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5/6/19 | Wes Kitts Starts a YouTube Channel and C&K Goes 4/4 in Games Qualifications

Wes Kitts started a YouTube series called Training Talk and it's a must see if you want to know what goes on in the mind of an olympic lifter during their training Sessions. Also, Caffeine and Kilos athletes crushed it this year in the open and land 4 spots in the 2019 Games.
5/6/19 | Wes Kitts Starts a YouTube Channel and C&K Goes 4/4 in Games Qualifications

Wes Kitts Starts a YouTube Channel

If you are a fan of USA Weightlifting you've probably heard the name Wes Kitts among recent headlines. He's a relatively new weightlifter to the scene but over the past couple years he has made quite the name for himself. His latest highlight was his first place finish in the 2019 Pan American Championships. 

Wes trains at California Strength, one of the elite weightlifting gyms in the country. The same gym Caffeine and Kilos Cofounder, Danny Lehr, used to train out of before stepping away from competition. However, Caffeine and Kilos has stayed close to Cal Strength and offered Wes the opportunity to become a sponsored Caffeine and Kilos athlete because from the start, there was something special to this guy. 

Most don't know it but Wes is a pretty funny guy with a lot of character but he's stayed pretty quite throughout his olympic journey... until now. He recently started his new YouTube series; Training Talk. Cal Strength has a long standing tradition "Max Out Fridays" and it's exactly what it sounds, go big. Wes has always filmed these sessions but his new series features him walking through his training sessions via voice over, it's great. Check out this video and spend some time on his channel, you might just learn something and worst case.. you get a few laughs. 


C&K Goes 4/4 in Games Qualifications

No one could predict how this year was going to pan out for CrossFit athletes with all the new format changes. Caffeine and Kilos wasn't even sure if there was going to be a team athlete in attendance. As of last week, all doubts were put to rest when Noah Olsen received his official invitation to the 2019 Games. 

It doesn't stop there! Chyna Cho locked in a team spot on Team Mayhem. Kari Pearce was also able to make it to the games... AGAIN. If you don't know Kari Pearce she's always been a threat to the podium and continues to improve year over year. Lastly, Caffeine and Kilos newest and youngest athlete, Haley Adams, locked in a spot in her first attempt in the adult age group. It's important to note that she was 2018's Fittest Teen on Earth after winning the Games teen division. She's got a bright future ahead of her, so keep your eyes on her as she continues to grow in her fitness journey! 

Congratulations to all our athletes, Caffeine and Kilos is proud to support your journey!



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