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Your guts will love this recipe. Give yourself a dose of caffeine, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals first thing in the morning. Here's a fun twist on your morning coffee! Whether you're a seasoned Kombucha brewer/drinker looking for a new flavor or a coffee lover interested in improving your gut health, this is the brew for you. Here's how to make it.

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What is absurdly easy to make AND instantly rewarding? This metabolism-enhancing coffee recipe. It's the perfect kickstart to your day and can stand as a breakfast all by itself (if you want). It's full of nutrients, protein, and easy to digest. Plus, taaaasty. What more can you ask for?

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It might almost be January, but it's still gingerbread season. Get your spice fix with this dairy free gingerbread smoothie. It will satisfy all the cravings while dosing you with some quality micronutrients and proteinAND caffeine. Great for breakfast on the go!

MACROS: 220 cal | 35g carbs, 5g fats, 12g protein

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Nothing says the holidays like some holiday baking. And these hot chocolate cookies should definitely be on your nice list. They're super rich, gooey and decadent--plus, dairy free and refined sugar free. This recipe is also really easy to make vegan if you need to! Check out inside for the how-to.

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It's fudge, so rest assured. It's good. And the perfect treat for the holiday season. This fudge is rich, smooth, decadent... not to mention: paleo, vegan AND refined sugar free. But you'd never know it. Too good to be true? We think not. Here's how to make the easiest (healthy) fudge ever.

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