Movie Sequels That Are Better Than The Original | GSC Episode 16

Movie Sequels That Are Better Than The Original | GSC Episode 16

Danny Lehr: Welcome to Gas Station Cappuccino, by Caffeine and Kilos. I'm Danny Lehr. Dean Saddoris.

Dean Saddoris: What episode are we on?

Danny Lehr: Oh, they don't know.

Dean Saddoris: Regardless, doesn't matter.

Danny Lehr: This is the 17th one we've recorded.

Dean Saddoris: Got it.

Danny Lehr: The order in which it gets released ...

Dean Saddoris: Who knows?

Danny Lehr: ... Who knows?

Although, there's not really a huge reason for this one to be out of place, but you never know. Maybe we get a guest or something that's time-sensitive so it needs to be pushed up.

Like if we were to break down the 2018 CrossFit Open.

Dean Saddoris: Ooh.

Danny Lehr: If we're to do that then this episode would be pushed up to keep those timely.

Dean Saddoris: Very interesting. Like a full recap when it's all over.

Danny Lehr: Oh, when it's all over, do a full recap. That's what we should do.

Dean Saddoris: Let's wait it out.

Danny Lehr: Just wait it out.

Dean Saddoris: They're getting plenty of open podcast material.

Danny Lehr: Let's wait and that way, they'll just be absolutely sick of it by the time we even get to it.

Dean Saddoris: That'll actually be perfect.

Danny Lehr: Makes for good radio.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: A few minutes ago, Dean, I heard you in the kitchen, 'cause I was in the bathroom with a four-foot long level, trying to mount a one-foot long paper towel holder. I installed the first paper towel holder here at the warehouse. Decided it was time.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Two.

Danny Lehr: I put two, yeah. You know, I thought it might've been too much, seeing we went from zero to two in one day, but I figured just go for it. So I'm putting it in-

Dean Saddoris: We have them pre-installed in the outside bathroom.

Danny Lehr: There's one, it came with the building when we leased it?

Dean Saddoris: Came with the building.

Danny Lehr: At home we have those can crushers-

Dean Saddoris: Exact same one you bought.

Danny Lehr: Really? Those can crushers, the hand ones-

Dean Saddoris: Oh, you always charge those for the game when you move.

Danny Lehr: Oh, yeah.

Dean Saddoris: You never take those down.

Danny Lehr: When we moved into the house, there was one hanging up in the garage, and I remember I asked the real estate agent, I was like, "[inaudible 00:01:55] can crusher, that thing come with the house?" Yeah, "Pretty sure we have a deal".

Dean Saddoris: Why are those fun?

Danny Lehr: No need to negotiate. I know it's funny. We had a can crusher growing up, it was called my foot.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. I used to always use my neighbor's, 'cause I thought it was fun.

Danny Lehr: Your neighbor's foot?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Both. The neighbor's foot and the neighbor's can crusher.

Danny Lehr: Hey, get over here. I need to borrow that foot.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: So, I'm hanging up the old paper towel rack, paper towel holder, and I hear you in the kitchen complaining about something.

Do you remember what you were complaining about?

Dean Saddoris: I don't.

Danny Lehr: Tired of taking all these fucking things everyday. Sick of it.

Dean Saddoris: Oh, supplements.

Danny Lehr: What supplements you take every day that are rubbing you so raw?

Dean Saddoris: I know. It's really not that many. Actually, I take my creatine, glutamine, combo nat ... combination (combo nation), and fish oil, and then liquid vitamins.

Danny Lehr: Yo, liquid vitamins.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: Why?

Dean Saddoris: 'Cause they actually kinda taste good, and you just kinda swallow down. It's done, it's gone.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: It's just to break up all the other pill form stuff, I guess. Actually, there's only one pill. I only take fish oil that has any pill form, I guess.

Danny Lehr: I actually prefer liquid fish oil over the pills.

Dean Saddoris: Really?

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Because I think of it like this. What is the capsule made out of? I guess, gelatin or whatever.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: But still, it's like is that really necessary? I don't know.

Dean Saddoris: I do it because I know exactly how many I'm taking. If I had the liquid, I'd have to measure it out. It'd be a whole thing.

Danny Lehr: What I did is when I was taking, right now I actually have pills at my house, too. That's what's funny, but. When I take the liquid form, what I'll do, is say you wanna take a teaspoon a day, I'll just pour it into a teaspoon and just count like, "one-one thousand", and then I know that's about it. And I just swig it out of the bottle and just kinda do the old count.

Dean Saddoris: That's probably close enough.

Danny Lehr: That's what I figure, it's not-

Dean Saddoris: At the Arnold, I picked up a bottle for us for the booth.

Danny Lehr: Oh.

Dean Saddoris: Everybody. Three a day.

Danny Lehr: Oh.

Dean Saddoris: We start the day off right.

Danny Lehr: You gotta keep inflammation down when you work in booths.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. For sure. Knee inflammation, back inflammation.

Danny Lehr: Should we talk about the time where I started nearly fainting because I was taking too much fish oil on the road? Trying to offset my disgusting road habit.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. I remember that. I think you did talk about it.

Danny Lehr: Have we talked about it on the podcast?

Dean Saddoris: I thought so. Maybe no.

Danny Lehr: Every day we take our regimine of a handful, approximately a handful, which is about 12 or so, fish oil capsules.

Dean Saddoris: At one time?

Danny Lehr: Yeah. And then you take that along with, we'd also take Emergen-C, the Emergen-C packets, we'd mix up the Emergen-C packets and then we'd mix them with something. I don't remember what and then, probably orange juice or something, I don't fucking know. And then we'd also take approximately one serving, which was a handful, of fish oil pills. And we'd do that two to three times a day.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. That's a lot.

Danny Lehr: Gotta get the inflammation down, we were on the road. Look. When you're subsisting off tornadoes and gas station hot dogs-

Dean Saddoris: You're inflamed.

Danny Lehr: You are inflamed.

Dean Saddoris: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Danny Lehr: Yeah, and then I was coaching Clean and Jerk and all of a sudden, I started getting really light headed. Also, I'm looking around and going, "Why is it so foggy in here? Like what the fuck?" Is there a, I felt like a roll-up door was open. Fog was rolling in. I had no idea what was going on and I realized, it's not foggy in here, I'm about to go down.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. It's like a panic attack also.

Danny Lehr: So I got the fuck out of there. So I said to [Scott Asaka 00:05:16], I was like, "You're taking over right now." And then I ran outside.

Dean Saddoris: Well usually mass amounts of fish oil-

Danny Lehr: Thins the blood.

Dean Saddoris: ... and things that nicely dehydrate you.

Danny Lehr: Oh, I was dehydrated?

Dean Saddoris: With zero water.

Danny Lehr: And a ton of caffeine.

Dean Saddoris: And zero sleep and shit tons of caffeine, you're gonna get some irregular heartbeats. And you're gonna pass out.

Danny Lehr: Well, it's like the sleeping in the RV, you know.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, I wouldn't call it even sleeping though.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. And then it's like that day, too, we barely made it on time. We were stuck in traffic, trying to get to this thing, we were not gonna be late to our own damn seminar. So we hadn't eaten. I think at noon, we ate gas station food and then it's like, [inaudible 00:05:55], it was 10:30 a.m., we ate gas station food.

And then it's 5:00, and the seminar starts at 5:30 and we're just pulling up so we're slamming diet White Monsters.

Dean Saddoris: Oh, man. Speaking of that.

Danny Lehr: White Monsters, no food. A couple dozen fish oil pills.

Dean Saddoris: I took a sip of a White Monster at the Arnold-

Danny Lehr: How long has it been since you've drank White Monster?

Dean Saddoris: It's been awhile. I used to love them. I took one sip, and I instantly just felt sick to my stomach, the taste of it. It had nothing to do with the actual effect of it. It was more just the taste made me so sick. I took one sip and just put it down and gave it, just let it ride. Couldn't do it.

Danny Lehr: Wow.

Dean Saddoris: Could not do it, dude. It was so gross. I used to drink three of those a day.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. It's funny what you're used to. Like for a while when I was training-

Dean Saddoris: It's so so sweet.

Danny Lehr: Every Friday night, I would drink two of them. You're in training, during Max Out Friday, right? Now, I just don't. I'm not competing right now, so I don't have that need to get that-

Dean Saddoris: Take a sip of one of them like room temperature-

Danny Lehr: Why would you do that?

Dean Saddoris: 'Cause that's what was available.

Danny Lehr: Oh, you gotta ice it down.

Dean Saddoris: I even had the option between a nicely chilled one and this room temperature one and I was like, "You know what? I'm gonna go with the room temperature one".

Danny Lehr: You think it would've made the difference?

Dean Saddoris: It would've helped maybe, but I still probably wouldn't have finished it.

Danny Lehr: You should've chose the iced one.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Yeah. Geez.

Danny Lehr: So you're taking your liquid vitamins-

Dean Saddoris: Liquid joint boost also.

Danny Lehr: Liquid joint boost, liquid vitamins, creatine, BCAs, fish oil, what'd you say is mixed with the creatine?

Dean Saddoris: Glutamine.

Danny Lehr: Glutamine.

Dean Saddoris: There's also glutamine in my BCA's.

Danny Lehr: You take protein?

Dean Saddoris: No.

Danny Lehr: No protein powder.

Dean Saddoris: Well, not consistently.

I tried to.

Danny Lehr: Not a daily doer.

Dean Saddoris: No.

Danny Lehr: So you know what's funny-

Dean Saddoris: That comes in with the guilt of just not feeling hydrated enough to take anything else.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: You know what I mean? At some point, all that shit's absorbing, need to be absorbed in my body so it's like, "Fuck. I gotta drink regular water".

Danny Lehr: So you know what's interesting, right? It's kinda funny. First thing you said is, "I don't take that much." And then you list off six or seven things. But I understand because the grand scheme of things, that's not that many things.

It happened to me. I've had that same experience where most of the stuff, anything I take now is just the general health-type stuff.

Dean Saddoris: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Danny Lehr: Okay? But I remember being tested by USADA one time and when you get tested by USADA, you have to list everything you've taken within the last seven days, okay? Alright, tell me every supplement you've taken in the last seven days.

Okay. And then you start thinking and you're like, "I don't take that much stuff. No problem," but then you actually start listing it off and next thing you know, you're up over half a dozen things, not even. So I go, "At night I take this natural magnesium thing called Natural Calm, it's a magnesium supplement, helps you sleep. I take that. I take fish oil. Daily multi-vitamin." You get into, are you taking glucosamine, like Triple Flex, glucosamine, chondroitin and something else. A popular joint thing. So like that and then, are you taking an allergy medication at one point because the whatever, anyway next thing you know, you've got this list of 9 things, and you start off by saying, "I don't really take that much. Shouldn't be a problem", and then next thing-

Dean Saddoris: You do it at different times of the day, too. Space it out.

Danny Lehr: Creatine, BCA.

Yeah, exactly.

And you go, well I don't take protein every day but over the last 7 days, maybe I did take a scoop of protein.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, I've been slacking on my protein. I just feel like I'm eating pretty much right after I train at night, so there's not really a point for me to do it.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. I'm with you.

Dean Saddoris: I'm within like 30 to the hour. Actually, I talked to a nutritionist that works for UC-Davis and she was like, "Honestly, you have anywhere like between an hour and two hours and you'll be fine".

Danny Lehr: Let's get her on the show.

Dean Saddoris: She's not at the gym anymore. But I can probably get in contact with her.

Danny Lehr: Or do we not want anything to do with her?

Dean Saddoris: No. It'd be cool.

Danny Lehr: Did she leave on bad terms?

Dean Saddoris: No.

Danny Lehr: Did she leave the gym because you said something?

Dean Saddoris: No. Absolutely not.

Danny Lehr: You called her a bitch [inaudible 00:09:50]

Dean Saddoris: No. I probably should've.

Danny Lehr: That's what Ben said.

Dean Saddoris: No. Maybe we can get her on.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Let's get her on.

Dean Saddoris: She's pretty smart.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Just a little bit smart.

Danny Lehr: Call her up right now.

Dean Saddoris: On air. I don't have my phone.

Danny Lehr: Oh. Well, that's not gonna work then.

What supplements do you take that we should? Let us know. Email at

Or what's your favorite thing? We can say that. What is your favorite supplement that you take? Is there something you take you just love?

Dean Saddoris: [inaudible 00:10:22]Actually, I guess technically, I had to list caffeine. Coffee.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. There you go.

Dean Saddoris: In the morning. That's part of the supplement category.

Danny Lehr: Speaking of in the morning, have we told the people to make sure to sign up for Workout Challenge 365?

Dean Saddoris: Not enough.

Danny Lehr: Oh, man. If you have an Alexa, not you, Alexa off. Oh, it's all lit up now. It's all fired up. If you have one of those, Echo, Amazon Echo or Amazon Dock, sign up for the skill Workout Challenge 365 is the workout challenge you can complete while you're waiting for your pot of coffee to finish brewing.

Dean Saddoris: And it's free.

Danny Lehr: Yeah, it's free. And what it is, it's just a little, it'll probably take you less than two or three minutes.

Dean Saddoris: I would say less than five minutes.

Danny Lehr: Less than five minutes.

Dean Saddoris: Sometimes it can get a little, not long, but there's some things that you can focus on.

Danny Lehr: Couple minutes.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Couple minutes.

Danny Lehr: So it's just a little body weight, it's something you could do in your kitchen while you're waiting for your coffee to finish brewing. And it's in your flash briefing, so you say, "Hey, what's my flash briefing?", and they tell you the weather, they give you your little workout challenge you can do, just knock all that shit out, while the coffee's percolating.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. It's a no-brainer.

Danny Lehr: It's a no-brainer, that's what I say.

We got the fanciest coffee brewer that we've gotten yet and we can't get it to work.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, I think this next trial and error period of experiment with it, it's gonna be still not good enough. That's my, it's the last thing we can possibly do. I think it's still not gonna make it taste any better.

Danny Lehr: So it's a cold brewer. It's a cold drip brewer and it's got spirals, it's got ceramic filters-

Dean Saddoris: It looks like something you'd see in the deep woods of Virginia, moonshine.

Danny Lehr: It looks like a moonshine kit.

We do-

Dean Saddoris: Vertically, design.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Vertical moonshine.

Dean Saddoris: Not like on the ground.

Danny Lehr: We do, "This is how we brew it", we call it on youtube and it has, basically what it is, is we brew coffee doing different methods and it's always the first time or second time, it's kinda we're working our way through it together. So it's a good kind of, you know how does this brewing method go for someone if they're just trying it out. Didn't go so well with the cold drip brewer. Cold brew drip.

Dean Saddoris: It's just not good. It just tastes like watered down coffee.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. The first one was like tea.

Dean Saddoris: That one was really bad. The second one was like, getting somewhere but it looked, honestly when you looked at it in the bowl that it catches it in, it was actually fairly dark. You couldn't see your hand through the other side. And it still tasted like water.

I don't know, maybe it just makes it so smooth that you just don't really taste it that, I don't know.

Danny Lehr: Well, what we'll do, is we'll make it again and then we'll have someone chug the whole thing, let us know if they get fired up.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. I guess we're gonna have to do the Fine Grand, I think it's gonna be the last hurrah. And then maybe me might have to try and jerry rig it to make it work better, put a paper filter on the bottom instead of that ceramic filter.

Danny Lehr: Nah.

Dean Saddoris: I think maybe that ceramic filter's the problem.

Danny Lehr: You think so?

Dean Saddoris: I think it's just too dense.

Danny Lehr: Mm.

Dean Saddoris: Think about it. Not all of those ceramic filters can be made the same. You know what I mean? Maybe this one's just kinda clogged, like a bad cigar. You know when you get a box of cigars, they're not all gonna be rolled perfectly, there's gonna be some duds in there you gotta throw out.

Danny Lehr: So you think it's the ceramic filter?

Dean Saddoris: It could be the ceramic filter that's the problem.

Danny Lehr: It's probably the ceramic filter.

Dean Saddoris: I would assume.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Well, that's that. Cracked that code.

Dean Saddoris: Third time's a charm, though they say.

Danny Lehr: And the second one, wasn't on air. We didn't film the second one. [inaudible 00:13:52] The first one, we filmed the entire thing and then had to just bang it out.

Dean Saddoris: Second one, we just tried.

Danny Lehr: It was a waste of a day.

Dean Saddoris: We just actually tried on the second one. It's also a three, four hour process.

Danny Lehr: It's a whole fucking day.

Dean Saddoris: Which is ridiculous in itself.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Man.

Dean Saddoris: Speaking of seconds, I wanna talk about-

Danny Lehr: I would love-

Dean Saddoris: I wanna talk about what movie serieses are the number two movie the best? Out of like-

Danny Lehr: Oh.

Dean Saddoris: ... say a movie like Trilogy or, I got some off the top of my head right now.

Danny Lehr: I'm ready.

Dean Saddoris: We were talking about this at the Arnold. I think American Pie 2 is better than the first American Pie.

Danny Lehr: You think so?

Dean Saddoris: And I'm also gonna go with Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Danny Lehr: Terminator 2.

Dean Saddoris: I'm also gonna go with Empire Strikes Back, for the original Star Wars Trilogy.

Danny Lehr: Oh, I've got one. Rocky IV.

Dean Saddoris: Rocky II's supposed to be better. I think a lot of people think Rocky II's better than Rocky I also.

Danny Lehr: Well, Rocky IV's just the best one.

Dean Saddoris: Rocky IV's good too.

I'm trying to think of what number two movies are better than-

Danny Lehr: Yeah. Rocky IV. You heard me.

Dean Saddoris: Close. But I was thinking what other movies are there out there that might be better, that the second movie's better than the first?

Danny Lehr: I'm gonna flip it on you a little bit. Something that's kinda like what you're saying but totally different than what you're saying. Okay? TV shows, episode number two is always better than episode number one. 'Cause episode number one is always the pilot, which always fucking blows.

Dean Saddoris: I don't know, the Seinfeld pilot's pretty good.

Danny Lehr: That's the only one. It's the only one. 'Cause what happens, the pilot, the entire thing, they're setting up characters, they're doing the whole setting. So you watch the pilot-

Dean Saddoris: There is no set up for Seinfeld, that's probably why it worked.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. There's no premise.

Dean Saddoris: No.

Danny Lehr: Anytime you go to watch a new show, you just know when you watch episode one, you know it's the pilot, you're like, all right. I guess it's time to fucking learn about the characters and the settings.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: And then episode two, the story begins.

Dean Saddoris: That's true. I'm trying to think what other movies, trilogies out there, the second movie's better. Can you think of any?

Danny Lehr: No.

Dean Saddoris: What about you, [Eric 00:15:56]?

Camera man: Rush Hour 2?

Dean Saddoris: Rush Hour 2 was good.

Danny Lehr: Rush hour 2.

Dean Saddoris: I think that was comparable to the first one.

Camera man: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: I can go with that.

Danny Lehr: What about Rambo 2?

Dean Saddoris: I don't know, I'm not familiar enough with Rambo. I'm really not.

Danny Lehr: I really like-

Dean Saddoris: I know the second to newest one, though was pretty bad-ass.

Danny Lehr: I think it was in the second one, if that's the case, my favorite one, my favorite movie scene ever, is when he cauterizes his own wound.

Dean Saddoris: With that blade.

Danny Lehr: No, with that gunpowder.

Dean Saddoris: Oh, that might've been, the blade might've been-

Danny Lehr: I think it was 2, 'cause he's out in the desert. I think.

Dean Saddoris: That might be it. That might be Rocky, or not Rocky, Rambo.

Danny Lehr: The best movie scene in the history of cinematography is Rambo's in a cave, he's pinned down, and he's got this hole in his side, a hole right into his side. So he's like, "I gotta take care of this," so he starts packing it with gun powder. You're like, "What's he doing? Why's he putting gun powder in that open wound?" And then he gets a flaming stick, sticks it in there. [inaudible 00:17:00] Lights it up. Cauterizes his insides. And right there, I said, "Fuck. That's a man!"

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. That's dark.

Danny Lehr: And I thought, man. Someday, I hope to never have to do that.

Dean Saddoris: No.

Danny Lehr: But it inspired me.

Dean Saddoris: Anchorman 2 blew.

Danny Lehr: No.

Dean Saddoris: Hangover 2 was okay. It was the same movie.

Danny Lehr: Same movie.

Dean Saddoris: But the first one was better.

Danny Lehr: Well, because the first one was still, second one was, I don't wanna say played out, that's not the right term, but it's not original anymore.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. They tried to do the same thing. Same scenario. Same issue.

Danny Lehr: I know.

Dean Saddoris: It was pretty much a carbon copy of it. Oh, let's make money on this again.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. But you know, that's sometimes how it goes.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Anybody else has any ideas on a movie trilogy or movie series, that the second one was better than the first one.

Danny Lehr: Tell them to shoot us an email.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Shoot us an email at

Danny Lehr: The other day, [inaudible 00:18:04]

Dean Saddoris: I think that one was over.

Danny Lehr: I went to send a text and my keyboard was stuck in the emojis. It was one of those things that I like, exited out of messenger and opened it up again and then I was okay. Whatever. Keyboard was stuck in emojis. And it kept going to the 'recents' tab, and I started thinking, and I thought you would actually like this, you might have the answer here, or have some input. How much do you think you'd learn about somebody if all you know is their recent emojis?

You get someone's phone in your hands, and you see one thing. All you see is somebody's most recently, or most common used emojis.

Dean Saddoris: You'd get a good picture of their sense of humor, if they even have on or not.

Danny Lehr: Why what's going on here, is this guy just doing crying guy all the time, 'cause I don't really understand what's going, or like or is it a lot of eggplants?

Dean Saddoris: Is there a lot of eggplants, is there a lot of 100's. Is there a lot of fingers-

Danny Lehr: Like fist pump.

Dean Saddoris: ... I use a lot of the hand gestures. Like the rock and roll. I use a lot.

Danny Lehr: Oh, yeah. Rock on.

Dean Saddoris: I use the Star Trek one a lot.

Danny Lehr: Oh, I've never used that one.

Dean Saddoris: I use the thumbs up, I use the-

Danny Lehr: You'll hang loose?

Dean Saddoris: Honestly, I don't use hang loose much.

Danny Lehr: I'm gonna start using hang loose now that I bought some fucking [inaudible 00:19:18].

Dean Saddoris: Instead of the hang loose, I do rock hands. I use the rock hands a lot.

Danny Lehr: I go this guy, I go hands up celebrating a lot.

Dean Saddoris: That one's good.

Danny Lehr: Wooh!

Dean Saddoris: Also, I'll do the, I think it's supposed to be hands clapping, but I call it the praying hands. I don't even know if that's what it's supposed to be.

Danny Lehr: No, I think it is, I think it's supposed to be like, "Oh, thank you. Like bowing".

Dean Saddoris: I've been told differently. I heard it's supposed to be like a high five.

Danny Lehr: Oh, shit. I've never seen it used that way.

Dean Saddoris: I use it as praying hands, but I've also heard it's high five.

Danny Lehr: I've only seen it as praying hands.

Dean Saddoris: We'll have to look it up.

Danny Lehr: I like doing the shaking hands, like hi.

Dean Saddoris: That one's cool, too.

Danny Lehr: ... the shaking ones sometimes.

Dean Saddoris: I think I use mostly hand gestures so ...

Danny Lehr: You know what I've been doing lately is for keys, if I'm saying, "Oh, snatch hundred keys", or whatever. All right. The keys to the street. Instead of using the standard door key, I've been using piano keys.

Dean Saddoris: Oh.

Danny Lehr: Right? Plot twist. Never saw that coming.

Dean Saddoris: Now do you use the gold key or do you use the old school key?

Danny Lehr: I use the piano keys.

Dean Saddoris: Well, I mean if you're gonna use the actual key, like a-

Danny Lehr: Whichever one I find first, because I say this all the time, I feel like half the time I spend looking at my phone, I'm looking for the one fucking emoji that I know is in there, but can't find.

Dean Saddoris: I pretty much try and stick to my recents. I probably use the same ones over and over again.

Danny Lehr: Somehow I get an idea, I'm like, "Oh, I wanna use that one", and then I know it's in there and then I'm just searching for it.

Dean Saddoris: I feel like 98% of my emoji usage is via DM.

Danny Lehr: Oh, yeah. Eggplants.

Dean Saddoris: Not really as much-

Danny Lehr: Eggplants.

Dean Saddoris: No, mostly just the hand stuff.

Danny Lehr: No, no. Just hand stuff.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. So it's a ... Yeah.

Danny Lehr: Man. There you go. Who knew?

Dean Saddoris: Emojis.

Danny Lehr: Emojis.

Dean Saddoris: Emoji movie.

I think that got a 3 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Danny Lehr: They actually made one?

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: No.

Dean Saddoris: There was an emoji movie. I don't think it was Pixar, but it was somebody and they failed at it miserably. It was terrible.

Danny Lehr: Sounds like an awful idea.

Dean Saddoris: I've heard worse.

Danny Lehr: Tell me. You ever seen Bubba Ho-Tep?

Dean Saddoris: I have.

Danny Lehr: Bubba Ho-Tep is the best bad movie ever.

Dean Saddoris: I saw Bubba Ho-Tep at The Tower Theater in downtown Sacramento.

Danny Lehr: Kinda the same thing, but it was in Modesto but at the State Theater. Old school, one screen, the whole thing.

Dean Saddoris: That's what this is.

Danny Lehr: I don't know why I went to, somebody must've told me it was good or it, I don't know what drove me.

Dean Saddoris: I think it was kind of a thing, because I think a few people have seen it.

Danny Lehr: I think what happened was this. Somebody heard about it or saw it, and they're like, "This is fucking awful", everybody they knew, they said, "You gotta go see this shit show."

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. It was a African-American JFK, and a Elvis Presley.

Danny Lehr: It was Elvis, yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Elvis and the guy that thought he was JFK, or was he actually JFK?

Danny Lehr: It's unclear-

Dean Saddoris: Maybe they both thought that they were these people, but they actually weren't, 'cause they were just old.

Danny Lehr: And they fight zombies.

Dean Saddoris: There was a mummy.

Danny Lehr: Nah, they team up and fight mummies.

Dean Saddoris: A mummy.

Danny Lehr: They fight a mummy.

Dean Saddoris: It was one mummy, that was-

Danny Lehr: ... wreaking havoc all over town.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. It was killing everybody at the old folks' home.

Danny Lehr: And so the old Elvis and old JFK, and they go, they fight him head-to-head.

Who was in a wheelchair? Was JFK in a wheelchair?

Dean Saddoris: I think JFK was in the wheelchair, yeah. He had some kind of, they put him in witness protection and changed his skin tone or something like that.

Danny Lehr: That's what he says. They died his skin.

And they were in a old folks' home together.

Dean Saddoris: And then he had the red phone like in the-

Danny Lehr: [inaudible 00:23:07]

Dean Saddoris: ... the president has.

Danny Lehr: So you just never know.

Dean Saddoris: You just never know. Maybe they just kinda leave that out there for you to just interpret yourself.

Danny Lehr: I've really been into quotes lately. I see a lot of quotes. I feel like lately I see stuff, well, you know what it is, there's Instagram that's nitch. It's like underscore, underscore n-i-t-c-h. And so every day they have a different person, and they have a series of five or six quotes by a different person. So the JFK made me think about it, they had a JFK one the other day. And a couple of them were pretty good.

Dean Saddoris: He's a good speaker.

Danny Lehr: Great speaker.

Dean Saddoris: Almost got us all killed, but-

Danny Lehr: Oh, shit. Oh, yeah?

Dean Saddoris: Cuban Missile Crisis.

Danny Lehr: Oh, yeah.

Dean Saddoris: That could've been really bad.

Danny Lehr: The whole Cuba thing, people just kinda brush over.

[crosstalk 00:23:58]

Well, then there's the whole Bay of Pigs thing, that whole shit show.

Dean Saddoris: Cuban Missile Crisis was a scary time.

Danny Lehr: Holy Smokes.

Dean Saddoris: Not for me, 'cause I wasn't alive but ...

Danny Lehr: Well, for the people that were.

Do you got a meet coming up, Dean? What are you training for?

Dean Saddoris: Not a meet on the board, but Ben is definitely holding a strong-arm competition at our gym.

Danny Lehr: You're doing arm wrestling?

Dean Saddoris: No. Strong arm is like all that iron mind, like hand strength equipment-

Danny Lehr: Captain to crush.

Dean Saddoris: The rolling thunder, the cone-shaped one, the plate pen, the crush holder, there's a bunch. And it's pretty awesome. It's pretty cool. So, I'm excited.

Danny Lehr: So they-

Dean Saddoris: 'Cause you know that's what I'm gonna do regardless of like, I'm not gonna practice for it.

Danny Lehr: How many events are there in the meet?

Dean Saddoris: I think there's four or five events.

Danny Lehr: Compete in all four or five.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. I just do them all.

Danny Lehr: God, by the end of the day, you probably can't hold a pencil.

Dean Saddoris: You gotta be prepared.

Danny Lehr: But you're not.

Dean Saddoris: Nope. No. I've been doing it. I've been messing around with it. I'm not like on a program, but I'm messing with the stuff.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. That's a program.

Dean Saddoris: Ben bought all the equipment so we're always all just screwing around with it in the gym in between sets. Getting those hands nice and worn out for those snatches.

Danny Lehr: Well, teach you to use your hook grip. Really get it in there.

Dean Saddoris: Speaking of that, our training cycle right now, we started on Monday, is a lot of pause snatches, pause cleans, so I'm like okay, I'm not gonna use any straps on this cycle, I'm gonna do all these pauses without straps.

Just to make it harder.

Danny Lehr: How's that going?

Dean Saddoris: Actually going okay. I haven't really missed any reps yet.

Danny Lehr: Oh, that's good. Hitting your numbers still.

Dean Saddoris: Hitting my numbers still. It definitely feels heavier, but it's still happening.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: We haven't really worked over 80% yet for any, a lot of it has been like triples and doubles, stuff like that so it hasn't been too crazy yet.

Danny Lehr: Right.

Dean Saddoris: But I'm sure we're gonna get into the higher singles soon and we'll really see how it goes.

Danny Lehr: I won't be snatching for awhile.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. I know.

Danny Lehr: Bone fragments floating around inside my elbow.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, that's not good.

Danny Lehr: So I'm gonna do something about that, which is stop snatching for awhile.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: It means they'll just go away.

Dean Saddoris: Probably not.

Danny Lehr: No? Maybe.

Dean Saddoris: You'll have to get them taken out.

Danny Lehr: We'll see what the doctor says about that. You're not an expert.

Dean Saddoris: This isn't true, but we'll take it.

Danny Lehr: You are an expert.

Dean Saddoris: Yes.

Danny Lehr: Orthopedic.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Orthopedic expert. I'm not even a Orthopedic doctor, Orthopedic expert.

Danny Lehr: Orthopedic expert.

Man, there it is. All right.

Dean Saddoris: A band looks so small on this table of Night Train. That's not how they come, by the way, that's just been used.

Danny Lehr: It's 3/4 empty.

Dean Saddoris: 3/4 full.

Danny Lehr: Of air.

Dean Saddoris: 3/4 full.

Danny Lehr: Of air or of coffee?

Dean Saddoris: 1/4 full.

Danny Lehr: 1/4 full. Yeah.

So you don't like 3/4 empty, you say 1/4 full.

Dean Saddoris: [inaudible 00:26:55]

Danny Lehr: That book 'Relentless', I was talking to you about, where the guy on the train, Michael Jordan had said something about the whole glass half-full, half-empty. So he says look, it's about positive attitude, but look, the cleaner, that's the guy you wanna be. The guy that does everything it takes. He goes everyone looks at it and goes, "Half-full half-empty," he just picks it up off the table and fills the fucking glass from the sink and puts it back down. Half full or half empty? Cleaners like, "Yeah, if I want more, I'm just gonna fucking fill it up. I don't give a ...", so that's the whole deal there. Takes the whole argument out of it.

Dean Saddoris: I don't know if that makes any sense.

Danny Lehr: I think the whole thing is, if there's something to be done, you do it. 

Dean Saddoris: What if that thing is to finish it?

Danny Lehr: Well, if you don't like it, well it's [inaudible 00:27:40]

Dean Saddoris: Why doesn't somebody just drink the whole thing?

Danny Lehr: Maybe you could.

Dean Saddoris: Why does the cleaner have to put more in?

Danny Lehr: Well, I think the idea is if you like the beverage and want more of it, and you're sitting there going, "Aw, it's half ...", you can just go get more.

Dean Saddoris: I think that guy was trying to be clever and he just didn't even think that out.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: And it just sounds sexy.

Danny Lehr: I don't think it does. You know what the funny thing is? When I read it, I actually had those same thoughts like, "I don't think it really makes sense." And I moved on, but then right now, whenever we were talking about it, it seemed like it made sense again. But then after I said it, you mentioned it, I'm like, "You know what? I think you're right. I'm still not sure if it really makes sense."

Dean Saddoris: I'd like to hear his interpretation.

Danny Lehr: Well, you just did. Like honestly it's a-

Dean Saddoris: I wonder if he has any more in depth, though.

Danny Lehr: No.

Dean Saddoris: Let's get him on the podcast.

Danny Lehr: We could. Hit him up.

Dean Saddoris: Ask him that one question and then just-

Danny Lehr: All right. Well, thanks for joining us.

Dean Saddoris: And we'll still be lost.

Danny Lehr: Get you a ride to the airport.

Dean Saddoris: And then we'll still be lost.

Danny Lehr: On your way.

Dean Saddoris: That's funny. Yeah, that doesn't make sense.

Danny Lehr: There it is.

I kinda get it now, but I kinda don't.

Dean Saddoris: The cleaner just doesn't care how much is in it, he just fills it up. That's what you said, right?

Danny Lehr: I think it's he says, yeah. While people are arguing if it's half-full or half empty, the cleaner looks at it like this, "Do I like what's in it? Let's fill it up".

Dean Saddoris: I'll just get more.

Danny Lehr: I'll just get more.

Dean Saddoris: Is that how he said it?

Danny Lehr: Basically, that's it.

Dean Saddoris: Or did you say it more clearly than he did?

Danny Lehr: I don't know, I read this.

Dean Saddoris: 'Cause that makes a little bit more sense.

Danny Lehr: But that's it, basically. It's like, "If you like what's in the glass, you just fill it up".

Dean Saddoris: I think I would've agreed with him more if he said, "If you like it or you don't, finish it or get more."

Danny Lehr: Shit or get off the pot.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. That's what he should've just wrote.

Danny Lehr: Oh, man. Next week, maybe I'll do some more ... I don't think he cares.

Hey, every now and then I do book reviews, if you guys are interested in that. If that ever happens and you appreciate that, let us know.

The war of art.

Dean Saddoris: I know, that's the plan. After I'm done with this one, I'm gonna probably jump on that.

Danny Lehr: You just go a page a day, 'cause it's kinda like every page is a new chapter, pretty much. It's real short little things. It's pretty good.

Dean Saddoris: I need to jump on that.

Danny Lehr: I can give you a synopsis.

Dean Saddoris: Don't tell me, I wanna go into it raw, untainted.

Danny Lehr: Oh. Raw dog.

Dean Saddoris: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Danny Lehr: That's what I'm talking about. I'm actually re-reading Mindset by Carol Dweck. It's actually-

Dean Saddoris: Oh, I love Carol.

Danny Lehr: It's probably the biggest influence on me out of anything I've read in the past couple years. So we bought a copy for every trainer in my gym and I said, "Look, it's not required reading, we're not doing that and you don't have to do a fucking book report on it-"

Dean Saddoris: But I did pay for these and I am handing them out so you better fucking read it.

Danny Lehr: "...but it's yours to keep, you're not giving it back and next week, next month, at our meeting next month, we are going to discuss the first half of the book."

That's it. Not required, but we talking about it.

Dean Saddoris: You're joining in on the conversation or you're gonna listen to me.

Danny Lehr: Exactly. And they've all had an ass full to hear me talk, I'm sure.

So anyway, that'll be interesting. I'll let you know how that goes.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, I think Buddy's probably already finished with it.

Danny Lehr: Oh, Buddy got the audio book.

Dean Saddoris: Smart man.

Danny Lehr: He said-

Dean Saddoris: Honestly, though. Seriously, I'm going to start doing more audio books coming up here, in the car. Why not?

Danny Lehr: Everyone's a different type of learner. I was talking to [Jess 00:31:04] about this-

Dean Saddoris: Well, sometimes they're more interesting, 'cause you don't have to develop the characters on your own. I'm talking about for fiction, I guess more.

Danny Lehr: Oh, yeah.

Dean Saddoris: I wanna listen to an audio book in the car, like a fiction book.

Danny Lehr: Oh.

Dean Saddoris: I think that might be kinda fun.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. I do it. I listen to audio books every now and then. My thing is, I'm always listening to podcasts when I'm driving and so then it's like if I do an audio book then I get a couple weeks behind on these podcasts and so it's that whole thing.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. I'm with you there, on the podcast thing. But right now, I'm kind of in ... I'm only listening to one or two podcasts. So I'm caught up on everything, too. So I'm waiting for more of them to come out. It's only coming out once a week.

Danny Lehr: When it comes to business stuff, I feel like I learn more, I get more out of it when I read it, because I think that on audio books, and even podcasts, you're driving, so there's a lot of stuff going on, so you get distracted. All of a sudden-

Dean Saddoris: It's almost just background noise.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: You pick up on a couple sentences here and there.

Danny Lehr: And it's like you go, hold on, I gotta go back and rewind this three minutes to redo the last three minutes. So I feel like I get distracted more.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. It's very easy-

Danny Lehr: But again, everybody's a different kinda learner. I learn better from reading, but other people might, like maybe Buddy actually really focuses when he's listening to it. I don't know. Maybe he sits down, gets out a pen and a piece of paper, listens to it-

Dean Saddoris: On the stoop.

Danny Lehr: ... takes notes. Sits on the stoop. Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: I picture a New York Bronx stoop, too. Kids running around, jump rope.

Danny Lehr: Oh. I actually kinda went the other way, I went more porch than stoop. I was thinking more of like a down-south porch.

Dean Saddoris: Oh, okay. 'Cause those are two different things.

Danny Lehr: Yeah.

Dean Saddoris: Stoop and a porch.

Danny Lehr: Right. Huh. They definitely are two different things.

Dean Saddoris: Stoop's just one little small doorway, right?

Danny Lehr: Right. I was just kinda picturing my house and the porch and that made me think of porches. 'Cause I love sitting out on the porch.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. I got a little overhang porch with some furniture on it, but I don't wanna see my neighbors.

Danny Lehr: Yeah. That's the thing. At least the way mine's set up, is kinda like tucked back. My little porch is tucked back by the front door, which is kinda like next to the garage area so it's almost like a little cove. You're sitting in there-

Dean Saddoris: See, that's nice. I don't have that.

Danny Lehr: ... and you can see straight out and there's a tree in front of me also. So you can see through it or underneath it, but people that are walking by, they just see the tree, like maybe they would see you there, maybe not.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. If someone walked by my house, it would be me standing there or sitting there, in broad day ... perfect view, nothing blocking me.

Danny Lehr: Full frontal.

Dean Saddoris: In this chair. And they're gonna talk to me and they're gonna be trying to have a conversation.

Danny Lehr: You just gotta tell them, I got nothing to say.

Dean Saddoris: That's more fucked than a soup sandwich.

Danny Lehr: I was hoping that's what you were gonna do.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah.

Danny Lehr: You're in for a nickel, you're in for a buck so I guess it's time for you to scurry along now.

Dean Saddoris: Listen, George. Before you start talking to me on the stoop, I'm not out here to have the conversation with you. So either just keep walking or just get the fuck out of my face.

Danny Lehr: You don't even make it that far. What happens when they're walking by, if they kinda stop and go, "Hey, dudo!" You go, "Hey, how's it going? Sitting out here enjoying the weather. Just move it along".

Dean Saddoris: Yeah, you know. Trying to read, you know. Just haven't been able to do that in a few days now and kinda trying to relax so how about you just go get fucked?

Danny Lehr: Oh, just enjoying some peace and quiet, so let's go ahead and get back to that.

Dean Saddoris: Yeah. Man it was really quiet out here a minute ago, 'til you came out.

Danny Lehr: You should've seen it.

Dean Saddoris: You should've heard it.

Danny Lehr: Should've heard it. Real quiet out here.

Dean Saddoris: If you weren't too busy yapping, you would've been able to enjoy it as well, with me.

Danny Lehr: Hey, dudo. What's going on? [inaudible 00:34:42] and peaceful out here. At least it was.

Dean Saddoris: What if that's how you like were as a person? I wanna meet that person. That says shit like that.

Danny Lehr: The best part though is if you include a move it along at the end. Just to make sure they get the point. "Hey dudo", you go, "Hey, how's it going? Nice to see you? All right, move along."

Dean Saddoris: I wanna meet that person that's that passive-aggressive, and just pretends like they're kidding, but they're not.

Danny Lehr: They do the fake laugh.

Dean Saddoris: Just kidding, but yeah.

Danny Lehr: Hey, good to see you. Yeah, just out here enjoying some peace and quiet 'til you fucking came out. Hah!

Dean Saddoris: I'm just messing with you, I'm just kidding.

Danny Lehr: I'm just messing with you. I'm just kidding.

Dean Saddoris: I'm just kidding.

Danny Lehr: No, but seriously, what do you want?

Dean Saddoris: And you gonna pick up your dog shit on my lawn, too? Because it's been there for three days. Are you gonna act like I didn't see you through my giant glass door in my living room that your dog came over here and took a shit while you were pretending to not notice?

Danny Lehr: You think that you'd see me, after your dog shit when you looked at your daughter and said, "Aw, now we gotta go home and get a bag." You think I didn't notice that you never came back?

Dean Saddoris: I've been using that trick for years. I invented that trick.

Danny Lehr: That's my move.

Dean Saddoris: I invented it's the not you, it's me routine.

Danny Lehr: Actually, it's Jessica's move. She taught me to look at the dog and go, "Aw, Taylor. Now we gotta go home and get a bag". And then she just doesn't got back.

Dean Saddoris: That's brilliant. 'Cause it's brilliant. Brilliant move.

Danny Lehr: The first time she told me, I was dying. I was like, are you serious?

Dean Saddoris: Dang it, I just used up the last bag earlier. You just can't stop pooping today.

Danny Lehr: [inaudible 00:36:13] poop factory.

Dean Saddoris: I pick up so much poop, that I ran out of bags. I'm so good at bringing bags that I've actually ran out because I use them so much.

Danny Lehr: Let me go home and get more. Be right back.

Dean Saddoris: I gotta go buy more. I'm gonna go to the store now, get more bags, come back and pick this up.

Danny Lehr: There it is.

Dean Saddoris: There it is.

Danny Lehr: Say your neighbors dog was just shitting all over your front lawn. And you have a little [inaudible 00:36:41]. He's not doing any damage. It's not like you release him on their lawn. Do you start shoveling it and just throwing it onto theirs? Or do you shit on their lawn?

Dean Saddoris: Honestly, I would probably say something.

Danny Lehr: Probably wait til about 2:00-

Dean Saddoris: If I saw it happen, I would be like, "Hey, man, you need to fucking pick that up". Straight up.

Danny Lehr: I'd probably wait til like 2:00 or 3:00 a.m., and then just wake up, walk over there, and just, right next to their driver's side door of the car, parked in the driveway-

Dean Saddoris: Just start slinging it.

Danny Lehr: ... just drop it right there.

Dean Saddoris: I did a prank to my buddy one time, roof of my truck and it kinda got in the vents and it stank. So I was pissed. So, I'm like, all right, well, I'm putting shit in your door handle then. You're gonna stick your hands into it.

Danny Lehr: Super aggressive.

Dean Saddoris: It was. The fish oil, though is ... Have you smelled the fish oil? Not fish oil, but fish sauce that you use for fertilizer?

Danny Lehr: Oh, yeah.

Dean Saddoris: That's brutal.

Danny Lehr: That's pretty rough.

Dean Saddoris: So yeah, that happened.

Danny Lehr: You ever think back, some of that shit you did in high school and just be like, "What was I thinking?"

Dean Saddoris: Sometimes. Sometimes, I'm like that was fun.

Danny Lehr: One time I got a port-a-potty, and it was on one of the trailers. So we backed it up to our buddy's front door and opened the door up, so when they opened their front door, they're staring straight into this port-a-potty.

Dean Saddoris: That was open, was the door open?

Danny Lehr: Yeah, we propped the door open. And it's one of those things-

Dean Saddoris: How did you get it that close to his front door?

Danny Lehr: We backed that shit up. It was on a trailer. It was on a trailer out in the fields.

Dean Saddoris: Did you guys call him to come outside?

Danny Lehr: No.

Dean Saddoris: Just waited?

Danny Lehr: Probably his dad opened the door, trying to go to work at 5:00 a.m., or some shit like that. I don't know.

Dean Saddoris: What would you do? Am I still asleep?

Danny Lehr: It's just one of those things, at the time, you're not thinking of any consequences now. I'm like, man we took that out of some field. These farm hands are out there in the morning, next day, someone's there, like going to take their morning deuce, there's no port-a-potty around. And the guy who rented it. Someone's gonna call, I'm sure and it's found. But anyway, it sure caused a whole fuck of a mess for a lot of people that had nothing to do with anything.

For us to prank a buddy of ours. That guy was our friend. We thought this was like how you treat friends.


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