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Many of us are fully aware of the benefits of coffee. However, a recent Dr. Oz Show segment shed some light on a lesser-known beverage--green coffee. Most notably, the show covered green coffee weight loss benefits. So, what is green coffee, and what separates green coffee beans from green coffee bean extract? What are the differences in the benefits of green coffee beans when compared to the brown ones we already know and love? Let’s explore these beneficial beans and how to incorporate them into your coffee lineup. 

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If there were ever a crutch that got you through the day, nothing has your back more than coffee. Your morning brew flings those eyelids open, gets those brain gears turning, and propels you to crush the day ahead. If that’s not reason alone to love java, there are also many health benefits of coffee. Studies indicate that the benefits of coffee range from fighting off depression to protecting your liver. Here are 9 health benefits of drinking coffee.

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We know every detail about the things we love. We’re up-to-date on fantasy stats, know which button will set our spouse off, and all of the pivotal lines of our favorites movies. However, do you know everything about your cup of coffee? There are many beneficial compounds found naturally in coffee, these are referred to as bio coffee ingredients. Bio coffee ingredients are rich in antioxidants that can help you fight disease, increase focus, and regrow your hair! However, not all coffee ingredients are created equally. There’s a massive difference in the benefits of Bulletproof coffee ingredients to Green Mountain Coffee ingredients. We’re going to discuss them all!

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A coffee mug says a lot about a person. Some cups are as plain as day to fit your no-nonsense attitude. Others have clever puns that show off your geeky side. Then there are mugs that draw lines in the sand and show your allegiances to teams and companies. Finding cool coffee mugs to fit into your collection might be an ever-evolving task. However, it’s one you shouldn’t take lightly. After all, what’s more important than having awesome coffee cups and cool coffee tumblers that are dependable and stylish?

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Coffee is a stimulant. When you see the word “stimulant,” that’s code for receiving the energy needed to create change. This stimulant effect does more than just arouse us from bed or keep us on track during work hours. That’s why many have used coffee to stimulate plant growth. Now, coffee for hair growth has grown in popularity among all-natural skincare circles. Wondering how to use coffee for hair growth? Let’s take a look at the benefits your morning joe can bring your mane and how coffee grounds for hair growth may be the remedy your hairline needs.

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