What is Green Coffee? All You Need to Know

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What is Green Coffee? All You Need to Know

Many of us are fully aware of the benefits of coffee. However, a recent Dr. Oz Show segment shed some light on a lesser-known beverage--green coffee. Most notably, the show covered green coffee weight loss benefits. So, what is green coffee, and what separates green coffee beans from green coffee bean extract? What are the differences in the benefits of green coffee beans when compared to the brown ones we already know and love? Let’s explore these beneficial beans and how to incorporate them into your coffee lineup. 

What is Green Coffee?

No, we’re not talking about a green tea coffee mixture! Although green tea and coffee complement one another, we’re talking about the pure green coffee bean. Green coffee is the freshly-harvested seed of the Coffea Arabica fruit. 

The bean loses its emerald hue during the roasting process. Pigment-based compounds, such as chlorophyll, start to die off. Chlorophyll is the primary molecule that gives the green coffee bean a St. Patty’s Day tint.

The roasting process also depletes green coffee beans of essential nutrients. Other pigment-based molecules, such as anthocyanins, start to dissipate. These are potent antioxidants found in superfoods like blueberries and Goji berries. 

Roasting is much like cooking. As we boil carrots, it creates pressure on the vegetable. This physical exertion forces a chemical reaction within the food product. Ultimately, boiling a carrot alters the vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in the food. That’s why foods are more nutrient-dense when they are raw. 

This realization doesn’t mean that there aren’t any health benefits to black coffee. There are loads of nutrients and antioxidants and a hot cup of brew, just as there are many vitamins and minerals in a bubbling soup. The nutrient content is just not as abundant as it could potentially be in a raw state.

Difference in Green Coffee Benefits vs Roasted Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans and their roasted counterparts have many similar benefits. They’re both rich in antioxidants that help improve our weight, mood, and longevity. However, a green coffee bean contains more nutrients than a roasted one. 

In particular, a pure green coffee bean has elevated levels of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid has a low tolerance for heat. While the integrity of many antioxidants is maintained during the roasting process, heated beans don’t retain as much chlorogenic acid. Abundance of chlorogenic acid plays a significant role in green farm coffee benefits. 

Heart Health 

Coffee is already a heart-healthy beverage. A green coffee drink has even more of these benefits! Research shows this molecule found in green coffee beans inhibits an enzyme known as 11β-HSD1. This enzyme facilitates the production of hormones that raise blood pressure and jeopardize cardio health. It also helps lower levels of Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, furthering improving the strength of your heart.

Diabetes Prevention

Drinking coffee and diabetes don’t click, especially when the beans are green. Research shows that chlorogenic acid boosts levels of Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 (GLP-1). GLP-1 is a hormone that increases insulin levels, consequently lowering blood glucose levels in the process.

Improve Brain Health 

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans is the gift that keeps on giving. It acts as a one-stop-shop for brain health. This compound has significant anti-inflammatory capabilities. Most notably, it keeps tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) at bay. 

TNF-α is an inflammatory cell that can destroy happy neurotransmitters, such as dopamine. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for our mood. It keeps us feeling happy and focused throughout the day.

Speaking of focus, pure green coffee bean beverages can also improve your cognitive function. Science shows that chlorogenic acid decreases the production of the enzyme, acetylcholinesterase (AChE). AchE is one of the predominant catalysts for Alzheimer’s Disease

Green Coffee Weight Loss 

The most famous of these perks are the green coffee weight loss benefits. Chlorogenic acid activates our Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor alpha (PPAR-alpha). This reaction increases the heat levels in our system. 

As we discussed earlier, heat destroys particles, including fat. That’s why research shows a green coffee bean weight loss protocol can help boost your fat metabolism.

How to Make a Green Coffee Drink 

Making green coffee is similar, yet very different, than its darker doppelgänger. There are two methods to prepare green coffee--ground or whole bean. However, the processes are slightly different. Here’s how to make both!

Ground Coffee

Preparing a green coffee drink using grounds is a lot like the traditional method. It just requires grinding beans, pouring in hot water, and allowing it to seep. Here’s a quick how-to guide.

  1. Grind your green coffee beans into a powder form to your desired coarseness.
  2. Add hot water to the grinds. 
  3. Allow the two to integrate for at least ten minutes.
  4. Attach a fine sieve over the top of a coffee mug and pour the coffee mixture in to filter. 

Whole Bean 

Green bean coffee must be treated a little differently than its roasted counterpart. Green coffee beans need to soak overnight. That way, the nutrients will leach into the water and create a healthy beverage. Here’s a step-by-step guide for making a green coffee drink with whole beans.

  1. Put green coffee beans into a bowl of water and allow to soak overnight.
  2. Transfer the water and coffee beans to a saucepan and heat on a heat
  3. Once the mixture boils, switch to low heat. 
  4. Allow the mixture to simmer for at least 15 minutes. 
  5. After the time is up, allow the mixture to cool.
  6. Place a fine sieve over the top of a coffee tumbler and pour in the coffee mixture to filter.

Where to Get Green Coffee?

While Caffeine & Kilos has a selection of artisan light, medium, and dark roast coffees, we currently do not offer green coffee beans. Don’t let that deter you from trying something new. We’re here to shed a light on all things coffee. 

So, here are a few reputable brands that harvest organic green coffee bean:

Many of these companies offer wholesale opportunities. These deals are great for buying in bulk and making large batches of green coffee. Some also subscription services, much like we do here at Caffeine & Kilos.

Some people prefer to roast their green coffee beans at home. There are plenty of tools out there. Depending on how serious you get about it, coffee roasters can range from $40.00 to over $1,000. 

What to Look For When Buying Green Coffee

Try to do some research before making your purchase. See if you can find out the harvest date. As soon as the cherries are picked, they start to oxidize. That means flavor and nutrients become compromised. You want green coffee beans as close to being picked as possible. Otherwise, they run the risk of developing mold. 

Also, see where the origin of the coffee is. Look up which green farm coffee cultivated the seeds. See where they are on the map because the location of the farm heavily influences the flavor of green bean coffee. 

Green coffee beans cultivated in high temperatures are usually grown at low elevation. These conditions speed up the growing process. It will produce a more acidic bean with a bite.

Whereas, coffee cultivated at higher elevations grows in low temp regions. Colder weather slows down the growing process. This lessened pace allows the plant’s sugars to absorb into the fruit. Therefore, you will get a sweeter, less bitter bean. 

What is Green Coffee Extract?

Pure green coffee benefits don’t just end with a hot brew. You can get even more antioxidants and chlorogenic acid with green coffee extract. In fact, many use this as a supplement.

The most significant of green coffee bean extract benefits is that this method improves our absorption of chlorogenic acid. Therefore, green coffee extract ups the green coffee weight loss benefits.

The reason for the excessive green coffee bean extract benefits is that the formula contains a high concentration of coffee molecules. It achieves this by being soaked in a solvent, such as water or food-grade alcohol. 

Just like when you soak green bean coffee overnight, these methods will cause therapeutic compounds to become trapped in the mixture. From there, the solvent or water is boiled off or dried.

In its wake, the mixture leaves behind a potent extract that is typically put in a powder form and sold in supplements. However, you can also buy extract as if you were buying vanilla bean extract.

Green coffee extract doesn’t have much of a coffee flavor. So, you can easily add green coffee extract to your cup of coffee, a stock, or a tincture. 

Pure Green Coffee Means Pure Nutrition 

Now that you have a firm understanding as to what is green coffee, you should give this immune-boosting beverage a shot. Just make sure that your green coffee beans are ethically sourced and grown using organic practices. Otherwise, you run the risk of not reaping all the green coffee weight loss benefits. With the benefits of green coffee, you will have the brainpower to crush your day, the focus to get things done, and the antioxidants to help repair your body. 

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