3/2/20 | Athlete Success, Bands in Front Squats, and The Fan Favorite

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3/2/20 | Athlete Success, Bands in Front Squats, and The Fan Favorite

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This is a big part of why Caffeine and Kilos started.  That first event, the 2013 Caffeine and Kilos Invitational was organized to bring top athletes together.  The goal was to pay a cash prize to people who are chasing their Olympic dreams.  Seven years later, we still support athletes in all strength sports.

It's awesome to see athletes having success on the WORLD stage in both Weightlifting and CrossFit events.  

This year's Wodapalooza competition was a massive success for Caffeine and Kilos athletes.  Kari Peace and Noah Ohlsen both landed in 3rd place on the podium, with Chyna Cho getting first place on Team Mayhem Freedom.  After a rough first day, Haley Adams fought back hard to finish in 5th overall.  

At the weightlifting Roma 2020 World Cup, Harrison Maurus and Morghan King both finished with Silver medals in snatch, clean and jerk, and total!

These top tier athletes are inspiring people around the world, and promoting a lifestyle of fitness.

Thank you for being a part of the lifestyle, the movement.

-Danny Lehr

Caffeine and Kilos Co-Founder and Co-Owner


How To Use Bands in Any Gym

how to use bands in the gym video

Check out this short video about how you can squat more weight.  Often people think you can only use bands to squat if the gym has specific powerlifting equipment.  Cory G shows us how you can use bands at any gym to boost your squatting power.

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The Fan Favorite is Back

thunderbolt blend coffee label from caffeine and kilos

There have been a full 12 months of different blends for the Coffee Of The Month.  To kick off year 2, a fan favorite blend is back!  The first blend released in year 1 will be brought back for year 2.  If you missed it the first time around, make sure to join Coffee Of The Month so you don't miss Thunderbolt Blend again.

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Gas Station Cappuccino


gas station cappuccino

A new episode of the Gas Station Cappuccino podcast is up every week!  Make sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts in order to hear about what's new with C & K, and experience the lifestyle.

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