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  Here’s list of the 7 most common mistakes you’re making before the gym – and solutions to help you make the most of your next sweat sesh.     Mistake #1: Overeating. Crushing a workout after a heavy meal is nearly impossible. You’re uncomfortable, your stomach is working too hard and you feel too massive for peak performance. Solution: Give yourself a two-hour window between a big meal and a workout. This will give your body enough time to digest your food, store some energy and prepare for exercise. Plus you’ll feel better so you’ll work harder. Easy win.   Mistake #2:...

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How can you use bands at any gym with just a regular squat rack?

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Are you looking to improve your physique, meet your wellness goals, or get stronger? Even those with great heart and extreme dedication can use a little support. One way to boost your strength and raise your stamina levels is by using lifting straps. Deadlift straps provide your hands with the comfort needed to push through a rough workout and your mind the peace it requires to keep moving. Learning how to use straps for lifting may help you achieve the gains you're looking for. Let’s discuss how to use weightlifting straps, some of the drawbacks of weight lifting straps, and what to look for in quality power lifting straps.

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