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Here’s the deal. The average American will consume about 3,000 calories during Thanksgiving dinner. So we did the math (kinda) to give you an idea of what those macros look like, and came up with a few tricks to help you stay on track through the holiday. Pro tips: If you know about how many calories you’re going to overeat on Thanksgiving, you can take that overage and cut them out of your meals the week prior. Take 10% of the overage off of every day the week before (or after) and then you’ve got a surplus of 70% to...

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Caffeine is the most-used stimulant in the world. There are over 60 different types of plants that contain this molecule. From cacao to guarana berries to yerba maté, there are many ways to get your caffeine on. However, the most popular of the bunch is coffee beans and green tea leaves. Consuming caffeine in green tea vs coffee are different experiences with unique benefits to each. Let’s determine how much caffeine is in green tea vs coffee so you can decide which beverage is right for you.

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