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This is a big part of why Caffeine and Kilos started.  That first event, the 2013 Caffeine and Kilos Invitational was organized to bring top athletes together.  The goal was to pay a cash prize to people who are chasing their Olympic dreams.  Seven years later, we still support athletes in all strength sports.

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Good morning, But, what's the point?  What is Caffeine and Kilos all about? I get that question often - definitely every time I get interviewed for a new podcast or article.   Our mission is the spread the message of a healthy and active lifestyle.  That's not just a line that sounds good - it's the real deal. How does selling coffee and shirts accomplish that? If you make coffee and use a mass market generic brand from the store, there is very little impact on your life.  However, if you wake up and brew up a delicious cup of Caffeine...

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