Do You Know Them?

Do You Know Them?

You know every person in the room, despite having never met them before.

In fact, you’ve never even been in the building.

She probably has a different name in the building you usually go to, but you know exactly who she is.  And that guy over there - you know exactly what to say when you shake his hand and introduce yourself.

It’s the same cast of characters in every CrossFit gym. We’ll examine 3 for now.

There’s the grizzled old guy with white hair and a limp that he claims is just his swagger.  There’s no such thing as inappropriate topics, or appropriate conversation volume.  He might tell another guy in class that he’s too pretty, and needs to get in an industrial accident to add some scars.  His name is likely Lloyd, Dale, or Bill.

Of course there’s the runner.  The runner might be a young grandmother, or middle-aged man.  They’ve ran a few marathons before they started CrossFit, and have the I-used-to-be-a-cardio-god-but-now-I-lift-and-am-transforming-my-skinny-fat-body-into-a-healthy-person look.  They don’t move very fast, but you want to avoid pairing up with them in a 30 minute partner wod.

Don’t forget about the pregnant lady.  CrossFitters are a fertile people who understand childbirth is a physical activity they should be in shape for.

And those people are why you love it.  Why I love it.  It’s why dropping in to classes while traveling is SO much better than working out on your own. 

You can get a great workout in a hotel room, but you miss out on overhearing Bill mansplaining to the pregnant woman about kegels and when his second wife “squeezed out” their third son.

I love this community.

Be great,