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When we skip or skimp the warmup, we put ourselves at risk of injury. Here’s some perspective for you: 8 minutes of warming up is a much shorter wait to work out than years of injury rehab. Here’s WHY, WHAT and HOW you should be doing your warmup.

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The trend is clear: Tokyo 2020 was the strongest overall performance by Team USA in decades. We sat down with USAW CEO Phil Andrews for a quick Q&A to talk about how Team USA made it happen.

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*drumroll please* Help us welcome C&K athlete Maddi Pannell! If you haven’t heard of her yet, you will soon. This all-star Cal Strength athlete has quickly risen to the top of the weightlifting elite, and here’s what you need to know: Age: 27 Height: 5’1” Competition weight class: 49kg Gym: Cal Strength Location: Pittsburg, CA First competition: December 2018 Instagram: @mad.diison TikTok: @mad.diison __ Athletic background / how she got into weightlifting: Maddi: I did gymnastics for 10 years and I got into weightlifting through CrossFit. Angel Cardenes introduced me to weightlifting and taught me my first snatch. We lived...

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"He encouraged confidence by never letting me doubt my abilities. He could always see more in me than I could in myself and was proud of my every move."

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You may have noticed a new feature on our Instagram page and Monday newsletter: the C&K Workout of the Week! (If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, you can here.) It was Danny’s brilliant idea to give everyone a new challenge each week that’s outside of your regular programming. (Read: blame Danny.) How fun, right?! The goal: To get your heart going and improve your overall fitness.  Features: A new workout each Monday to give you a quick full-body burner Guest submissions from other athletes Your scores reposted on C&K Instagram story for the world to see (and...

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