7/1/19 | The One Ton Challenge, New Nike's, and RP Diet App

Learn more about The One Ton Challenge at the CrossFit Games, the new Nike Metcon 5, and the RP Diet APP.
7/1/19 | The One Ton Challenge, New Nike's, and RP Diet App

The One Ton Challenge 

If you're headed out to the CrossFit Games this year, you need to know about the One Ton Challenge. FitAid is flying out the worlds strongest people to complete the One Ton Challenge in less the two hours. For more details please click the link below.

Sammy, What You Got on Your Feet Over There?

Article is c/o the Morning Chalk Up written by Justin LoFranco

"Sammy Moniz — Mathew Fraser’s better half — served up a platter of brisket Monday morning, but in the photo she traded in her usual tan slippers for a pair of Nike Metcons no one had ever seen before. 

The shoe is the new Mathew Fraser signature Metcon 5, a very tightly held secret until Nike Korea jumped the gun and posted it to their site late Sunday evening. The post has now been taken down but not before As Many Reviews As Possible snagged a couple of product shots."

Click here to learn more about the new Metcon 5


The RP Diet App

"Why Get A Food Tracker When You Can Get A Diet Coach?"

We'd like to preface this by saying no one paid us to write up this review, we just had the chance to test out the App and think that it may be the perfect solution for some.  Our long time friend Nick Shaw owner of coveted RP Strength has been working on the RP Diet App for awhile now. He told us about the app when we got together to come up with another exciting giveaway for you. I probably shouldn't leak this but.... coming up this week we'll be announcing a giveaway for a year subscription of the new app and a prize pack from us.👀Either way, we've been using the App's two week free trial and now know why it's a top 10 health app on the App Store. 

To learn more about the RP Diet App, click here