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Caffeine and Kilos Inc Accessories WBD X CK Insulated Bottle (3 Colors) Caffeine and Kilos Inc Accessories WBD X CK Insulated Bottle (2 Colors)
WBD X CK Insulated Bottle (3 Colors) - Outlet
$ 21.99 $ 34.99
The Whiteboard Daily X Caffeine and Kilos A heavy-duty, creative canteen -- our spicy new essential for Summer '22, keeping your drinks cold and your drip hot with 360* precision-etched lifting cues, 22oz of insulated bevvy space and a solid removable sip top so you can guzzle your way to glory, designed by WBD and yours truly. All 3 bottles contain the same images around the entire bottle. 
WBD X CK The Lifts Men's Tee
WBD X CK The Lifts Men's Tee
$ 32.00
Available for 48 hours only! This is a Pre-Order.  Your shirt will ship in 2-3 weeks. The movement sequences on the WBD Lifts Tee are more than an example of educational material, but also a representation of an identity and a culture. The coolest weightlifting drawings and the coolest brand in weightlifting. The collaboration you can't help but love: White Board Daily X Caffeine And Kilos
WBD X CK Snatch Banner
WBD X CK Snatch Banner
$ 24.99
It's here!  The Dedicated Gym Banner. 5' x 3' Banner 4 corner grommets Perfect for home gym or display proudly in your community gym  
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Caffeine and Kilos Inc Accessories WBD Book of Cues Games 2022
WBD Book of Cues
$ 50.00
There is no such thing as a “golden cue” that works for everyone 100% of the time. Therefore, the more cues a coach has in their toolbox, the more likely they will be able to effectively communicate with their athletes. Coaches use cues—short, easy-to-remember phrases—to help athletes perform movements correctly as well as to convey useful sports psychology perspectives. Athletes commonly hear movement cues like “Crush the Can” and “Grip the Ground” along with motivational cues like “Consistency is King.” A passionate coach, lifelong athlete, and advanced degree holder in kinesiology, Karl Eagleman, creator of the popular Whiteboard Daily Instagram, has put together a valuable resource for coaches, athletes, and anyone who wants to improve their own movement. The Whiteboard Daily Book of Cues contains a comprehensive collection of illustrations drawn on a whiteboard—a medium that virtually all coaches are familiar with. It boasts the largest list of cues ever compiled, covering Olym
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WBD eBook: 100+ Clean & Snatch Cues - Volume 1 WBD eBook: 100+ Clean & Snatch Cues - Volume 1
WBD eBook: 100+ Clean & Snatch Cues - Volume 1
$ 24.99 $ 34.99
By Whiteboard Daily Over 200 pages, including more than 130 illustrations, this eBook (not a physical book) is created to be a reference for anyone who wants to learn or coach the clean and snatch. Included are the most relevant clean and snatch posts on Whiteboard Daily. See Table of Contents below. Suggestions on how to use this eBook:- Print off pages to serve as a reference for your athletes.- Use as educational content for coaching staff.- Use a projector to shine images on gym wall, trace with paintUpon checkout, you will receive an email with a link to download this eBook. Whenever a revision is made in the future to this specific volume, you will receive an email with a link to download the most current version.I sincerely hope this provides you with valuable coaching content!Format: PDF - NOT A PHYSICAL BOOKSize: 105.4 MBTotal Pages: 228136 illustrations with captions Table of Contents - Each listing is an illustrationMOVEMENT SEQUENCES6 - Snatch movement sequence8 - Clean movement sequenceSTANCE CUES10 - “Barbell over mid-foot”12 - “Barbell over shoelaces”13 - Foot positionGRIP CUES16 - “Peace fingers”18 - “Knuckles to the floor…”19 - “Thumbs touch thighs”21 - “March your knees”22 - “Elbows at 90”24 - “Make a right angle”25 - Barbell grip width27 - “Remember your pinky…”SET UP CUES29 - Start position31 - “Elbows out”32 - “Eyes on the horizon”34 - “Eyes up, chest out”35 - “Do NOT move the barbell…”37 - “Cheat code”38 - “Better start = …”40 - “Free throw line”41 - “Tighter = lighter”43 - “1-2-3”44 - “Soft knees, hips back”46 - Body proportions1ST PULL CUES48 - “Three best friends”50 - “Avoid the stripper booty”51 - “Armpits over the bar”53 - “Push your chest away…”54 - “It’s not a fecking pull”56 - “Don’t be a jerk”57 - “Squat the 1st pull”59 - “Controlled off the floor…”60 - “Nail the toe…”62 - “Arms are ropes”63 - “No wake zone”2ND PULL CUES66 - “Brush not a bang”68 - “Brush up your shirt”69 - “Credit card vertical”71 - “Extension = dentist’s office”72 - “Elbows above hands”74 - “Extend before you bend”75 - “Finish the pull” (v1)77 - “Finish the pull” (v2)78 - “Get tall before you get small”80 - “Head to the ceiling”81 - “Hips move like an uppercut”83 - “Jump hard, not high”84 - “The launch point”86 - “Legs drive through the toes”
87 - “Let your hips do the work”89 - “Check the method, man”90 - “Patience”92 - “Patience is power”93 - “Jump the gap”95 - “Pendulum”96 - “Plane on the runway”98 - “Scarecrow”99 - “Shoulders behind hips”101 - “Toes and traps”
102 - “Trigger at your hips”104 - “The scoop”105 - “Whatever’s pissed you off…”107 - “Shrug bridges the gap”3RD PULL CUES109 - “You gotta commit”111 - “Close enough to smell it”112 - “Elbows drive high and back”114 - “Pull yourself under the bar”115 - “If you hesitate…”RECEIVE CUES118 - “1 kilo plate toss”120 - “You gotta believe…”121 - “Foot is a bumper plate”123 - “Hear your feet”124 - “Be a dog, not a kitty cat”126 - “Jump hard, land hard”127 - “Stick the landing”129 - “Bar = axle, elbows = wheel”130 - “Bar is pivot point”132 - “Butt back”133 - “Chest up into the bar”135 - “Click-click boom!”136 - “Meet the bar”138 - “Release the hook grip”139 - “Take a seat”141 - “The bounce”142 - “Lockout & land”144 - “Martini glass not wine glass”145 - “Pull the bar apart”147 - “Punch & pop”148 - “Punch that mofo really hard”150 - “Stick, stabilize, stand”SEQUENCING CUES152 - Anchors for force application154 - “Hips extend, then flex”155 - “Hop, drop”157 - “Jump up - shrug down”158 - “Knees go back…160 - “Rocket fuel stages”161 - “Trap door”163 - “Up into down”164 - “When the arms bend…”BAR PATH CUES167 - “The area of the base”169 - “Move your body around…”170 - “Take the elevator…”172 - “A gnat’s ass”173 - “Half a heart”175 - “Less hump, more jump”176 - “Pull up your sweatpants”178 - “Pull yourself under the bar”179 - “Rubber ball bounce”181 - “Straight through the roof”182 - “Tighter = lighter”184 - “Up not out”185 - “Keep it in the gutter”SPEED CUES188 - “Bar speed builds” (speedometer)190 - “Bar speed builds” (parking lot…)191 - “Bat swing velocity”193 - “Ignite your lift”194 - “Send it”FRONT RACK CUES197 - “Create a shelf”199 - “The front rack channel”200 - “Triangles of support”202 - “Trunk supports the bar”PERSPECTIVES204 - Requirements for a Successful Lift206 - “C.R.E.A.M.”207 - “Before you master this…”209 - “Copy Machine”210 - Oly Mechanics Hierarchy212 - “Own your position”213 - “The 10 Clean Commandments”215 - “The House of WL Fundamentals”216 - “Think box & play box”218 - “Transformers”MISCELLANEOUS220 - Skill Transfer — box jumps222 - Power position223 - “Reverse T-Rex”225 - Panda pull

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