to jail, they would give you thirteen.

Danny: A thirteen ounce loaf of bread instead of a twelve ounce loaf.

Dean: No no no.

Kristen: Thirteen loaves.

Danny: Thirteen loaves of bread.

Dean: Aaron, clear the set.

Kristen: Aaron, what-

Dean: Every single picture I'm seeing on his phone is of egg cartons.

Aaron: Egg cartons.

Danny: I don't know what to tell ... I understand that, I understand the picture of the egg carton, but I also understand the story about King Henry is thirteen loaves of bread, thirteen donuts.

Dean: No no no, that was the bread is-

Kristen: There's something about twenty pence makes an ounce and twelve ounces make-

Dean: It was so they made the right correct weight of the bread.

Danny: They made the bread thirteen ounces not twelve ounces.

Dean: No no no

Danny: Yes, that's how-

Dean: That's not what, had nothing to do with ounces.

Danny: She just said ounces!

Dean: They made the bread with thirteen eggs. Because, that's what made them the right weight of bread.

Danny: I don't think so.

Dean: So use thirteen eggs. That's what Aaron just said.

Aaron: Yeah.

Danny: I think you're-

Dean: So now you're telling him that's not what he said, while he's saying yes.

Aaron: I'm going to look-

Danny: I think that you're so caught up on this egg thing, that you're trying to fold eggs into a story that doesn't have eggs.

Dean: Then he was greedy.

Kristen: A dozen eggs from a farmer, a dozen steaks from a butcher, or a dozen pounds-

Danny: Here's my question. Aaron, did you or did you not say thirteen loaves?

Kristen: When a bakers dozen [inaudible 00:17:32].

Danny: This is probably terrible radio.

Kristen: I'm leaving.

Danny: It's alright.

Kristen: Aaron will figure it out.

Danny: Or not.

Aaron: It's eggs.

Dean: No I'm serious, we already figured it out.

Danny: Yeah but didn't you say the word thirteen loaves?

Aaron: Yeah, but it has to do with eggs.

Danny: But you said thirteen loaves.

Aaron: Yeah.

Kristen: No it has to do with bread.

Danny: Has to do with bread, thirteen loaves.

Aaron: Oh my God, I'm going to get annoyed.

Kristen: It's bread because they didn't want to go to jail if they didn't give you the full weight, the number. So they would give you thirteen.

Dean: We'll come back to it.

Danny: We'll come back to it. Hey, or write us in at or comment below. But anyway.

Dean: Yeah, Google Images, bakers dozen and it's all pictures of eggs in cartons.

Danny: Yeah, and then read the story and read about how it says the word thirteen loaves. You didn't hear him say thirteen loaves? He said thirteen loaves.

Dean: He said they-

Danny: Thirteen loaves.

Dean: Correct weight.

Aaron: Yes.

Danny: You didn't hear the term thirteen loaves?

Dean: I heard that they use the correct weight-

Danny: Yes or no, thirteen loaves was said?

Dean: But heres the thing-

Danny: No wait. So the answers yes!

Dean: No listen.

Danny: I'm listening.

Dean: No you're trying to over simplify-

Danny: I know exactly-

Dean: You're not listening.

Danny: I know exactly what you're saying.

Dean: No.

Danny: You're going to say they use thirteen eggs to make it the right weight.

Dean: They used thirteen eggs to make thirteen loaves so it weighed the correct amount so they didn't go to jail.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: That was the whole story.

Danny: You only use one egg per loaf?

Dean: Apparently that's what they did.

Danny: I don't know about that.

Dean: That's what the story said. He's refusing to like listen to the whole story and starts talking about the loaf part of the story.

Danny: No no. See I actually-

Dean: They're both part of the story, the eggs and the loaves.

Danny: I disagree with you 100%. I disagree 100% because-

Dean: Shocking.

Danny: Because I actually did listen to the entire thing. I think that you didn't listen to the entire thing.

Dean: No I did.

Danny: Because you're only bringing up the egg part.

Dean: No, I'm bringing up ... I just said the thirteen loaves from thirteen eggs. I just said that.

Danny: Right.

Dean: That's why I'm listening to both parts of the story. Not just one part.

Danny: So. No, I heard the whole thing.

Dean: Apparently they used thirteen eggs for thirteen loaves.

Danny: So you go to buy loaves of bread, during King Henry III, from the baker and they give you a bakers dozen. Thirteen loaves.

Dean: With thirteen eggs. They had to use-

Danny: Do they give you the eggs or do they give you the bread?

Dean: They use the eggs for the bread-

Danny: Correct.

Dean: So it weighed the correct amount.

Danny: Okay I believe that. I hear that part, I hear all that. I'm just curios, I'm just curious. This is all I want to know.

Dean: Google for it now and Google Image bakers dozen.

Danny: Why would I google image information?

Dean: Alright, cause you're scared of what you're going to see.

Danny: Well I know what I'm going to see, I'm going to see eggs, that doesn't solve anything. Heres my question. You go the guy to buy bread, you say id like a bakers dozen. What does he give you? He gives you bread, you bought bread. You are so flustered.

Dean: No I'm not anymore. I'm like I've never been so over a conversation before.

Danny: No, no. Were just 100% going in circles.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: The entire time.

Dean: I mean I've never ... Every time anybody has ever told me a bakers dozen, were referring to eggs. To me, oh how many do you need? How many eggs you need? Bakers dozen. It's thirteen. The actual Google image, "the" Google provided image for bakers dozen is a row of eggs. Not like a Google image, it is the Google image. It is eggs.

Danny: I don't think it's "the" Google I think there's multiple images.

Dean: Well no. Google actually gives you an image, their image, especially if like when you type in what is 15x15 on Google? Z

Danny: Oh yeah and it shows the-

Dean: The answer. When you do bakers dozen-

Danny: By the way that's a great picture.

Dean: They show you egg rows with eggs.

Danny: Interesting. I did not know that.

Dean: And Google rules the world so.

Danny: You just looked it up, that's how you know?

Dean: No because I saw it on his phone from across the room.

Danny: But you wear glasses, you're not wearing them now.

Dean: I guess maybe I was seeing things. Well [inaudible 00:21:14].

Danny: However now that-

Dean: Aaron's posting it where everybody can see it.

Danny: Yeah do it. Doesn't mean you're right. Anyway.

Dean: Cause Google is wrong.

Danny: No, I'm not saying Google is-

Dean: Or lying to the world.

Danny: I don't even remember to be honest. I think the whole ... oh where it came from. The question is where it came from.

Dean: I guess maybe where it came from, I don't remember-

Danny: But people use the term bakers dozen to refer to anything of thirteen now.

Dean: Mostly eggs.

Danny: Mostly donuts now.

Dean: Mostly it's a cooking term. It's a cooking term.

Danny: I refuse to believe that there is more than one right answer on this.

Dean: That's fine.

Danny: Alright. Hey you know what? Actually eggs, talking about nutrition, remember last episode. We talked about intermittent fasting.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: Intermittent fasting.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: So instead of eating for the entire 24 hour period, you just eat for, you have like a window. Like you have an eight hour feeding window or something.

Dean: So eight hours, you have to get all your food in.

Danny: Right, if you're doing the eight hour window. Or maybe do a six hour window.

Dean: So what's the benefit of different windows?

Danny: I think whatever your goals are.

Dean: Okay.

Danny: I know nothing more about intermittent fasting than I did last time we [crosstalk 00:22:30], but the reason I'm coming back to that, I there is nutrition in general, cause we were talking about what you eat for breakfast. And then we ind of said, basically really, if you just kind of focus on some simple thing, it's really not that difficult.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: So I just wanted to read through this real quick 'cause I think it's one of the things that people over complicate.

Dean: Right.

Danny: Because there's like, you couldn't even name, like it's impossible to name how many different styles or diets, or this is the right thing or that's the right thing. And so I was thinking about it actually this morning. I was driving in and I think it's so funny because there's all of these like, this is the only way ... Then what happens is usually what's going on is everything, part of everything, is right. But then because they want to sell a book, they have to claim it's the only right way. I don't even think that when people are writing these diet books, that they believe that everything they're putting is the only way. I just think that they feel obligated, like over push it.

Dean: Yeah, which you know is interesting, because you would think they might have more success with people trusting and believing it if it's a little bit more transparent. Like hey you know what, like this doe work, but there's also other options.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: I prefer this one for these reasons and with this information, with these facts, if this doesn't work for you that's okay.

Danny: And so an example is, like the Paleo guy, that whole thing right. Which heres the thing, at the base of it, there's really great information. It's like okay, you eat meat and vegetables and fruit, then you just cook those meat and vegetables, just cook them in healthy fats. Like that's it. And really if that's the only nutrition advice you ever do, just eat meat, vegetables, and fruits, and cook your meat and vegetables in healthy fats.

Like really, that's the best diet you could probably fucking ever deal with.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: But-

Dean: It's when you over complicate it that it gets out of hand.

Danny: Well now hold on. What about sweet potatoes? Well they grow in the ground, ah but you know paleolithic man whatever, this whole thing like you were there. Like you remember paleo ... Oh no. They had fire so they cooked them so obviously ... Do they have to argue this point because it's like, to sell this book I have to claim that this like end all be all thing.

Dean: Well so they're also trying to cover their asses for anybody that has any counter argument to their-

Danny: Oh yeah.

Dean: But it's like, is that really necessary? It's hard to say.

Danny: You want people to question a little bit.

Dean: That's true. No, for sure.

Danny: Well you should, but you don't. If you're the author, you're going to act like you don't or try to counter punch all these things.

Dean: Get ahead of it.

Danny: Get ahead of it when it's like really, people should be asking questions. You know? Or same thing like the Atkins diet. They caught all this flack for it and then it turns out down the road that there's a lot more right than wrong. But because he pushed so hard in one direction-

Dean: Atkins and Paleo is pretty close to each other right?

Danny: Relatively similar.

Dean: I mean obviously there's differences.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: There's also different extremes, extreme versions of each other.

Danny: Well in theory, paleo though doesn't limit carbohydrates.

Dean: That's true, it just limits like yeast based carbohydrates.

Danny: It's a 100% quality not quantity diet. Right?

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: Whereas Atkins is mostly the low carb deal. So then you also have people go the opposite way.

Dean: There's a lot of different names for low carb diet.

Danny: Oh dude. You go the opposite way and you have some people that believe 100% in quantity and they say that quality doesn't matter at all. Obviously that's not right either.

Dean: Will that fit into like a-

Danny: That's like if it fits your macros.

Dean: Yeah exactly. I was going to say flexible, flexible eating.

Danny: Flexible diet. Flexible eating. That whole thing. And so that's an interesting point too. It's like, well yeah these quantities all line up and like you're good to go. It's like yeah, but like, you really want to get like all of your carbohydrates from Sour Patch Kids?

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Makes your teeth hurt.

Dean: Yeah, I feel like there's got to be other ... Yeah, I agree with that. And obviously you can do whatever makes you feel good about yourself as far as like, oh well, as long as I don't go over this magic number and I can still eat junk food. I'm going to be fine. I find it personally hard to believe, maybe I'm wrong, that you get more or equal of benefits from eating some meat with fat-

Danny: Right.

Dean: Than you do from straight up just like fried chicken grease.

Danny: Right, yeah.

Dean: You know what I mean? I feel like I find that hard to believe. Maybe I'm wrong.

Danny: So yeah, you're telling me a piece of fried chicken, like deep fried turkey, so you just got like vegetable oil and you're deep frying this turkey in vegetable oil, like eating that or eating like-

Dean: A cup-

Danny: Turkey meat and some avocado or something or whatever.

Dean: Or you can cut-

Danny: Slice.

Dean: Of prime rib.

Danny: Sliced prime rib.

Dean: Yep.

Danny: Right. So like the macro are the Sam, really are telling me quality doesn't, you know?

Dean: Yeah, I find that hard to believe.

Danny: It doesn't seem reasonable. Like again, kind of back to the Paleo thing, it's like you're trying to tell me something that, something that was like made in a lab, you know what I mean? Like these fake sugars. Like that's a whole, get on the whole fake sugar's thing. That's a whole nother discussion.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: But where it's like, you know it's like Diet Pepsi and then you have the interesting studies that show that the diet soda drinks actually ... Like people who switched to the diet soda drinks, however it affects you, like it's not a weight loss thing. It's a weird thing where they, it effects your blood sugar the same. You drink a diet soda and your blood sugar spikes still.

Dean: Hmm.

Danny: Weird.

Dean: Interesting.

Danny: 'Cause it's the fake sugar. Your body thinks it's getting sugar so your body reacts as though it's getting sugar even though it's zero calories.

Dean: Interesting.

Danny: So you have those hormonal effect.

Dean: Yeah, I mean that makes total sense.

Danny: But it's zero calories. So it's like it fits in to your macros but then-

Dean: But it also fits in to your-

Danny: It can have this hormonal effect.

Dean: It also fits into your justification of reserve bank, you know what I mean?

Danny: Right. Yeah, you're going well, it's zero calories so I can drink it.

Dean: I can drink fifty of these.

Danny: Right, yeah, I know. Dude, I'm just going to say it whatever, I don't know how Jessica and them felt, its old news but when we first got married, diet soda right? Diet Pepsi is a thing right?

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: This was before I had the gym, before all that you know? We'd work out but you know it's different and whatever. Talking like two liter a day.

Dean: No.

Danny: Oh yeah.

Dean: That's a lot.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: But she just didn't really drink anything else?

Danny: Nothing else. And she was in nursing school so she was like actually for the caffeine in it.

Dean: It's actually really not-

Danny: But it's like-

Dean: That much.

Danny: Two liter a day. Well if you think about it-

Dean: Well it's a lot but it's like if that's all you're drinking-

Danny: It's not like six glasses?

Dean: Yeah, I'm mean that can go pretty fast.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: Especially if you're using like a big cup with ice. Drink two or three of those and then it's gone.

Dean: Oh wow so it was almost like a habit.

Danny: Dog house. Oh dude.

Dean: It's super ... I feel like diets-

Danny: Stunted is a habit.

Dean: I think that diet drinks are probably more addicting than the regular ones because they're sweeter.

Danny: They're sweeter and also-

Dean: Mentally more addicting.

Danny: Heres another thing. You drink a regular Pepsi and you know like, ah it soda, I should have that. If you might have one or two, and even someone whose in terrible shape and knows, and they just drink the soda, they still know it's not good for them. Like it's no secret that sodas not good for you, right? People pretty much know that. But they're like, I'll just have one it's no big deal, right? Or ill get the forty-four ounce or ill get the big dog. I'll get that and maybe refill it once that's kind of it.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You think you're only having one or two even if you're hammering down eighty ounces. Whereas the diet it's like what's your motivation not to drink more? Shit, zero calories. Says diet right on the label.

Dean: It's totally guilt free.

Danny: Guilt free.

Dean: To an extent. Especially compared to regular soda.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: You still know that fake sugar is not good for you and it does have a lot of history with cancer research and having being really bad for you.

Danny: The whole point of that is it just all loops back around to that quantity matters only and not quality.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: It's like, well there's a giant hole in that.

Dean: Or you can convince yourself of that.

Danny: Yeah. You know-

Dean: Doesn't mean that it's necessarily a fact.

Danny: Let me tell you this. Convincing yourself that's fun because you can eat all kinds of shit. You know what I mean?

Dean: There's the thing too it's like okay well you're body might not change physically, you know, like that you could see-

Danny: Right, what's going on.

Dean: But what's going on inside?

Danny: It's like smoking.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You know what I mean. Eventually your skin starts to get fucked, but like originally it's just like internal stuff.

Dean: Yeah, no it's-

Danny: You know?

Dean: Yeah it's a good question.

Danny: I forget who it is, what her name is, but there's a girl who preparing for a show. Like he's going to go to a bikini show, like bikini body building, right?

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: So I'm going to go step on, in this skimpy bikini on stage and be judged with my peers on how I look, right? Leading up to it, to kind of do a, if it fits your macros type thing like a test, she ate a full size Snickers Bar everyday. Every single day. For like the six weeks or whatever, four weeks leading up to the show.

Dean: Okay.

Danny: And then like-

Dean: So that was just a test?

Danny: It was just a thing like just proving like look, you can eat a something that's shitty quality, right-

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: And you can still look lean and cut and all that. And she did. She looked great, but the whole thing is though, how hungry would you be? Like think if you got however many calories that is, is like 500 calories or whatever you know, like how many a day is she getting in total?

Probably in that final stages of prep, like 1500 if that, right? So it's like now-

Dean: Very lean 1500.

Danny: A third of those, you're hammering out the Snickers Bar. The rest of the day it's like alright here's your two ounces of chicken and three almonds, you know, two cups of broccoli, but don't worry dog, tonight you get that Snickers.

Dean: Yeah I'm good off that.

Danny: Yeah I know that's what I'm thinking.

Dean: I want more chicken, something that's going to keep me filled up. Or some type of Tilapia or whatever.

Danny: Yeah I'm not eating like a parrot for the rest of my life, tell you that though.

Dean: Honestly I've never been in a body building show, don't ever plan on doing one either. But-

Danny: You should actually do the one with the board shorts.

Dean: Oh what's that? Men's physique?

Danny: I'm not saying you have tiny legs, but I'm just saying you have a really small waist-

Dean: Yeah I have a small waist.

Danny: You did the board short one, oh you'd look jacked.

Dean: Yeah. No I do have a small waist.

Danny: The only downside to the board shorts one is no one gets to see the outline of your dick.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Like in the Speedo's you get the nice mushroom tip lines.

Dean: Yeah, what a shame.

Danny: Know what I mean? How they going to know? How they going to know what you're working with?

Dean: Yeah poor audience.

Danny: Poor audience.

Dean: No it's a-

Danny: Never gonna know what their missing.

Dean: But like, I just don't, maybe I ... Someones probably going to call me like an asshole and I don't know what I'm talking about, which is probably pretty close to accurate on this subject-

Danny: This entire podcast we only discuss things we are of most certainty.

Dean: Yeah, exactly.

Danny: Factoid Nation, you heard it here first.

Dean: Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel like eating like that would really bother me that much if I had to do it for a show.

Danny: No, I'm with you 100%.

Dean: Honestly like, I'm not bad with like sticking to a diet plan as long as I've prepared myself to like have a way to go, like it doesn't really bother me. Like I eat shit I don't want to eat-

Danny: All the time.

Dean: All the time.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: So like-

Danny: Lie everything Kelsey cooks.

Dean: Oh I cook everything so. That's not entirely true. Pretty much. Anyways, I don't think it would really bother me that much to eat healthy for a how.

Danny: Well and if you know there's an end goal. I'm sure you're hungry. I actually have, I haven't done a body building show, but just some wrestling-

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You know, and I mean in weight lifting you got to make weight but that's like normally-

Dean: [crosstalk 00:34:14].

Danny: But wrestling there's times you've got to cut a lot of weight, whatever.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: And you just kind of know, it's like okay well for the next three days I'm going to be really hungry.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: And you just move on with life.

Dean: Well also get to a point too where you're so hungry that you're no longer hungry.

Danny: You know what it is? This is 100%, this is with any goals, nutrition is a great example. Any goals are successful or not if you make the decision ahead of time. So if you think, okay I'm going to eat healthy today, but then that's just kind of it, like that's just it, it's not like this is going to happen. It's like, oh I'm going to start, I'm going to get it together, and you come in here and someone offers you a cookie. Well your probably, you then have to exert will power in that moment.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: You're making, do I want this cookie or not? If you make that decision at that time, you're going to fucking fail.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah.

Danny: Like long term. You might have success right now, but then if every day, if every time your offered something you shouldn't eat, or you feel like it's an option, you make that decision every time, you're making that decision ten times a day or more, like eventually you're going to fail.

Dean: You're going to slip.

Danny: If you make the decision ahead of time, you go that's it, I'm done. I'm eating 100% of my diet, I'm only eating the food I bring, or I'm only eating whatever, whatever it is you just say I'm eating 100% clean. I'm doing that.

Then someone offers you a cookie, you're not even making the decision-

Dean: No, you're like I'm good.

Danny: Do you want this? No.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: It's not even an option. You don't even think about it. You made the decision yesterday, you made the decision a week ago. You made the, you know. And that's all goals, not just nutrition, that's anything. I'm going to start working out.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: And then hey, you want to go to the gym? Like you're not really sure. You make the decision I'm going to the gym every singe day and the times even better, if you say what time. Right now, for the next five days I'm going to the gym every day. Then it's not an option every day.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: You already made that decision.

Dean: It's already done.

Danny: Following through on decisions is way easier than making that decision every time.

Dean: Yeah, absolutely. And there is different personality types where this works better for others. Like me, I've never had any type of addictive personality and that goes for food, cause food is an addiction for some people, you know what I mean?

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: So it's, I've always been pretty good at basically if I didn't want to do something anymore, like for instance, honestly I use to chew tobacco and stuff.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: One day-

Danny: Which, is kind of awesome.

Dean: Yeah it's, well I loved chewing tobacco, I still would, I would still want to chew right now.

Danny: All the fun stuff is bad for you.

Dean: I know. And I've chewed for probably, shit, I would say probably close to ten years.

Danny: Yeah.

Dean: Straight.

Danny: Best ten years of your life.

Dean: Yeah, and then you guess what though like, I just quit one day. You know what, I made that decision, like you know what, I'm quitting chewing today. And then someone, hey man you want any of this? No I'm good.

Danny: No. Made the decision.

Dean: And not everybody can do that.

Danny: And you might want it. Do you want it?

Dean: Yeah, absolutely.

Danny: Yes I absolutely want it. But I'm not deciding now, I decided a week ago.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: That's why ever since then, you've only had a chew once a day.

Dean: No not at all.

Danny: I quit ten years ago and now I only chew once a day.

Dean: I quit cold turkey ten years ago, and I only chew on steak. Honestly I haven't touched it since I quit. Which I don't even actually really know how long ago it was cause I really don't keep track cause it doesn't really like control my life, but it's been maybe close to five years. Or four. That's not entirely true.

Danny: I'm going to tell you this and I don't think I've ever said this publicly before, but I don't care. I don't cheat on regular basis at all, right? However, let me tell you this. I'm up in Alaska and were fishing. One of the guys I'm with brings out a can.

Dean: Let me backtrack really fast. I'm in mind jail right now. I actually have chewed a couple times, not that bad of control, during golf.

Danny: Oh yeah, golfing. The one time with the cabin.

Dean: Yeah, yeah.

Danny: But same thing. Heres the deal, is like I don't have it, I don't buy it, it's not like that, but I'm up there, were going fishing, guide pulls out a can.

Dean: No.

Danny: He's like hey, you want a dip?

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Let me think about this, I'm knee deep in this river, reeling in 17 pound Salmon, fuck yeah.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: You know what I mean? Toss it over here.

Dean: When I was going back to that I meant more of like making you like going through-

Danny: It's all the habit. Like buying it. Exactly.

Dean: Once out of, I did do it a couple times.

Danny: Oh.

Dean: So actually it's kind of like. Just like we remembered that.

Danny: Well then you feel better, like wait, did I say that? It's not true.

Dean: No it's not true. But no, you get what I'm saying-

Danny: It's not a thing.

Dean: And nobodies perfect.

Danny: That actually feeds into your point even more is that you could even actually buy a thing of red man and you could have a dip that one day when whatever, we're up at this cabin, and then the next day throw it away and move on with life. Not even a big deal.

Dean: No, exactly.

Danny: You know what I mean? Alright, last thing of the day. Very exciting. On the Twitter poll-

Dean: Oh shit. Yeah.

Danny: If you voted, was it both of us or was it just one of us?

Dean: It was both of us.

Danny: Both of us take a spoon full of coffee grinds.

Dean: There was options for individual punishments.

Danny: Man I really thought you taking a bite of the chalk block was really going to be the winner.

Dean: It was close, I have screen shot proof of what actually won. It was like a 34% I think, win overall for the coffee grounds.

Danny: So we've gout our PR blend here-

Dean: Thank God, because biting into a bar of chocolate-

Danny: Chalk.

Dean: Or chalk would have been pretty gross. Especially since we only have used chalk here.

Danny: Oh yeah.

Dean: So it'd be like biting everybody's dick covered hands.

Danny: It'd be salty.

Dean: Dick covered hands. Sweat covered, dick covered.

Danny: Dick sweat covered hands.

Dean: I can't. Will you open this up? Man you're like the kid on the review.

Danny: I'm worse than the kid on the review.

Dean: What's his name?

Danny: Fantastic review. PR one. He gave it ten out of ten.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Big Bobby Gamer. Shout out Big Bobby Gamer on YouTube. Check out the PR review.

Dean: Strap in.

Danny: So.

Dean: It's a thrilling video.

Danny: I noticed Dean, you drank the rest of your coffee, I think that's, you may spit the grounds in there? I'm gonna see this through.

Dean: I did a bad job here.

Danny: Yeah well that's ... I like just the [inaudible 00:40:06] it tears open and like, ah I did a bad, that was terrible.

Dean: Okay.

Danny: So were going to do spoon full of grounds. I'm going to try to see, this might be like the cinnamon challenge. Are we going to be able to talk afterwards?

Dean: I don't know.

Danny: People this is such a big deal, but heres the thing at booths sometimes we just eat the beans. You know I had a buddy we'd go surfing, pick me up we'd go snowboarding, he actually goes spoon full of peanut butter, right like I need some calories, then he would dip it in coffee grounds.

Dean: That sounds delicious.

Danny: And then he would just like eat it. I'm on my way out the door like he was rolling out of bed only slept two hours because he was blackout drunk the night before.

Dean: Just gotta go catch some waves.

Danny: And was like shit I, yeah going snow boarding or whatever. So he'd get up, spoon full of peanut butter dunk it in his families can of Folgers and then out the door. He's a doctor now.

Dean: That sounds like a doctor move.

Danny: Yeah 'cause the type of person who'd do that is the same type of person who'd go to med school.

Dean: Yeah.

Danny: Seriously.

Dean: No, yeah. Kinda of running on fumes all the time.

Danny: Cheers.

Dean: Cheers, here we go.

Ah, shit.

Danny: Overwhelming.

Dean: Yeah.

Pretty good.

Danny: Tastes like coffee.

Dean: [inaudible 00:41:22] everywhere.

Danny: Mm-hmm (affirmative), I'm everywhere.

Dean: Don't matter if we don't swallow it.

Danny: That's all. You need a little liquid to swallow it. I tried, I was going to do like the cinnamon challenge, I was going to try to get it down without any liquid, no way. It was just sitting in there.

Dean: It's absorbing all of my saliva.

Danny: Yeah, my mouth is so dry. It's all over the table cause I tried talking and you just spurt it out. We'll have to have Austin clean this.

Dean: Oh yeah well there it is.

Danny: There we go.

Dean: There's your challenge.

Danny: Yep, alright. So.

Dean: We need another Twitter poll, I don't know what it's going to be.

Danny: Another Twitter poll what we have to do. There we go. A spoon full of ground coffee. If you are listening and think it didn't really happen make sure you watch the YouTube video so you can see us both just suffer and get coffee everywhere.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: Alright, well here we go. This has been an episode of Gas Station Cappuccino, thank you so much for tuning in. Make sure you subscribe on whatever platform you listen to your podcast and we'd really appreciate a review. If you don't like it, that's okay, you can write that you don't like it. If you do like it, you could write that as well.

Dean: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Danny: Just let us know. Alright? Alright. Thank you very much.