Welcome to Caffeine And Kilos Free Education Center

All of the virtual seminar's below are free to the community.  We've brought in world class experts to host virtual seminars that you can do at home, without any equipment!  Register for any class, and the link will be emailed straight to your inbox.

Virtual Weightlifting Seminar: The Broomstick Clinic

Instructor: Danny Lehr, Masters World Cup Champion
This interactive at-home weightlifting clinic will teach you how to snatch, clean, and jerk.  Danny makes the lifting so simple - his proven 'top down' technique benefits seasoned lifters, and those who have never touched a barbell.
Perfect for:
- New athlete's who want to learn how to lift.
- Experienced lifters who want to dial in their technique
- Coaches who want to learn a simple and effective way to teach weightlifting.


Nutrition For Performance

Instructor: Nick Shaw, Co-Founder of RP Strength

This virtual clinic covers the nutritional priorities and how they relate to altering your body composition and improving your sports performance.

Perfect for:
- Athlete's looking to maximize their performance.
- Anyone trying to get lean and feel great.


PowerAbs At Home 

Instructor: Kar Pearce, 3x America's Fittest Woman
A 10 minute Ab workout that will show you simple and effective exercises that will get those abs poppin'.
Perfect for:
- Strength athletes who need a strong midline
- People who want to have great looking abs

How To Turn Fear Into Courage

Instructor: Tony Blauer, World Renowned Speaker and Self Defense Specialist
His search for overcoming fear in his own life led to the creation of the world's first behaviorally based personal defense system.  If managing fear, overcoming self-doubt, or enhancing your performance under distress is of interest to you, this is for you.
Perfect for:
- Athletes looking for a competitive edge
- People who want to manage fear and equip themselves to stay safe during life's uncertainties and sketchy situations.