1/6/20 | 2019 Review, Rainha do Rio, and The Effects of Coffee

1/6/20 | 2019 Review, Rainha do Rio, and The Effects of Coffee

What are you proud of?  Often this time of year people are talking about what they are going to do.  Their resolutions, the things they want to change...that they are going to change (well, until it's inconvenient).  

Just as useful is a brief reflection of what you have already accomplished, or not accomplished, in the previous time period.  It provides insights into where your priorities actually were, rather than projecting what you want them to be.  

Should you seek to make positive change?  Absolutely.  Should you later reflect to see if you actually made that change?  Absolutely.

2019 was a great year for Caffeine and Kilos.  Our athletes absolutely crushed it at the CrossFit Games (ALL finished top 10!) and Wes Kitts won Gold at the Pan American Games.  Shoot, I even won a gold medal at Master's World Cup for weightlifting.

There was also the amazing growth of the Coffee Of The Month.  The feedback is amazing and it continues to gain momentum and subscribers every month. 

USA Weightlifting even announced Caffeine and Kilos as their Official Coffee.

Finally, the launch of Clearly Caffeine has been nothing short of amazing.  Within the first month an NFL player told me that he takes it before games and it changed everything.  He gave some to the team nutritionist and she said it was the best tasting caffeine powder she's ever tried and highly recommended it.

Now, on to 2020.

Thank you for your support.  Without you, we would not be able to continue to spread our message of a healthy, active lifestyle.


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More Than Just Another Blend

This is really cool - January's Coffee Of The Month is more than just another blend.  The blend is 90% from a micro lot, called Para Ela (For Her) was
produced and harvested by women who were paid 50% higher wages than the
regional average, increasing their household income by 85%.  We named the blend Rainha do Rio.  Rio is an ode to the 2016 Olypmic games.  Rainha is queen, a representation of the women's hand in production and support of the coffee.

Click Here for Coffee Of The Month - Rainha do Rio

Benefits of coffee

What Does Coffee Do for Your Body?

There’s a reason why coffee sales have hit $20 billion globally. There are many health benefits of coffee that people enjoy for a variety of reasons. The most common is the stimulant that turned us onto coffee in the first place--caffeine.

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