12/09/19 | 2020 Vision, Coffee & Weightlifting, Black & Tan

12/09/19 | 2020 Vision, Coffee & Weightlifting, Black & Tan

What is the one thing you want to accomplish?  Don't worry, this isn't about making the perfect New Years Resolution, it's about taking on just one challenge. 

Maybe it's something off your 'bucket list,' or maybe it's something that you've been putting off.  It could be something that you don't like about yourself, something that you know needs to change.  Maybe it's doubling down on something you love about yourself.

The point is this - the first step is clarity.

Without clarity, another year will go by and you will be in the exact same place you are now, or you will wander aimlessly and may find yourself somewhere you don't want to be.

Decide what is worth pursuing.  Then, write down what steps need to be taken to make it happen, put them in order, and put deadlines in your calendar.

Here's a real example:  The mission of Caffeine and Kilos is to spread the message of a healthy and active lifestyle.  With that in mind, we formed our 2020 Vision.  Caffeine and Kilos is dedicated to creating informational and educational content in the coming year.  

Steps and deadlines to make that happen:

1.  Weekly informational blog articles accompanied by graphics for promote the information and spread the knowledge from the article. (we actually already started this...got too pumped up to wait till January!)

2.  Monthly educational videos featuring industry experts.  

By focusing on these steps, the process goals, we will clearly see and realize our 2020 Vision.

What is your 2020 Vision?

- Danny Lehr

CEO, Caffeine and Kilos

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