11/04/19 | Your Story, Gold at World Cup, Motivation In Mountains, and Southern Hospitality

11/04/19 | Your Story, Gold at World Cup, Motivation In Mountains, and Southern Hospitality

Caffeine and Kilos X Barbells For Boobs

Your story: Tiffanie Encinas

"Breast cancer puts a complete halt on your entire life.  CrossFit was a huge part of me when I was diagnosed at the age of 32 and to think of having to stop the momentum of my CrossFit journey was devastating. 

Three years into CrossFit and feeling the healthiest and strongest of my life I was not excited to put a pause on my progress.  Nevertheless I had no choice.  What I did however have was a family of fellow cross fitters who did everything to support my goals to stay healthy and fit through my road to recovery.  From food deliveries to coming over to walk with me or to keep me as active as my doctors would allow. 

Once I was given the green light by my doctors, I was encouraged and applauded by my gym fam for my resilience to take back my life.  From members at my current home gym at the time to members of my previous gyms I had been a part of and members of gyms I had no relationship with wanted to help.  I am beyond blessed for the relationships I’ve gained since starting CrossFit as I don’t know how I could have kept a positive outlook without such a strong support system.

Recently I married my best friend who I met through CrossFit and he has made my insecurities about how I felt about my body after breast cancer disappear.  I am back to feeling strong, healthy and happy.  CrossFit continues to be a huge part of my life."

Thank you for joining us in the fight against breast cancer.  If you didn't get a chance to order your shirt, there are still a few remaining - A portion of every shirt sold is donated to Barbells for Boobs, a non-profit organization that provides cancer detection services free of charge.

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Motivation In Mountains

It’s not about doing one cool thing per year. You know, rising up out of slothfulness to regain whatever is left of that motivation or youthful spirit that has otherwise been replaced by softness, passivity and Queso dip. It’s about always being ready, so you don’t have to give yourself three months to get into shape.

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November's Coffee Of The Month

Southern Hospitality Blend is the new Coffee Of The Month.  When we tasted it, the notes of brown sugar came flying out of the cup.  I immediately had a flash back to eating pecan pie at my favorite comfort food restaurant in New Orleans.  Enjoy.

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Caffeine & Kilos’ Owner & CEO, Danny Lehr, Wins Gold for Team USA at Masters World Cup for Weightlifting

Representing Team USA, Danny competed in the M35 Age Group and Weight Category 89. He placed number one in his division by lifting 113 kilograms in the Snatch event. During the Clean & Jerk portion of the competition, Danny peaked at 153 kilograms, an impressive 20 kilograms higher than second place. Danny ended the event with a total SMF of 331.940 kilograms, bringing home the gold for the United States.

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