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The ULTIMATE power breakfast: caffeinated granola?! 🤯 Coffee, chocolate, and oats--this is the best way to start your morning. Have it with milk and drink leftover "mocha milk" when you're done. Ohhh yeah. Time to upgrade your granola game.

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This is honestly theee most refreshing tea-based latte ever, bursting with spicy flavors of fall built to be refreshing in the pre-fall season (read: still hot af). It'll be an instant favorite non-coffee iced latte option for you. Floral earl grey boasting essence of bergamot, together with baking spices and vanilla create a surprisingly delightful thirst quencher that's high protein, low calorie, and dairy free. The best part? It's super easy and quick to brew. Here's how.

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Imagine a world... where you can cut down for that vacation, and then STAY cut during—without feeling deprived. Or even better than focusing on your body composition, how about simply feeling good, confident and energized throughout your trip? Ever feel so sick after an overly indulgent meal that you miss out on something else? 🙋‍♂️ Never again. Here are 5 different nutritional tips to keep yourself feeling your BEST self while you’re traveling.

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Yeah, yeah. We've all had chili. But--have you tried it with COFFEE? 🤯 This dairy free, low fat chili has a wild secret ingredient: coffee. And boyyy does it take it to a whole new level. It's time to get with the program and upgrade your chili game, while also keeping it super macro friendly--and ready in 30 mins. Comfort food, but make it healthy. And keep all the comfort. Wins all around.

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Dessert for breakfast. It's a big mood. But with none of the carbs and none of the blood sugar spikes. This stuff is CREAMY, insanely delicious and is topped with a tiramisu layer that's worth the effort. There are a few steps to this recipe, but they're all actually super easy. Check it out.

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