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First of all, what even is “socially responsible” coffee? Every coffee is socially responsible insomuch as it keeps (most of) us sane. But real, socially responsible coffee does so much more than just mitigate an increase in homicides. Here’s what “socially responsible” really means.

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In the mood for a sugar-covered berry? Us too. The perfect summer treat has arrived, minus the calories! Get the August Coffee of the Month, Cap'n Kilo Berries, for a chocolate-covered-cherry flavor that can’t be beat.  Roast: Light Acidity: Medium Flavor notes: Sweet bread Milk chocolate  Blackberry Cherry  And here are the specs on the beans of this special blend: Ethiopian Arabica: We light roasted this bean from the Yachi Kachise collective in the Limu Region to bring out all the fruity notes! We also used a washed process, which makes those flavors bloom. Side note: Ethiopian coffees are so...

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TFW your weights are shmoovin’, the stars have aligned and all things are in perfect harmony — plus flavors of steamed milk, cashews and milk chocolate. That’s July’s Coffee of the Month, and it’s as smooth as a cold Yoohoo on a hot day.  Flavor Notes: milk chocolate, rum, cashew, plum, steamed milk Roast: Light Body: Mild Here are the 4 beans, 3 Arabica and 1 Robusta, that make up this blend: Mexican Chiapas Arabica: from family owned farms organized around the Grupo de Asesores de Producción Orgánica y Sustentables (GRAPOS), a farmers group operating in the municipalities of Unión Juárez, Cacahoatan, and...

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*Cue sweet sound of kids chasing the ice cream truck down the street* Big facts: orange creamsicles make everyone happy! So this month we put together two of our favorite staples, Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Cherry Robusta, with a majority share of our NEW favorite from Papa New Guinea: Chocolate Citrus Melon, to give you this bright, mild, full-bodied roast that screams orange cream. Flavor notes: Medium acidity, valencia orange, hints of vanilla Roast: Light Here’s a breakdown of the 3 beans in the blend: Papua New Guinea Arabica: This coffee is sourced from farms organized around the Siane Organic Agriculture...

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We don't know who makes these up but May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and we fully support it. Especially considering the current state of things, it’s important to keep mental health as top-of-mind as we keep physical health — but they’re closely related. Here are some ways improving your physical health can help keep your mental health in shape: Better sleep. Exercise alone can make you tired, but it can also help regulate your circadian rhythm that tells you when to get to bed. We’re not scientists, but people who are scientists found out that exercise can increase sleep...

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