What makes Caffeine and Kilos coffee special?

Caffeine and Kilos coffee provides high caffeine levels in a smooth and delightful cup of coffee. This is achieved through the relentless selection of high quality coffee beans that match specific profiles. 

How much caffeine is in Caffeine and Kilos Coffee?

Caffeine and Kilos coffee has approximately 50% higher caffeine than a standard cup of coffee.  Depending on how you brew it, that is generally around 150 mg of caffeine.

Is there anything added to Caffeine and Kilos coffee?

What are you, silly?  Of course not...it's just coffee

Should I get whole bean or ground?

Whatever you generally use for coffee is best.  Whole bean will have better flavor, as all coffee will begin to slowly dry out after being ground.

How do I brew this stuff?

Use your favorite coffee brewing method.

What is the ideal water to coffee ratio?

Approximately 1-2 tbs per 6-8 oz of water is what's recommended.  Then, adjust to taste.  Brew it like you brew any other coffee and you should be good to go.

Uhh....I don't see the connection between coffee and apparel. Can you clear that up?

Caffeine and Kilos is founded on the pursuit of an active lifestyle.  Get fired up with our delicious coffee, and then represent your lifestyle with our clean, great looking apparel.  It's not just a coffee company, it's much more.  Click here for our story on the official Caffeine and Kilos about page.

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Caffeine and Kilos

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