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The combination of watermelon and lime is what takes these margarita jello shots to the next level (but not up--down, because they're SUBLIME). These are REALLY easy to make, REALLY fast to make (aside from the setting time), and REALLY delicious to eat.

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These brownies are seriously good. Think coffee-meets-death-by-chocolate good. If you've never had a coffee brownie, you're about to have your taste buds blown.

MACROS per brownie: 186 cal | 17g carbs, 13g fats, 5g protein

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HIGH PROTEIN, LOW SUGAR, LOW CALORIE hot cocoa mix nestled inside a dark chocolate heart, waiting to be bombed with your choice of piping hot liquid. What could be better?

Macros for filling (not including shell, marshmallows or chosen liquid additive to allow for easy scaling based on preferences):
71cal/serving: 8g carbs, 1g fats, 1.5g sugar, 13g protein 🤯

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