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8/5/19 | Pan Am Games Recap and Upcoming New Amazon Release

8/5/19 | Pan Am Games Recap and Upcoming New Amazon Release

Pan American Games Recap

Article Information c/o USA Weightlifting

Four members of Team USA Weightlifting saw the 2019 Pan American Games platform Monday in Lima, earning three more medals to bring the team’s medal count to four. 

Then Sarah Robles’ gold medal brought the team’s total medal count to five, the most medals won at a Pan American Games by Team USA weightlifting since 1999 when Cheryl Haworth, Lea Forman, Robin Goad, Tara Nott and Shane Hamman were crowned champions.

The star spangled banner played for the first time following C&K Athlete Wes Kitts’ come from behind win to take the gold medal in the 109kg category. After the snatch session, Kitts was sitting in 4th place with a lift of 172kg. He went three for three in the clean and jerk, making lifts of 207kg then 214kg. On his third attempt, Kitts hit 217kg, for a 389kg total, just enough to secure the gold medal.


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