9/30/19 | Fill In The Blank, Also Known As: The Invite

9/30/19 | Fill In The Blank, Also Known As: The Invite

Caffeine and Kilos

makes me ____________

It’s not easy to Fill in the Blank sometimes. But it’s important.

While it’s popular to be negative and choose a nice cozy excuse to validate a negative disposition, there is a contingent of positive folks out there – a strong contingent – that wants positivity and to get the most of life. These people find fun, creative and positive ways to Fill in the Blank. 

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Also Known as: The Invite

Last week was the 7th annual Caffeine and Kilos Invitational.  The event featured 42 teams of 4 for the CrossFit style event, along with over 70 weightlifters and over 55 power lifters.  Thank you to everyone who came out!

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It's Fall, Y'all

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  • Hugo Quiroz

    Caffeine and Kilos makes me want other mug with coffee to go for the schedule of the day 💪🏼👀🏃💨💨💨


    Makes me feel comfy with the apparel

  • James Velez

    makes me…better, more focused and prepares me for any challenge(s).

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