2/3/20 | Midnight Magic, and Return of GSC

2/3/20 | Midnight Magic, and Return of GSC

Good morning,

But, what's the point?  What is Caffeine and Kilos all about?

I get that question often - definitely every time I get interviewed for a new podcast or article.  

Our mission is the spread the message of a healthy and active lifestyle.  That's not just a line that sounds good - it's the real deal.

How does selling coffee and shirts accomplish that?

If you make coffee and use a mass market generic brand from the store, there is very little impact on your life.  However, if you wake up and brew up a delicious cup of Caffeine and Kilos coffee, it is a different experience!  By seeing the bag, you are reminded of fitness.  You know the C & K brand is a fitness company.  Now, you're starting your day with a reminder of your lifestyle.  I would argue that day you are much more likely to go to the gym since it's now top of mind.  You can relate to it, and you identify with a healthy, active lifestyle.

The apparel is similar.  By making apparel that looks great in AND out of the gym, you can be proud to wear it anywhere.  When you put on your Caffeine and Kilos, you feel cool.  It's a item with a great design, that represents something.  It's a message to yourself and others.  I believe in exercise and how good it feels to be healthy.  I am a part of the movement.

That is what Caffeine and Kilos is all about.  We know how good if feels to be in shape and healthy.  

That is why we promote a healthy, active lifestyle by selling apparel and coffee that makes  you look great and feel amazing.

Thank you for joining The Movement,

-Danny Lehr

Caffeine and Kilos Co-Founder and Co-Owner


COTM Midnight Magic

This dark roast has notes of baker's chocolate.  The heavy bodied brew is an Ethiopan/Sumatra blend that's low acidity makes for a smooth cup.  Use code MIDNIGHT and save 50% off your first shipment of Coffee of the Month.  Expires in 48 hours.

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Return of GSC

Did you know that Caffeine and Kilos has a podcast?  It's called Gas Station Cappuccino.  Featuring C & K's founders and owners Dean and Danny, the show is a mix of motivation, training advice, and general conversation.

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Partnership with HSN

Healthy Steps Nutrition helps gyms run nutrition programs in order to get their clients amazing results.  With this partnership, all new HSN gyms will receive an exclusive coffee blend from Caffeine and Kilos - The Executive Blend.