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Benefits of Training with a Weight Vest

Benefits of Training with a Weight Vest

You’re getting ready for Murph! And if you’re smart, you’ve already bought a weight vest to make it real. But what’s a weight vest good for otherwise? Well here, we looked it up:

  1. Better strength & endurance
  2. Better balance and posture
  3. Enhanced resistance training
  4. Increased bone density
  5. Variable intensity
  6. Increased caloric burn/weight loss
  7. Better cardiovascular health

So, if you haven’t tried working out with a weight vest, now is the time! And if you plan on trying out Murph this year, now’s a good time to start training. Here’s a 6-week program we made to help give you a fighting chance.

And here's a bunch of coffee to help you get through it all. 

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