6/24/19 | The One Ton Challenge and Coffee with Khalipa

6/24/19 | The One Ton Challenge and Coffee with Khalipa

The One Ton Challenge 

If you're headed out to the CrossFit Games this year, you need to know about the One Ton Challenge. FitAid is flying out the worlds strongest people to complete the One Ton Challenge in less the two hours. For more details please click the link below.


Coffee with Khalipa

Many of you may have heard the name Jason Khalipa but for those who haven't we'll give you a little backstory. Jason  is a former American professional CrossFit Games athlete and 2008 CrossFit Games champion. Khalipa also received the Spirit of the Games award at the 2009 CrossFit Games and is the founder of NCFIT. As a retired CrossFit athlete Jason still continues to impact the fitness landscape in a variety of ways including his YouTube/Podcast series "Coffee with Khalipa". You might have already put two and two together but we love coffee and we love fitness so we tuned in. Khalipa talks about a variety of topics but one way or another he might just pass on some thoughts that could help you throughout the week. Check out his first full episode by clicking the link below. 

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