2018 CrossFit Games Experience

2018 CrossFit Games Experience

Written by Danny Lehr, @danny_Lehr

CEO Caffeine and Kilos

Have you ever been to the CrossFit Games?  The first time I attended as a spectator was 2008, the second year they were held.  The venue was Dave Castro’s family ranch in the hills outside santa cruz, CA. The athletes were there to have a good time, which sometimes involved a few beers between events.  And, speaking of beer, they were selling domestic cans for $2. 10 years later, a few things have changed.

2008 CrossFit Games

The athletes competing no longer ‘just sign up’ online.  There is an arduous process of qualifying through different levels against thousands of others.  The only brew they’re drinking between workouts is kombucha, and the beer prices for spectators are on par with an NBA game.  There is one thing however, that has not changed.

The people.  Not only is it the best looking crowd of its size anywhere in the world, it is also the kindest group.  Not only due to the increase in Canadians with the move to Madison, WI, but all of the spectators.

2018 CrossFit Games

Often when in big crowds, people tend to posture in lines and try to get a leg up on the masses.  At the CrossFit Games it’s different. There is a community feel. People from all over the world have a respect for one another that is unique.  They understand what their co exercise watchers go through. They bond over callused hands and the hate of burpees.

For the last five years I’ve experienced the event from another perspective; that of a vendor.  Vendor life is not for the weak of heart...it includes long days of sweating through multiple layers of deodorant, exclusively consuming calories in bar form from other vendor booths, and no more than 5 hours of sleep per night.  The bright spot? Those long sweaty days are spent talking to the excessively kind event spectators. It makes the experience more than just tolerable, it makes it wonderful.

If you have never been to watch the CrossFit Games, I suggest you start looking for hotels in Madison for next August.  Spend a few days with beautiful people watching a bunch of shirtless athletes exercise at the highest level. Just be sure to bring with you some stories about your calluses.  

— Danny Lehr, CEO Caffeine and Kilos


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